Rhett and Link discuss morning routines.


In this first inagural episode of Good Mythical Morning, sponsored by Orabrush Tongue Cleaner, Rhett and Link discuss their everyday morning routines. Link explains that he gets up in the morning, gets coffee to travel down his entrails, brushes his teeth, showers in hot water or shaves, and then finishes by putting on his clothes. Following this description, Rhett thinks he's OCD and even considers calling professional help.

Rhett then explains his routine is not as consistant as Link. Though, he admits, the first thing he always does is try to remember the night's dream. The rest is never the same and showering, brushing teeth, and shaving usually has to be remembered.

The show ends with the first spin of the Wheel of Mythicality that lands on "Rhett Impersonate Link", where Rhett comedically makes fun of Link's OCD behaviors.