Rhett predicts the future of plants, towels, and big toes


In the third episode sponsored by Smule, Rhett once again predicts the future, clad in his shiny silver suit. First, Rhett predicts the future of invisible friends saying that they will disappear when the child grows up, except if they are mentally ill.

Next, Rhett predicts the future of plants. He begins by talking about plants like the Venus Flytrap that can really eat an animal and then goes on to say that in the future there will be selective breeding of vicous animal killing plants for rich people. These plants will be huge and be able to eat a dog. It will originally be for military purposes and protection but soon rich people will commandeer them and place them in thier houses for bragging.

Rhett then answers xTwilightSakurax's question, if the human species was to go extinct, what species would take over next. The answer: Kardashians.

Rhett answers what the future of towels is. He predicts towels will get smaller in the future much like the Slovakian towels he used on his trip to Slovakia. He continues and says they will get smaller because of the resources, water shortages, overpopulation, and natural disasters will lead us to cutting back to things like getting smaller towels. He then gives people advice that, when in the future, when you have these small towels, take a clean pair of underwear to the bathroom if you're in a dorm setting of any kind, but especially Slovakia.

Rhett then answers what the big thing will be in the future (i.e., Facebook or the iPad of today). Rhett says it will be a sort of small, almost non-detectable harddrive that is hardwired into your brain for accessing the internet and the Global Knowledge Base. Similar to the aforementioned dog-eating plants, they will first be used by rich people. He also makes a prediction it will be out in about forty-two years from now.

The final question, "In the future, do big toes get bigger? If so how big?", Rhett answers no. But says, under scientific influence, normal average Joe's agree to try and get the biggest toe they can possibly get, then we can get somewhere. Another route to this, though, he says, could be one person with a really big toe marry another really big toed person and have kids with this person (y'know after marriage, of course) and teach that kid the most important thing in life is to marry someone with an equally, if not bigger big toe than you. Then, Rhett claims, in about six generations, we could have a five inch big toe.

The episode ends with a not-so-inspirational "Halftime Speech" from Rhett, as decided by the Wheel of Mythicality.