A list of all episodes of Rhett & Link's daily morning shows!

Good Morning Chia LincolnEdit

Good Morning Chia Lincoln Episodes
Episode Title Length Upload Date Summary Notes
1Chemtrails kill Birds?6:57January 3, 2011This is the first episode in which we discuss why thousands of birds are dead in Arkansas.
2Horn Blowing Controversy8:09January 4, 2011We discuss horn blowing and beeping.
316:9 Manhood7:27January 5, 2011We discuss the true meaning of manhood.
4Rhett's Bizarre Dream8:27January 6, 2011Rhett tells of his extremely bizarre dream.
5Homeless Radio Voice6:13January 7, 2011We discuss the homeless man with a voice for radio. Also, Rhett is proud of his own radio voice.
6The "You Suck" League9:04January 10, 2011Rhett coaches boys' basketball in unfashionable coaching attire. Link misses t-ball.
7Snow-proof Bread!7:47January 11, 2011Rhett and Link brave a winter storm to bring you reflections on garage gloating and weathermen interruptions.
8Embarrassing Encounters10:29January 12, 2011Link meets Paula Abdul. Rhett calls out to Reggie Bush.
9Bite Your Tongue!8:32January 13, 2011Link bites his tongue.
10Pet Mammoth8:34January 14, 2011Rhett and Link get new pets.
11Vegan Ain't Easy 9:24January 17, 2011Rhett goes Vegan.
12Owl Attacks Chihuahua9:08January 18, 2011Rhett and Link discuss some interesting news.
13Tree Killers!! 9:38January 19, 2011Rhett and Link discuss their horticultural experiences.
14Nosebleed Confessions 9:59January 20, 2011Rhett and Link discuss bloody noses...and laughter.
15Link Gets Fined!9:14January 21, 2011We get traffic tickets.
1615 Month Dirty Jeans 9:44January 24, 2011We discuss jean washing.
17Wrasslin' vs. Super Heroes 9:47January 25, 2011We talk about our childhood heroes.
18Miami Burglar 7:45January 26, 2011Rhett & Link arrive in Miami. Link forgets his toothpaste and steals drinks from the Speaker Ready Room.Filmed in Miami, Florida
19Miami Island Piano 7:18January 27, 2011A mysterious piano appears on a Miami Island.Filmed in Miami, Florida
20My Shower Accident 10:52January 28, 2011Link has an the shower!
21Sick and Tired of It! 8:12January 31, 2011Rhett is ill...and not happy about it.
22How to Fall Asleep in Class 9:44February 1, 2011Rhett and Link share how they successfully fall asleep in class. Link speaks French.
23Neti Pot Madness!! 9:02February 2, 2011Rhett makes a private video!
24We Almost Died!! (Snowpocalypse 2011) 10:42February 3, 2011We nearly die!
25HELP I'm CHOKING!! 9:55February 4, 2011Rhett and Link get choked up.
26Super Bowl 2011 Top 10 Ads 10:55February 5, 2011COMMENT: Weigh in on the half-time show and your favorite ads.
27WE LOOK LIKE WHO?! 10:00February 8, 2011We discuss our celebrity look-a-likes.
28GHOST Burglar! 11:57February 9, 2011None provided.
29GRUESOME OWL Attacks! 9:37February 10, 2011None provided.
30AMAZING ASTEROID SOLUTIONS 101 9:52February 11, 2011None provided.
31Super V-Day Pouch!! 9:58February 14, 2011Rhett and Link discuss grade school valentine's!
32RHETT'S MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT9:20February 15, 2011Rhett shares his most embarrassing story!
33LINKS MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT 10:00February 16, 2011Link shares his most embarrassing story!
34Our Freaky Flight 9:53February 17, 2011We have flight troubles.
35Two BROKEN Femurs! 9:51February 18, 2011None provided.
36Dog-Breath Test! 10:55February 21, 2011A canine tests for halitosis.
37SAFARI TIME! 9:55February 22, 2011None provided.
38THE OMEGA STORY 10:57February 23, 2011Rhett and Link discuss the Olds Omega.
39OUR STUPID NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE 11:41February 25, 2011None provided.
