Rhett and Link give their opinions on what the best candy bar ever is.


After awkwardly impersonating a Cookie Monster-sounding caveman, Rhett and Link analyze and give their opinions on candy bars they taste on screen. The two first try a melty KitKat bar that already begins to win Link's best candy bar ever vote.

Next, they try a "chocolate on chocolate" 3 Musketeers bar that they find a simple bar.

Rhett and Link then eat a Nestle Crunch bar that, while simple, gets Link's points for being called what it does when you eat it.

Following Crunch, the two taste Almond Joy and Mounds, despite Link's distaste towards coconut.

Link gives points to the positive Mr. Goodbar that he analyzes as a Hersey bar with peanuts. Unlike the Mr. Goodbar, Rhett reviews the Pay Day bar as a log of caramel someone rolled in peanuts. Link identifies it with something his grandma would make.

Link tries a Baby Ruth which he proceeds to drop in his crotch area. Meanwhile, Rhett eats a Reese's but debates with the mute audience that you can't vote for a Reese's cup, because it is not a bar but a cup.

By now, Link has decided his best candy bar vote will most likely be something with nougat in it. Though, he decides it's not a Score bar right after the first bite.

As they wrap up their candy eating, Link decides to skip a Hershey, because he already knows what it tastes like. He instead tries a Snickers and a Twix, while Rhett tries a Butterfingers that he says is an unusual bar with "orangish riddle stuff".

The last bar they eat ends up being Milky Way that reminds Link of an old commercial that, in turn, reminds him of sailing.

The episode ends with a spin on the Wheel of Mythicality where Rhett must slap Link very dramatically, almost soap opera dramatic.