• TASER BATTLE, February 22
  • Caption Fail: Mr. Cuddles, May 10
  • Real Calls to Bacon Hotline, June 5
  • Unforgettable Graduation Speech, June 12
  • Goth Boy promoting their appearance on Written by a Kid, July 25
  • Famous Last Words, August 7
    Rhett and link

    Good Mythical Morning premieres this year

Web SeriesEdit

  • Good Mythical Morning debuts with Season One, January 9
  • RLVault debuts its first season, July 9
  • Good Mythical Morning Season Two premieres, August 6

Music VideosEdit

  • Dope Zebra, January 19
  • My Hair Song, March 13
  • Live Acoustic - My Hair Song, March 27
  • 5 Word Song, April 4
  • Nilla Wafer Top Hat Time Song, April 11
  • Rub Some Bacon On It, May 29
  • I am a Thoughtful Guy, June 19

    "I say NO to crack!"


  • Say NO to Crack, Say YES to Roller Skating for Roller Kingdom is released on YouTube, April 24

Live AppearancesEdit

  • Rhett and Link film Good Mythical Morning live from a Mythical Meet-Up in Lockhart, Texas, June 7
  • Good Mythical Morning is filmed live from Austin, Texas, June 8
  • Good Mythical Morning is filmed from North Carolina, June 9 - 13

Guest AppearancesEdit

  • Rhett and Link guest star as the Wright Brothers in an episode of Epic Rap Battles of History, February 16
  • Rhett and Link direct and star on Written by a Kid episode "Goth Boy" and appear in behind-the-scenes videos for the episode, July 25
  • Rhett and Link star in Inspiration Time with Rhett and Link for lstudiopresents, March 28
  • Rhett and Link direct and cameo in YouTube's April Fools video, The YouTube Collection: The Magic of YouTube in Your Hands, March 31
  • Rhett and Link guest star on frequent collaborator Julian Smith's miniseries Kidnapped as themselves, January 8
  • Rhett and Link cameo in the credits of the series finale of Kidnapped, February 12

    "Rub Some Bacon On It" t-shirt


  • Dope Zebra, Rub Some Bacon On It, Rhett and Link logo, and Good Mythical Morning t-shirts from DFTBA Records
  • Dope Zebra and I Am A Thoughtful Guy tracks on Smule's Magic Piano app
  • My Hair Goes Song on Smule's Sing app