40THE END OF CHIA LINCOLN11:22February 28, 2011Rhett and Link say goodbye to Chia Lincoln

Good Mythical Morning, Season 1Edit

Good Mythical Morning, Season 1 Episodes
Episode Title Length Upload Date Summary Mythical Wheel Ending Notes
1 Extremely OCD Morning Routine 11:10 January 9, 2012 Rhett & Link discuss morning routines. Rhett Impersonate Link
2 Strangest Name in History 10:54 January 10, 2012 Rhett & Link discuss the strangest name ever. Rhett and Link Howl Like Wolves The name is "Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-Bop-Bop"
3 Dog-Eating Plants 11:26 January 11, 2012 Rhett predicts the future of plants, towels, and big toes. Halftime Speech from Rhett
4 Chinese Hornets for Breakfast 11:35 January 12, 2012 Wild China, Granny on a zipline, eating hornets. Shoutout to Monaco
5 Best Candy Bar Ever 11:45 January 13, 2012 Best Candy Bar Ever! Soap Opera: Rhett Slap Link Voted by the Mythical Beasts: Twix
6 Our Nasty Secret 12:14 January 16, 2012 Tonsil stones. Surgery. Link's Nana! Link Calls His Nana
7 How to Talk to Girls 13:35 January 17, 2012 Rhett & Link discuss their experience with "Miss Perfect." No ending (discussion of Stop Online Piracy Act blackout instead) R&L tell how they met their wives
8 How to Choose a Ringtone 11:35 January 19, 2012 Rhett & Link discuss how to choose your ringtone. Rhett Beatbox, Link Dance
9 Best Animal Ever 11:04 January 20, 2012 Best Animal Ever! Eat Your Own Hair Voted by the Mythical Beasts: Giant panda
10 Sleeping in Public 8:36 January 23, 2012 Link wakes up a sleeping dude in the park. Rhett Frog Link
11 Guy Robs Store with Infection 11:53 January 24, 2012 Put em up! I have a virus. Improv Ending Song
12 Killer Robots 10:28 January 25, 2012 Hand Gestures of the Future, Killer robots, and the Happy Birthday song. Red Face
13 Extreme Impulse Buying 11:40 January 26, 2012 None provided. Rhett and Link Act Like Cowboys
14 Best Facial Hair Ever 12:20 January 27, 2012 Best Facial Hair Ever! Link Interviews Rhett for a Job Voted by the Mythical Beasts: The Normal Beard
15 Near-Death Experiences Every Day 10:33 January 30, 2012 Mountain climbing. Cavemen flying. Toddler punching. Link Frog Rhett
16 I Wear Women's Deodorant 11:35 January 31, 2012 Are you immune to your deodorant? Rhett Leaves Angry
17 How to Get the Girl this Valentine's Day 12:51 February 1, 2012 Link's Valentine's Day Advice for single guys. Rhett Thanks Teresa for Watching in a Radio Voice
18 Crisis! Multitasking Tweens 12:32 February 2, 2012 The Multitasking Tween Crisis! Zero Gravity
19 Best Cereal Ever 12:01 February 3, 2012 Best Cereal Ever! Alternating Words Voted by the Mythical Beasts: Cinnamon Toast Crunch
20 The Dog Curse 12:43 February 6, 2012 Rhett is cursed around dogs. Shoutout to Librarians
21 Woman Robs Store w/ Curling Iron 11:43 February 7, 2012 Gimmie your tax money! I have a curling iron! Link Messes Up Rhett's Hair
22 My Epic Fail at Target 13:37 February 8, 2012 Accidents happen when hicks are amazed by anything! Hypnotist Link
23 Door-to-Door Danger 11:13 February 9, 2012 What happened when Rhett answered his door. Evil Laughs
24 Best Superhero Ever 14:12 February 10, 2012 Best Superhero Ever! Rhett is Hard of Hearing Voted by the Mythical Beasts: Batman
25 Our Kids Gone Wild 12:54 February 13, 2012 Our wives put us in charge of the kids for the weekend. Rhett Ventriloquises Link
26 Our Romantic Exploits 14:16 February 14, 2012 How we won our wives on Valentine's Day. Motivational Speech
27 Never Make These Faces 13:04 February 15, 2012 Rhett saw a girl with a horrible facial expression. Interpretive Dance (Rhett)
28My Crazy Massage Experience 13:31February 16, 2012It's time to talk about Rhett's massage experience.Tell Kids to do Homework and Chores Originally landed on "TBD" before the said ending
29Best Board Game Ever 13:33February 17, 2012What is the Best Board Game Ever?Rhett Old Man Lawn SpeechRisk
30Pregnant Woman Tackled on Beach 12:31February 20, 2012Link's pregnant wife got into an accident on the beachLink Slaps Rhett Silly
31How to Buy Anything 12:59February 21, 2012How much research do you need to do before going to Bed Bath & Beyond?Award Show Acceptance Speech
32Man Opens Plane Hatch for Baby13:28February 22, 2012A man opens a plane hatch because of a baby!Induce Laugh Attack with Each Other
33Birthday Fails 12:33February 23, 2012Link is still trying to forget his 9th birthday.Motivational Speech
34Best Action Hero Ever13:36February 24, 2012Who is the Best Action Hero Ever?Link DiesVoted by the Mythical Beasts: Chuck Norris
35My Jacket Got a Waiter Fired 13:39February 27, 2012Rhett's jacket made a waiter probably lose his job.Rhett and Link Are Cowboys
36Link's Tricycle Accident 12:35February 28, 2012Link was in a tricycle accident at work.Sportscaster Ending
37Idiot on a Construction Site 12:58February 29, 2012There's an idiot on a construction site, and this time it's Rhett.Link Tells Rhett a Bedtime Story
38Experience Binaural Beats with Us 12:45March 1, 2012What are binaural beats?Shipwrecked on a Desert Island
39Best Chips Ever 12:04March 2, 2012What are the best chips ever?Rhett DiesVoted by the Mythical Beasts: Lay's
40How to Prepare for an Earthquake 12:56March 5, 2012Are you prepared for an earthquake?Teacher (Link) and Student (Rhett)
41Man Caught Peeing on Google Street View 12:19March 6, 2012A man was caught on Google Street View, and so was Rhett!Link Leaves Sad
42Weird People at the Farmer's Market 12:51March 7, 2012All the weird people hang out at the Hollywood Farmer's Market.Rhett Apologize to Link in Advance for Something
43Bunny Wreaks Havoc at Kid's Park 11:55March 8, 2012Watch out for bunnies and pole dancers at the park.Interpretive Dance (Link)
44Windshield Lasers and Ketchup Water 12:35March 9, 2012Mythical Perspectives 1Link Impersonate Rhett
45Dangerous Do-It-Yourself Restaurants 11:08March 12, 2012Any restaurant where you have to cook your own food is dangerous.Silent Movie
46My Hair Song - Behind the Scenes 11:13March 13, 2012My Hair Song Behind the Scenes!Only Ask QuestionsTie-in to "My Hair Song" Music Video
47Our Bad Hairstyles12:50March 14, 2012R & L share photos of all the hairstyles they've had.Famous Actor (Rhett) and Fan (Link)Tie-in to "My Hair Song" Music Video
48Trust and Self Barbering 12:31March 15, 2012We practice self barbering because we have trust issues.Switch PlacesTie-in to "My Hair Song" Music Video
49Tarzan and the Milkman 13:38March 16, 2012Mythical Perspectives 2Slow Motion Fight
50Gun Range Mayhem11:33March 19, 2012Rhett & Link went to the gun range!Rhett is Gandalf and Link is Frodo50th episode of Good Mythical Morning.
