Rhett and Link help you choose the ringtone that's right for you.


Rhett reports a news story to Link and the audience about how the incessant, yet familiar "Marimba" iPhone ringtone forced conductor and music director Allen Gilbert to stop a January 10 show at the New York Philharmonic. For the audience's sake, the two reinact the scenario with Link as Gilbert and Rhett as the guy with the phone. They stop, though, after Link's Latin and Caribbean accents send spit flying to their table.

Subsequently after the saliva-filled reinactment, Rhett admits he fears this happening to him [having a bad ringtone going off in public], despite the fact he obsessively tries to keep his and his wife's phone on vibrate. However, while this could happen to anyone, the ringtone that goes off says something about you. Rhett believes you can choose, either choose it based on your personality or, as Rhett does, choose it based on your reaction to it going off in public. Either way, the two decide to go through the ringtones found on the iPhone and what it would say about it's owner.

The "Marimba" fittingly begins this. Link believes it means you are a self-absorbes jerk who enjoys listening to live orchestration that you don't mind interuptting. Rhett percieves that it means your normal, due to it being the iPhone's default ringtone.

The "Alarm" ringtone, the two review as terrible and not even practical for day-to-day use. Rhett especially believes it means you are a total jerk. Link thinks it insults your intelligence by just picking it.

"Ascending", Rhett says, means you are a person who loves life and when your ringtone goes off, it means you are in a good mood.

"Bark", while Rhett says should be aimed at dog lovers, Link says is a low brow sound effect that doesn't at all need to be used as a ringtone, he also says the same for the "Quack" ringtone. Rhett replies and says Link is too hard on things, like when he was trying candy bars the other day.

Link thinks "Crickets" is a borderline acceptable animal ringtone because it's not incessant. Rhett says its for boring people, due to the connection between cricket chirps and unfunny jokes.

Rhett finds liking in the "Harp" ringtone, but agrees that it is too quiet for a ringtone. Link finds it good too and goes on to say it could take his current conversation to a sincere level.

Rhett also samples "Sci-Fi" which he says was his first choice when he got an iPhone because he thought it was cool. He soon changed it after it first went off in public. His second choice ringtone was "Telephone" which he emphasizes is the sound a phone makes. Or did make,

Link's ringtone has been "Xylophone" only because it was the last one on the list and he didn't want to go through anymore.

They finally end the show when the Wheel lands on "Rhett Beatbox and Link Dance" which has Link performing a rap that doesn't rhyme.