Famous Last Words is a Rhett and Link video, released August 7, 2012, that shows twenty-nine hilarious scenarios of how dumb people might get themselves mortally injured or probably killed.
Famous Last Words

Famous Last Words

Famous Last WordsEdit

  • "It's called rat poison, not human poison."

Explanation: Rhett thinks that rat poison is only toxic to rats, and can not kill humans.

  • "Let's do that thing where you drive a car at me and I jump over it."

Explanation: Link gets hit by a car when trying to jump over

  • "Sure, I'll babysit your chimpanzee."

Explanation: Chimps can be hostile.

  • "Why wouldn't you be able to mix ammonia and bleach?"

Explanation: Ammonia + Bleach = Deadly Chlorine gas.

  • "Sharks don't attack people in T-shirts."

Explanation: Sharks will still attack people with t-shirts.

  • "I found out a great way to heat the tent. We just hook the car's exhaust up to it."

Explanation: Car exhaust is full of Carbon Monoxide (CO), which is poisonous.

  • "We didn't wear helmets when I was a kid."

Explanation: Not wearing a helmet might kill you, if you get in crash.

  • "We didn't have to wear seatbelts when I was a kid."

Explanation: Not wearing a seatbelt might kill you, if you get in a crash.

  • "We didn't have to cook pork to a hundred and sixty degrees when I was a kid."

Explanation: 160 degrees Fahrenheit is the recommended temperature for cooking pork. If the meat does not reach this temperature, there is risk of food poisoning.

  • "The fire extinguisher's empty! Get the hairspray!"

Explanation: Hairspray is explosive.

  • "Why else would they call them parachute pants?"
  • Explanation: Rhett is about to jump out of a helicopter without a parachute.
  • "How bad could bath salts be?"

Explanation: Bath salts can kill you.

  • "No, that's not a coral snake, that's a king snake."

Explanation: Coral snakes are highly poisonous.

  • "I don't think I'm allergic to rabies."
  • "I betcha I can eat this whole footlong without swallowing!"

Explanation: You will choke.

  • "Let's play real-life Frogger!"

Explanation: You will be hit by a car.

  • "Ah, look! Mushrooms!"

Explanation: Mushrooms can be poisonous.

  • "Ah, look! Berries!"

Explanation: Berries can be poisonous

  • "Ah, look! Stagnant water!"

Explanation: Stagnant water can make you violently ill.

  • "So I put this end on my finger, and then I grab the battery?"

Explanation: You will fatally electrocute yourself.

  • "This is the deep end, right?"

Explanation: If it's not, you will break your neck diving in.

  • "Hey, can you hand me the hair dryer?"

Explanation: If you are in the bathtub, you will be electrocuted.

  • "It's impossible to swallow your own tongue. Watch!"

Explanation: You will choke.

  • "If we leave this food here, the bears will see us as friends."

Explanation: The bears are STILL gonna attack you.

  • "Life jacket, schmife packet!"

Explanation: You will drown.

  • "No, don't apply pressure to the wound! Just fan it!"

Explanation: You will bleed out if the wound is serious.

  • "Let's go to Tijuana."

Explanation: Very dangerous area, known for drug dealers.

  • "Chubby bunny."

Explanation: You choke on the marshmallows.


  • Written, Directed, Produced, & Edited by Rhett and Link
  • PA, Assistant Editor, Sound by Jason Inman


It currently has 1.2 million views and over 23,000 likes. It eventually inspired a sequel, "Famous Last Words 2", and later, "Famous Last Words 3".