51The Secret Words of Happiness 12:15March 20, 2012Certain words can make you happy,and certain ones don't.High Note (Link) Low Note (Rhett)
52Taxi Driver Finds $450,000 11:07March 21, 2012A Taxi Driver finds a nice surprise in his cab!Link is a Zombie
53Making Sense of March Madness 13:16March 22, 2012Does being a fan of something make any sense??Hero's Goodbye from Link
54Toothpaste is Poisonous 12:18March 23, 2012Mythical Perspectives 3Sad Face Happy Ending
55Power Rangers Heal Boy 11:44March 26, 2012Power Rangers can heal and soothe kids.Sign Off as Sock Puppets
56James Cameron Takes a Dive 13:00March 27, 2012James Cameron explores the bottom of the ocean!Rhett From the Future Has No Time to Explain
57Squirrel Makes Woman Call 91113:14March 28, 2012Animals inside our houses!Sing a Beatles Song While Holding Each Other's Noses
58Bugs in Your Frappuccino 11:26March 29, 2012Rhett eats spiders. Link eats worms.Link Throws a Temper Tantrum
59Side Effects of Reading Rainbow 13:46March 31, 2012Can reading too many books make you unfunny?Presidential Debate
60Mr T and the Awesomeness of VHS 11:54April 2, 2012Remember the glory days of VHS and Mr. T? We do!Link Falls Asleep
61Secret Tapes of Rhett & Link 12:42April 3, 2012Listen to cassette recordings of Rhett & Link when they were ten years old.Awkward Silence
62My Hot Yoga Experience 13:01April 4, 2012Rhett tried Hot Yoga.Arm Wrestle
63Miniature Horse Sighting12:57April 5, 2012It's a mythical coincidence when you see a miniature horse and talk about a girl's boots.Police Interrogation (Rhett is the cop)
64Fistbump vs Handshake 12:55April 6, 2012Fistbump vs Handshake? Which is better?Everything is Fascinating
65How to Sleep Less and Do More 12:34April 9, 2012You can sleep less and do more!Link is James Bond, Rhett is a Villain
66Snake on a Plane in Real Life 12:06April 10, 2012When you're flying a plane, watch out for snakes!Trapped
67Our Dream House Explodes12:11April 11, 2012Explosions can happen when you live in a small town.Rhett Gives Birth to a Baby Hippo
6840 Crazy Brand Names10:15April 12, 2012Did you know that a Band Aid is actually an adhesive strip?Meet Jason
69Clowns: Good or Bad? 12:12April 13, 2012We settle the argument of Clowns: Good or Bad.Thumb Wrestle
70Epic Sibling Rivalries with the Gregory Brothers12:17April 16, 2012Special Guests: The Gregory Brothers.News Reporter (Rhett)Guests: The Gregory Brothers
71How the Tupac Hologram Works 12:27April 17, 2012How Tupac Shakur and other holograms perform at concerts!Call 911
7225 Unforgettable Movie Quotes 13:01April 18, 2012Time to play the Greatest Movie Quotes of All Time Game.Voicemail Greeting
73Our Funny Car Accidents 12:54April 19, 2012Rhett and Link once got a truck stuck on its side in a ditch.Blooper Reel
7414 YRS Old and Legal to Drive?! 12:36April 20, 2012What should the legal driving age be?Rhett Does Dead Move on Link
75Bottled Water is Bad 12:33April 23, 2012Find out why you shouldn't buy bottled water.Rhett Gives Link a Fatherly Lecture
76How Brain Freeze Works 11:26April 24, 2012The mystery of how brain freeze works is solved!7th Grade English Teacher Shoutout
77One Direction Exposed 12:17April 25, 2012We know One Direction's weaknesses.Gibberish Translator
78Awakened by Screams 12:07April 26, 2012Rhett finds a screaming woman outside his house at 4 AM.Telepathic Ending
79Sunburn vs Poison Ivy 13:43April 27, 2012Which is worse? Sunburn vs Poison Ivy?Link Performs Brain Surgery
8014 Shocking Hollywood Sign Facts 12:40April 30, 2012Did you know that the Hollywood sign didn't always say Hollywood?Link Smells Awful
81Concert Fail Stories12:00May 1, 2012Rhett & Link's epic concert fail stories.Rhett and Link at the Club
82How to Get a Job or Date Without Speaking 12:17May 2, 2012Your body posture can determine whether you get hired or even get a date.Breath Hold Contest
83Strange Street Dancing Woman 10:55May 3, 2012Rhett and Link danced with a woman in the street.Out-Compliment Each Other
84Ice Cream vs Frozen Yogurt 12:45May 4, 2012Which is better? Ice Cream vs Frozen Yogurt?Rhett and Link Quit
85Why Couples Look Alike 11:59May 7, 2012Why do couples look like they are brother and sister?Interpretive Dance (Rhett)
86Squirrel Attacks My Son 12:32May 8, 2012Rhett's son was bitten by a squirrel!Uncomfortable Close-Up
87Laugh Attack Workout12:48May 9, 2012If you don't laugh when exercising, you're doing it wrong.Speech to Warriors
88Epic Drawings from Grade School 12:25May 10, 2012Rhett's drawings on his iPad look like Link's art from elementary school.Explaining Eating (Link)
89Best Video Game Ever? 11:34May 11, 2012What is the best video game ever?Shoutout to the Principality of Sealand
90If I Were a Hermit . . . 12:38May 14, 2012Rhett thinks great things will happen if he lived alone like a hermit.Knights Fighting a Dragon
91Avengers - Stuff You Didn't Know 11:33May 15, 2012Avengers trivia with Rhett & Link.Summiting Mount Everest
92How to Find Your Lost Phone12:07May 16, 2012Link dropped his phone off a rollercoaster.Link is Godzilla
93How to Survive Bear Attacks & Quicksand 13:21May 17, 2012Learn how to survive bears, quicksand, sharks and more!Rhett Shrinks and Link Grows
94Best TV Theme Song Ever? 12:49May 18, 2012What is the best TV theme song ever?Dramatic Death ScenePokemon
95Training Wheels Are Evil 10:07May 21, 2012Did you know that you're not supposed to use training wheels when learning to ride a bike?Trip to the Barber
