Ep. 3 (Kat Von D & Wipeout Host Jill Wagner) is the third episode of the first season of The Mythical Show, aired on the rhettandlink2 YouTube channel.

In this episode, Rhett and Link discuss their commercial "Shift It"'s popularity and the upcoming Mother's Day. They also perform new skits, show new music videos, and speak with special guests.


  • "Yo Mama Battle (of Compliments) Music Video, an original rap battle song that instead of insulting the other member's mother, compliments her.
  • RHETTANDLINKALLS: "Switching Jobs", Rhett and Link call a manager from Panda Express in order for a man to switch jobs from the drive-thru to the lobby.
  • Rules of Play", Rhett explains how to play a confusing board game known as "Risky Settlers, Knights, and Allies of the Lords of the Dominion of Earth: Pandemic Edition"
  • Cracked Chiropractor Commercial Visit, Rhett and Link show their visit to a chiropractor in California in order to make a commercial for him.
  • Rhett and Link Reenact Not Talking to Their Crush in College By This Time Around Talking to Her for the Benefit of Single Guys to Give Them Convidence But Then Fail in the Reenactment and Invite Goorgen on to Then Actually Do the Reenactment and Be Successful to Actually Instill Confidence in You Single Guys, Rhett and Link reenact what they believe that they should have done after seeing "Miss Perfect" (Jill Wagner), in order to give single guys confidence. They end up failing at it and bring in Goorgen, from their "Shift It" commercial, who reenacts it successfully.
  • Cracked Chiropractor Commercial, Rhett and Link show the commercial (that they spoke about previously in the show) for Ryan Lee, a chiropractor in California, making the joke throughout that the chiropractor continue to cracks people's body parts.

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