Human Nacho Spa Treatment is the 1114th episode of Good Mythical Morning. In this episode, Rhett turns Link into a human nacho platter.


The episode opens with a plug for the Boiled for Safety Mug.

Rhett and Link asked "What is the best way to eat nachos" and Dominique Picard on Twitter replied "Fully loaded" and Eric Wilsey on Facebook said "Naked". So Rhett decides to turn Link into a human nacho.

Link strips down to his swimming trunks and lies down on a table. Rhett then starts adding the various ingredients:

  • Nacho cheese - all over
  • Chips - all over
  • Refried beans - waist (bean belly)
  • Taco beef filling - arms (beefy biceps)
  • Taco flavored vegetarian meat substitute - knees (Vega-knees)
  • Pico de gallo - neck (pico de goozle)
  • Sour cream - nipples (sour nipple and creamy nipple)
  • Guacamole - head (face-amole)
  • Jalapeños - crotch (hot crotch or jala-penis)
  • Cilantro - all over (cilan-throw)

Rhett then tastes the nachos. He brings in the help of some of the crew members, Eddie, Chase, Saagar, and Micah, as well as his son, Shepherd. Shepherd sums up what he has learned from the experience: It's good to eat nachos off of people but don't touch the skin.

Ferie from Senegal introduces the Wheel of Mythicality. The Boiled for Safety Mug is plugged again. The wheel lands on Ten Second Tour and we get a tour of Kenosha, Wisconsin, from Nick.

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