This transcript is currently in progress.

This is a transcript of the Good Mythical Morning episode Human Nacho Spa Treatment, released on April 12, 2017.

  • Link: Today Rhett's turning me into a human nacho platter.
  • Rhett: Let's talk about that.
  • (intro plays, then cuts to Rhett and Link)
  • Rhett: Good mythical morning.
  • Link: Mythical beasts, you may have already noticed that just to my left there is a brand new spanking mug. Well, it's not, it's just a brand spanking new mug, it doesn't spank anyone.
  • Rhett: Well, you could if you wanted to.
  • Link: It's the Boiled for Safety mug, which you can get at Look at that. It is an animal. (close up of the mug; Link taps his fingers on the side of it)
  • Rhett: That's not how you say that word.
  • Link: It's not an animal. (crew laughs) It's enamel.
  • Rhett: Enamel.
  • Link: It's an en-animal.
  • Rhett: I thought that was a joke. (Link laughs) It's enanimal. It's not made from animals. It is just...
  • Link: No.
  • Rhett: ...enamel.
  • Link: And you can boil things for safety in there, or you can just drink liquids from it and feel like you're camping even when you're not.
  • Rhett: (whispering) Hey, Link, show 'em the special feature.
  • Link: The Boiled For Safety Mug.

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