962 Dudes Vandalize McDonalds Over Onions13:01May 22, 20122 Guys Throw Bricks at a McDonald's because they didn't get enough onions!Link Does Dead Move on Rhett
97Dope Zebra: The Full Story 12:57May 23, 2012Learn the full story behind the Dope Zebra and LMFAO!Link is in Rhett's Airplane SeatTie-in to "Dope Zebra" Music Video
98Embarrassing Teen Photos 10:43May 24, 2012We took some very strange and embarrassing pictures when we were 16.Prepare to Fight the Death Star
99Best Superpower Ever? 13:02May 25, 2012What is the best superpower ever?Forget that We're Still RecordingVoted by the Mythical Beasts: Flying
100The GMM Song - 100th Episode 14:23May 28, 2012A song to say thank you for 100 episodes.Meet Link's Imaginary Friend100th episode of Good Mythical Morning.
101Why Your Memories Are Wrong 13:11May 29, 2012Rhett performs yogurt therapy on Link.Cellmates
102Secrets of Rub Some Bacon On It 11:31May 30, 2012Behind the Scenes of Rub Some Bacon On It!The Floor is LavaTie-in to "Rub Some Bacon On It" Music Video
103Robot Fails 11:09May 31, 2012The robots of 2012 can't walk up stairs, and they have scary faces. FAIL.Rhett Defends Himself from a Black Bear (Link)
104Best Toy Ever? 12:34June 1, 2012What is the best toy ever?Rhett is Caught in QuicksandLegos
105Confessions: Stuff We've Stolen 12:02June 4, 2012A man who steals Lego prompts us to reveal what we have stolen.Old West Gunfight
106Gettin' Queasy12:45June 5, 2012Link gets queasy very easily unless he is dreaming.Power Outage
107Bigfoot: New Evidence 13:14June 6, 2012Shocking new evidence on Bigfoot!Rhett Gives Motivational Speech to Link's Adam's Apple
108Best BBQ in Texas13:37June 7, 2012We discuss BBQ in front of our first live studio audience!No Wheel, but live audience conductingFilmed at Kreuz Market in Lockhart, Texas
10920 Worst Tattoos Ever 12:57June 8, 2012People get a lot of stupid tattoos! We have pictures of them.(Imaginary Wheel) Show the Audience Your TattoosFilmed at True Blue Tattoo in Austin, Texas
110Link's Fishing Accident (Rhett & Link Back Home) 12:40June 11, 2012We return home to North Carolina, and Link has already had a fishing accident!(Imaginary Wheel) Riding a RollercoasterFrom Harnett Central High School in Angier, North Carolina
111High School Pranks 12:44June 12, 2012We pulled a lot pranks in school, including two speeches our high school will never forget.(Imaginary Wheel) Cheerleaders for the World's Worst TeamFrom Harnett Central High School in Angier, North Carolina
112High School Sports Records 13:43June 13, 2012We still hold sports records at our high school!(Imaginary Wheel) Link Gets AmnesiaFrom Harnett Central High School in Angier, North Carolina
113The Awkward Double Date 12:51June 14, 2012In high school, we went on the most awkward double date of all time.(Imaginary Wheel) Motorcyclists Terrorize a Small TownFrom Harnett Central High School in Angier, North Carolina
114Tipping Cows, Riding Pigs 12:56June 15, 2012We used to do a lot of strange things when we were bored in high school.(Imaginary Wheel) Pose for a Family PortraitFrom Harnett Central High School in Angier, North Carolina
115Panic Attack on a Plane 12:33June 18, 2012We encountered a panic attack on our plane ride back to LA.Two News Reporters in a Hurricane
116How to Not Be Weird 10:56June 19, 2012Are you weird? We think we are.Speak Like Yoda
1176 Crazy Thoughts13:35June 20, 2012This is how we come up with our crazy thoughts, and how we wrote the Thoughtful Guy RAP.Shoutout to UruguayTie-in to "I am a Thoughtful Guy" Music Video
118Don't Touch the Art! 12:41June 21, 2012Possessed Guards are everywhere at art museums.Teen with Headphones (Rhett) and Old Man (Link)
119Best Music Video Ever? 13:18June 22, 2012What is the best music video ever?Dance Like You're Inside the Dope ZebraThriller
120Screwed Over on Craigslist 12:29June 25, 2012Link tried to buy something on Craigslist, but was screwed over!Become Siamese Twins
121Adventures in Public Transportation 12:25June 26, 2012Rhett took his family on a bus ride . . . for fun.Plot to Kill the Cameraman
122Bronies: The Controversy13:14June 27, 2012Do you know what a Brony is? Is it a good idea for Link to become one?Turn into Mimes
123Learning to Lucid Dream 13:28June 28, 2012Rhett tries lucid dreaming again, and he meets Michael Jordan.Sarcastic Ending
124Best Cartoon Character Ever? 13:01June 29, 2012Who is the best cartoon character ever?Long Lost RelativesVoted by the Mythical Beasts: Bugs Bunny
125How To Share a Hotel Bed 13:55July 2, 2012Live from Vidcon, we discuss all the times we had to share a hotel room.End the Episode at the Back of the RoomFilmed at VidCon 2012
126Embarrassing Swimming Fail 12:30July 3, 2012Rhett went to the adult swim class and he was embarrassed.Strike Gold
127Live Forever Online 13:04July 4, 2012You can make a virtual avatar of yourself online that will never die!Declaration of Independence
128How to Wrangle Crazy Kids 12:03July 5, 2012When you babysit five kids at once, you have to become very creative to occupy their time.Backwards ABC Slap Hands
129Best of GMM Season One 12:18July 6, 2012The best of Good Mythical Morning Season One!Endless Spin (end of GMM Season 1)

Good Mythical Morning, Season 2Edit

Good Mythical Morning, Season 2 Episodes
Episode Title Length Upload Date Summary Mythical Wheel Ending Notes
