Rhett and Link give their opinion on what the best animal ever is!


After a little harmless self-promotion of their Tweek Mythical Shoe, Rhett and Link announce the results of last week's Best Candy Bar Ever which was a very clear winner: Twix. Shortly after the announcement, Link says their next "Best _____ Ever" is Best Animal Ever. Rhett identifies this with the naive questions of second grade. It was always "what's your favorite color" and "what's your favorite animal". Link explains that they will go through a non-exhaustive list of animals that they will read off and then will give their best animal opinions.

Among the animals on the list are the rhino, the panda, the kitten, the dog, the lion, the tiger, the liger (that Link says he saw in a cage on Myrtle Beach), the honey badger, the dolphin, pigs, snakes, the spider, the butterfly, duck-billed platypus, and the blue-footed booby bird.

Rhett then gives his best animal ever, the giraffe. His reasoning not just because he is the tallest, but because his is the largest ruminant, their fur pattern, their awesome fighting technique called necking, their ability to disembowel you, their long, KISS-like tongue, but most importantly their unused transportation skill. Rhett says they have much potential to be used as a transportation. He has saddle ideas already in his head.

Link's best animal ever is the miniature horse. All you want in a horse, but in a smaller package. Link also notes its cuteness overrides anything. He even says, back when he lived in Fuquay, he's driving down a road and he has to pull over because there's a pasture of miniature horses.

The episode ends but before the Wheel spins, Rhett says to the audience that he's gonna find the nearest giraffe and ride it to your [audience member's] house. The Wheel of Mythicality then finishes its spin and lands on "Eat Your Own Hair".