In The 80's is a song about the 1980's.


You kids think, your gear is iconic,

But Im gon take you back to see some real electronics.

Gimme a beige PC, green text, black screen,

And 64 KB of memory. (That's plenty!)

Forget a phone that fits in your pocket,

I keep my phone in a bag in my car. (That's how we rock it!)

Who needs a camcorder, that size of my hand?

You know I wanna look like a news cameraman!

I wanna perch it on my shoulder! Like an overweight parrot!

My disks were floppy, but my hair was stiff,

And all my stickers were scratch and sniff!

In the 80s! If it was big it was good.

80s! My TV was wood.

80s! My car was shaped like box.

80s! Back when everything rocked.

You,re tellin' me MP3s; Oh, they're so great.

I'd rather push Rewind; and sit and wait!

My first VCR cost me five grand.

VHS is best. (Im a Beta Man!)

16 button controllers really make me sick!

Gimme one red button and a joystick!

In the 80s! The bigger the betta.

80s! I had an antenna.

80s! My TV was thick.

80s! We didn't point and click.

80s! I had a big boom box.

80s! I calculated with my watch.

80s! My mix tapes were hot.

80s! Back when everything rocked!