130Good Mythical Morning - Season 2 Premiere13:46August 6, 2012We're back, it's season two, and we've been watching a lot of the Olympics.Link Fires Rhett
131 Freaky Shared Nightmare 12:19 August 7, 2012 Rhett and his wife had the same woman haunt their dreams. Intense Eyebrow Workout
132200 YR Old Person? 13:19August 8, 2012Science says humans can now live over 200 years. So Rhett and Link make their 200-year plans.Rhett Arrests Link
133Becoming a Crazy Parent 12:38August 9, 2012Rhett is really getting into watching his son's sporting events.Try to Get the Last Word
134Why Bald is Better 11:48August 10, 2012A new study makes us question our hairstyles.Looking for Our Lost Cat Chocolate
135How to Make Yourself Burp 11:36August 13, 2012Rhett teaches Link how to burp!Kung Fu Dubbing
136Adventures in Running Out of Gas 11:23August 14, 2012We aren't very good at filling the car up with gas. How long till we run out?Rhett's Abrupt Exit
137Rhett & Link's Musical History 13:04August 15, 2012The story of how we started playing music.Link Falls in a Very Deep Hole
138Internet Crisis! 13:56August 16, 2012Link embarrassed himself in front of his children.GMM's 30-Year Anniversary
139Gutless Wonders - A Rhett & Link Screenplay 12:20August 17, 2012We wrote this screenplay when we were 14. Enjoy a dramatic reading.Play MercyGutless Wonders Part 1
140Hilarious Bowling Commercial 12:18August 20, 2012The strangest bowling commercial ever.Rhett Ignores Link
141Staring Contest World Record 12:48August 21, 2012You will not believe how long one guy went without blinking.Attacked by a Hawk (while having a staring contest)
142How Men Tip Waitresses 13:23August 22, 2012There's a secret thing that waitresses can do to get bigger tips from men.Stake the Same Claim
143Top 27 Mispronounced Words 13:35August 23, 2012How many common words are you mispronouncing? Find out!Rewind through This Episode of GMM
144Dog Dresses Himself - Gutless Wonders Part 2 12:10August 24, 2012There's a dog that can dress himself!?! We continue to read the screenplay we wrote when we were kids.2 Romans Posing for Statues Gutless Wonders Part 2
145How to Cure TMJ Disorder 13:23August 27, 2012Link recently woke up with incredible pain in his jaw. Learn how he cured it.Link Turns Rhett into Frankenstein
146Pervasive Party Problem 12:10August 28, 2012There's a pervasive people party problem that Rhett wants to fix!Link is an Alien
147Weird Mountain Biking Encounter 14:02August 29, 2012Link met an interesting and strange person while mountain biking.Attacked by an Eagle
148Discrimination at Legoland 12:19August 30, 2012Rhett was discriminated on a ride at Legoland!UFO Landing
149Moss Man Lives! - Gutless Wonders Part 3 12:21August 31, 2012There's a man made of moss that lives in our dreams!Animal Documentary (Link is the animal)Gutless Wonders Part 3
150Heroic Traffic Rescue 12:26September 3, 2012Link rushed through traffic to save a man!Talk Shakespeare
151Motorcycle Gang Fight with Chuck Testa 12:09September 4, 2012Chuck Testa has had a recurring dream for over 20 years.(Imaginary Wheel) Chuck and Rhett are Terrified of Link Every Time He Takes His Glasses OffOjai Valley, California
152Tracking Down a Credit Card Thief 13:29September 5, 2012Someone stole Link's credit card!Treat Jason Like a Monster
153How to Get Out of a Traffic Ticket 13:08September 6, 2012Learn the secret of getting out of a traffic ticket from Rhett.Link Accidentally Reveals He Is a Spy
154High School Teacher Builds a Rocket! - Gutless Wonders Part 4 11:45September 7, 2012Our old high school teacher is building a rocket in his closet!Rhett Tries to Cheat Off Link's TestsGutless Wonders Part 4
155Here Comes Honey Boo Boo 13:02September 10, 2012Rhett was almost on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Learn his secret connection to the show.Crash-Land an Airplane
156Guy Calls 911 About His Dreams 13:39September 11, 2012A man calls 911 because his dreams were becoming real.Scoutmaster Link Teaches Fire
157Always Thinking About Girls 13:29September 12, 2012How often do you think about girls?Link Sneezes Uncontrollably
158What Makes a Manly Man12:24September 13, 2012How do we decide if a man is manly?Negate Each OtherTie-in to "Epic Rap Battle of Manliness" Music Video
159Dog Stealing Hicks - Gutless Wonders Finale 10:03September 14, 2012Learn why Link's dog, Tucker disappeared!Link Lost His PhoneGutless Wonders Part 5 (Finale)
160Leslie: Our First Girlfriend 13:08September 17, 2012Rhett and Link had the same first girlfriend. Her name was Leslie.Switch Bodies
161Google's Bacon Number Controversy 12:22September 18, 2012Google's new Kevin Bacon Number algorithm is creating a controversy on the internet.Replaced as the Hosts of GMMBacon Number: 3
16298 Year Old Message in a Bottle Found 12:57September 19, 2012A Scottish man holds the world record for finding the oldest message in a bottle. But what does it say?Fire Jason
163Time Traveling Puppets!! 10:16September 20, 2012Puppet Rhett and Puppet Link embark on their first time traveling adventure.Blue Spot: Play at the PlaygroundTime Rangerers Episode 1
164How We Sang All Night Long 12:13September 21, 2012Learn every detail behind the making of our Singing All Night Long Literally video!Black Spot: Water Gun FightTie-in to "Singing All Night Long" Karaoke Stunt
