Maine Man is a song about two guys from Maine trying to date a girl from Maine, by attempting to impress her.


I come from a long line of lighthouse keepers,

Its bright but very lonely inside.

After four straight days awake I begin to hallucinate,

I see you feeding me blueberry pie.

I'm a lumberjack but you already knew that,

From when you first saw my chiseled physique.

Though I can fell a tall pine without batting an eye,

I got a soft spot for baby trees.

I keep a live lobster inside of my shirt,

I can tame many creatures of the sea.

You make my temperature rise and its no surprise,

I'm gonna steam it with my body heat.

You may have heard that the leading cause of death in Maine,

Is Moose on the highway.

But when riding with me, you can be worry-free,

I bathe in Bear Pee and it keeps them at bay.

It keeps them at bay, baby. Ya, but you smell like bear pee.

I wanna be your Maine man.

Let me be your Maine man.

Don't let him be your Maine man

I'm gonna be her Maine man.

Girl, I can build you a cabin in a month,

I can do it all by myself.

But the truth is, it'll take at least six months,

And he'll make you and his cousin Glenn help.

But I'll take you on a romantic cruise-a,

In my Arctic exploration schooner.

That's just what he wrote on the side of his paddle boat,

Don't go anywhere alone with this loser.

Baby don't listen to him,

He didnt move to Maine until he was ten.

But I know so much about Maine,

I got Maine facts all up in my brain.

Well, whats the State fish? Land-locked salmon.

The state bird? Black-capped chickadee.

State fossil? Pertica Quadrifaria.

The State insect? European honeybee.

State gemstone? Tourmaline.

State herb? Wintergreen.

And the state cat is the Maine Coon.

The state animal is moose,

The state mammal is moose,

And the state girl of Maine is you!

I wanna be your Maine man.

Let me be your Maine man.

I'm gonna be your Maine man

No, I wanna be your Maine man.

I've been living in Maine. I've been working in Maine. I've got some cousins in Maine.

I've been buying groceries in Maine. Been paying my taxes in Maine. I've been supporting the economy of Maine.

And I'd like to get the child tax credit in Maine, but I'm gonna need some help with that, girl.

I wanna be your Maine man.