Rhett and Link share their opinions on multitasking.


After a short chat about the painful pleasure of flossing, Rhett turns the tables and starts a new conversation. Rhett tells how scientists are studying tween girls and how they multitask alot. Scientists say these tween girls spend most of their time switching frantically between YouTube, Facebook, television, and text messaging.

Rhett and Link first acknowledge they are from a different era and how they usually don't do this. Link, however, mentions when he's watching Netflix and it begins buffering or when there is a commercial on normal television, he takes a break to check his Twitter feed. But he won't do it while it's actually on, he's engaged [to the TV].

Similarly, Rhett is engaged with the TV, but has let multitasking slip in. Like if he has a question about an actor or a word that was used, he'll look it up on IMDB and Wikipedia. Link agrees and remembers how, in a group setting, Rhett is the first one to pull out his phone and Wiki something during a conversation. He'll exit the conversation for a moment, they'll see he's lost interest and finish it. But Rhett will re-enter with knowledge of something from five minutes ago. Rhett defends himself. When they have the internet finally wired to his brain, you won't have to see me having to go off and look something up on his iPhone. You'll just be talking and he'll automatically know this thing. He'll actually claim it as his own knowledge. It will be very hard to differentiate between his own knowledge and Wikipedia.

Either way, Link finds multitasking rude. Even in a meeting standpoint, the "suits" will be on their text device. Rhett says they can get away with it, they've got a high position of power.

Point is, scientists say that these girls who switch frantically between things are most likely to develop social problems. instead of normal social tendancies. The antidote, scientists say, is to counteract all the multitasking and have them interact with real people.

Rhett says he's been having his kids interact with other people, like they say. Mostly with exterminators that are coming in, and his three year old, Shephard, goes up to one of them and asks, "Are those your favorite pants?" Link finds it a legitamite question and even a good pick up line. "Are those your favorite pants? 'Cause they're mine, on you."

Link shares a story about a magazine salesman who comes up to the door and he's like five feet from Link. And the salesman says, "I'm just here to sell magazines." Lando, Link's two year old, who's up beside Link, and he looks at the salesman and says, "Bye!"

Speaking of multitasking, Link is ending the show and spinning the Wheel at the same time. The Wheel lands on "Zero Gravity," which has Rhett and Link acting like spacemen.