165Calling My First Girlfriend 13:57September 24, 2012Link had a tough time calling his girlfriend in middle school.Blue Spot: Hug a Stranger
166How to Make Someone Sound Like an Idiot 11:52September 25, 2012Learn the scientific secret to make someone talk like an idiot.Rhett Realizes He's Dreaming
167Psychopath Smell Test 12:53September 26, 2012A new study proves that if you can't smell well, you're a psychopath.Rhett is an Overprotective Parent
168iPhone of the Future 9:59September 27, 2012The iPhone of the future is discovered by Puppet Rhett & Link.EarthquakeTime Rangerers Episode 2
169Middle Schoolers Should Not Date 12:58September 28, 2012Weigh in on this heated discussion.Win the Lottery
170Team Mythical Beast! (Supernote 2012) 11:48October 1, 2012Join the quest to sing the internet's longest continuous note!Link Vanishes
1713 Horrible Pranks 13:42October 2, 2012When we prank someone, we go too far.Indecisive Burglars
172Cute Kittens Make You Smarter 12:46October 3, 2012Looking at cute pictures of baby animals can improve your life!Act Like Cats
173Gladiators VS Puppets 11:49October 4, 2012Puppet Rhett and Puppet Link fight the gladiators of ancient Rome!Dance Gangnam StyleTime Rangerers Episode 3
174Spanking a 14 Year Old 12:57October 5, 2012When Rhett was 14, he got spanked by his father.Drill Sergeant Rhett Yells at Private Link
175Camping Trip Disaster13:58October 8, 2012A 1992 Ford Bronco caused Rhett & Link's camping trip to be a disaster.More Interpretive Dancing (Link)
176Are You Addicted to Your Cell Phone? 13:25October 9, 2012How long can you go without touching your cell phone?Pro Wrestler Rant
177How Not to Buy a Car on Craigslist 12:51October 10, 2012Rhett had a crazy time trying to buy a car on Craigslist.Black Spot: Taser Each Other
178Puppet-Eating Dinosaurs 12:16October 11, 2012Puppet Rhett & Link fight dinosaurs!Rhett is Sure He Can FlyTime Rangerers Episode 4
179Embarrassing Security Blankets 12:45October 12, 2012Rhett & Link reveal their secret childhood security blankets.Rhett Confesses Items Stolen from Link
180How to Catch a Fly in Your Hand 12:18October 15, 2012Rhett teaches the secret method to grabbing a fly in midair.Rhett First Learns About the Internet
181What Age is Too Young to be Left Alone? 13:20October 16, 2012How old should a kid be before you can leave him home alone?Rhett Takes Link's Seat
182Worst Prank Call Ever 13:17October 17, 2012Rhett & Link made the worst prank call of all time when they were kids.Sentimental Slow Zoom
183Best Birthday Card Ever 13:31October 18, 2012Rhett got the greatest birthday card ever in the mail.Link Gets a Call about the Zombie ApocalypseTime Rangerers Episode 5
184Unsolved Cat Mystery12:59October 19, 2012Rhett tries to solve a mystery involving a cat.Link is Moving into the Studio
185Why You Hate the Sound of Your Own Voice 12:26October 22, 2012Why do we all hate the way our voice sounds on recordings?Shoutout to Denmark
186Batman Arrested 10:49October 23, 2012Batman was arrested by the police!Rhett is an Amateur Dentist
18725 Worst Halloween Costumes Ever! 11:05October 24, 2012Want to see the worst Halloween costumes ever?Interpretive Dance (Rhett)
188Bacon Outlawed! 11:20October 25, 2012Puppet Rhett & Link can't find bacon after they screwed up the past!A Wild Monkey is Loose in the StudioTime Rangerers Episode 6
18915 Prison Slang Words You Must Know 11:16October 26, 2012If you want to sound tough in prison, you have to know the prison slang.Rhett and Link are Glued to Chairs
190Mobile Home Dorm Room 11:57October 29, 2012A high school kid built his own dorm room, and its on wheels!Link Knows Something Rhett Doesn't
191Craigslist Paranoia 12:54October 30, 2012Rhett thought he was going to be murdered the last time he bought something off Craigslist.Link Picks Rhett's Pocket
192The Spookiest Story Ever Told 13:04October 31, 2012Are you ready for the spookiest story you will ever hear in your life?Rhett and Link Exchange GiftsDressed in monster costume from the "Spot the Differences" Music Video released on Nov 13, 2012
193Bacon Bandages 11:11November 1, 2012Did you know there were bacon bandages?Lamest Ending EverTime Rangerers Episode 7
194Top Ten Moustaches of All Time 12:40November 2, 2012What are the best moustaches of all time?Become Overly Emotional About Everything
195Supernote 2012 WINNERS! 11:37November 5, 2012Supernote 2012 Winner Announced!No Wheel (because there is no Link)Link's parts were pre-filmed
196How to Survive the Apocalypse with Chuck Testa 12:58November 6, 2012Chuck Testa helps Rhett plan for the apocalypse.Foiled Birthday SurpriseChuck Testa guest hosts in place of Link
197I Hate Vomiting with Joe Bereta 12:00November 7, 2012Joe Bereta and Rhett reveal their hatred of vomiting.Abrupt EndingJoe Bereta guest hosts in place of Link
198Rhett's Kids Open Mail 14:37November 8, 2012Rhett's kids join him for a very special edition of Thursday Means Mail. Plus Time Rangerers!Link (Locke and Shepherd) Wakes Up After One Million Years - Locke and Shepherd guest host in place of Link

- Time Rangerers Episode 8

199James Bond 007 - Stuff You Didn't Know 13:04November 9, 201215 fun facts about James Bond.Black Spot: Pushup ContestLink comes back with a mustache
200Best YouTube Comments Ever - GMM 200! 12:49November 12, 2012We read the greatest YouTube comments we have ever received in GMM History.Realize that the Camera Wasn't Turned On200th episode of Good Mythical Morning.
201Thermostat Wars 12:20November 13, 2012Link is fighting with his family over what temperature the thermostat should be set on.Rhett is the New GMM Intern
202Crazy Sleep Devices 11:47November 14, 2012The craziest devices ever invented to help you sleep.If Link Stops Talking He Will Explode
203Mona Lisa Vandalized! 12:47November 15, 2012The Time Rangerers changed the Mona Lisa and Leonardo Da Vinci is mad!Rhett Gets Short-Term Memory LossTime Rangerers Episode 9
204THIS is Chicken?!? 13:01November 16, 2012A restaurant in Hollywood serves fried chicken that actually isn't chicken.Blue Spot: Write Letters to Each Other
205Public Restroom Hotel Room11:10November 19, 2012There's a hotel room in Japan that's inside a public bathroom.Rhett Loses His Mind
206The Last Twinkie on Earth 12:09November 20, 2012Hostess is bankrupt, he never will.Rhett is a Bull, Link is a Toreador
207Does Turkey Make You Sleepy? 12:45November 21, 2012Will turkey make you sleepy and more fun Thanksgiving facts.Link Knows Something Rhett Doesn't
208The First Thanksgiving 12:56November 22, 2012Travel through time to the very first Thanksgiving!Link Reveals His Biggest SecretTime Rangerers Episode 10
209Why is Black Friday Called Black Friday? 12:27November 23, 2012Black Friday start, and why do we dislike it so much?Interpretive Dance (Link)
210Do Furbies Really Learn? 13:35November 26, 2012Furbies are back! But can they really learn and record what you say?Camera Tilts Up, Stay in Frame
211Why Fire Ants are Amazing 12:16November 27, 2012Fire Ants can survive almost anything, and that's why they should die!Link Turns Into a Cow
212Preparing for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey 12:45November 28, 2012Are you ready for The Hobbit?Smell Each Other's Shoes
213The Big Bang 12:58November 29, 2012Puppet Rhett and Puppet Link travel to the beginning of time!! Plus, we open mail!Rhett is Afraid of Heights Whilst StandingTime Rangerers Episode 11
214Precious Moments (of GMM Season 2) 13:37November 30, 2012The funniest moments of Rhett & Link in Season 2.Red Spot: Get YogurtAnnouncement of the Mythical Christmas Special released on Dec 17, 2012

Good Mythical Morning, Season 3Edit

Good Mythical Morning, Season 3 Episodes
Episode Title Length Upload Date Summary Mythical Wheel Ending Notes
215Beards and Vests (GMM Season 3!) 13:55January 14, 2013Rhett's beard is out of control, and Link is obsessed with his vest! It's GMM Season 3!Link Starts Rumors About RhettLink shaved his mustache but Rhett decided not to shave his beard over the holidays
216How to Turn Your Furby Evil 12:15January 15, 2013Learn the secret of how to make your Furby evil and rude! Plus see other gifts Rhett & Link have gotten recently.Ants in Link's Pants
217Link's Boneheaded Car Accident 17:15January 16, 2013Link damaged his father-in-law's car in the stupidest way possible.Just Finished a Marathon
218Waffles are Better than Pancakes 13:17January 17, 2013We settle the waffle/pancake argument!Record a Voicemail Greeting
219Name These Celebrities Game 12:11January 18, 2013If you can recognize all these pictures of celebrities as kids, you might be a super recognizer!Rhett Discovers Jason for the First Time
220The Greatest Place on Earth . . . 12:52January 21, 2013It's a land of no stop signs, ice cream, and musical trash trucks.Talk Only in Third Person
221Top Ten Workout Songs (2 Guys 2 Weights) 10:21January 22, 2013What has been chosen as the best workout songs?Rhett has Acquired a Pet Link
22214 Words the English Language Needs 14:29January 23, 2013We won't tartle before we cafune you! Just let us introduce some words you need to know.Discover You Are the Last 2 People on Earth
223Are Eyebrows Facial Hair? 13:41January 24, 2013We see what we look like without eyebrows, and settle the White or Black iPhone argument.Link's Choice: Rhett Cleans Link's EarsStart of the Mythical Mail Boulder with items mailed by fans
22410 Weird Ways to Live Longer Game 12:10January 25, 201310 unexpected things that will extend your life.Link Discovers Rhett is a Falcon
2254 Year Old Walks Into a Bar 13:41January 28, 2013Rhett's four-year-old son walked into a bar and ordered a drink!Teenagers Who Only Talk While Texting
226Dining with William Shatner and Predicting the Future 12:21January 29, 2013Rhett's dinner with William Shatner inspires him to discuss the technology of the future.Rhett Color Commentates Link
227Pizza Thief: The Musical 13:17January 30, 2013Rhett & Link reenact the robbery of a Papa Johns as a musical.Shoutout to FloridaNewsical #1
228Peanut Butter VS Nutella 13:50January 31, 2013Rhett and Link settle the Nutella versus Peanut Butter debate with a taste test plus respond to your Facebook and Twitter posts.Rhett Copies Link
229What is Groundhog Day? 14:45February 1, 2013What's the story behind Groundhog Day? Is it more than a Bill Murray movie?Link Disciplines Rhett Like a Child
23015 Top Super Bowl Commercials of 201313:32February 4, 2013Watch the Top 15 Commercials of Super Bowl 2013!Rhett's Choice: Link Gives Rhett a Piggyback Ride
231Killing Rhett's Beard 13:04February 5, 2013Watch Rhett say goodbye to his big, bushy beard.Black Spot: Slap Each Other in the FaceRhett's beard reaches peak bushiness and Link trims it down.
232Killer Cats 13:15February 6, 2013Cats have caused billions of deaths according to a new study.Rhett Can't Stand Link's Haircut
233The Rhett and Link Pinball Machine13:44February 7, 2013Someone made a Rhett and Link pinball machine, a rubber band gun fight, and the mythical mail boulder grows!Link Reads Rhett's Eulogy when Rhett Shows Up Alive
234Walmart Taste Test: The Game 13:36February 8, 2013Rhett & Link battle to see whose taste buds can identify the name brand food versus the Wal-Mart brand.Interpretive Dance (Link)
235The Burger King Funeral 12:09February 11, 2013Rhett and Link make sure their funerals have R. Kelly singing and plenty of cardboard cutouts.Rhett Asks Link to Help Build a Moat
236Food Court Nightmare 13:01February 12, 2013Rhett had a horrible experience in a mall food court.Rhett Announces He's Leaving GMM for a New Career
237How to Pick the Perfect Valentine's Day Card 12:00February 13, 2013Rhett and Link have a winning strategy for picking the perfect card for your special someone.Link Forgets What He's Saying Every Time He Blinks
238Bacon Soda?!? 12:28February 14, 2013Did you know you could drink bacon in a liquid form? Plus other things we got in the mail!Rhett Discovers Link is an Android and Must Disassemble Him
239Eating a Pizza in Less Than 60 Seconds 12:18February 15, 2013Link challenges Rhett to eat a pizza in less than 60 seconds. Can Rhett do it?Groom Each Other Like Monkeys
240Unbelievable Facts About Every US President 12:01February 18, 2013Rhett challenges Link to a US Presidents trivia challenge to determine who will be sworn in as President of Good Mythical Morning.Shoutout to South Korea
241Unisex Bathroom Experience 12:33February 19, 2013Rhett & Link experienced a bathroom with women in it.Dramatic Death Scene (Link kills Rhett)
242Harlem Shake Roundup 12:01February 20, 2013Harlem Shake, and should it stop?No Spin (Harlem Shake)
243Rhett & Link Eat Insects 12:15February 21, 2013Rhett & Link dine on worms and crickets as they open mail.Link Thinks the Microphone is Alive
24410 Brainteasers to Test Your Mental Sharpness 10:45February 22, 2013These ten questions will determine whether or not Rhett can be called "smart."You're In a Photobooth
245Rhett & Link are Moving 12:18February 25, 2013We're moving! Want to know where we are going?Rhett's Choice: Link Talking on the Phone with a Cable Provider so We Can Get Internet
246Our New Studio 12:43February 26, 2013Get a tour of our new studio and all its toilets!Argue For No ReasonNew Studio (Under Construction)
247Curse Words for Kids 11:44February 27, 2013What curse words should kids be allowed to say?Pretend You Are Amazing Bodybuilders
248IKEA Horse Meatballs 14:34February 28, 2013Would you eat a horse meatball from IKEA?Link's Choice: Sing a Song About How Awesome I Am
249Best Movie Theme Songs Ever (Game) 12:46March 1, 2013Link hums the greatest film theme songs of all time, and Rhett has to guess what they are. Play at home!Silent Movie
250Driving Too Slow Should Be Illegal 12:27March 4, 2013A new law could make it illegal to drive slow in the left lane!Rhett Performs Surgery on Link
251Impersonating a Deputy For Months To Impress Your Girlfriend 11:37March 5, 2013A man pretended for months to be a Sheriff's Deputy to impress his girlfriend. Why?Rhett Faints and Link Freaks Out About It
252Awesome Bird Magician 12:26March 6, 2013Last night, a magician split a bird into two birds right before our eyes!Rhett is a Werewolf
253Best Smell in the World 13:12March 7, 2013What is the best smell in the world?Waiting for Someone Who Never Shows
254The Super Word Game of Abbreviations 12:32March 8, 2013Rhett tests Link on his knowledge of words that are short for something. Play along at home.Dinosaurs at the End of Your Life
255Rhett's Remarkable Dream 10:27March 11, 2013Rhett describes the most amazing dream he's ever had as an adult. Plus a nightmare involving The Price Is Right and Bob Barker.Rhett is Link's Coach for a Marathon
256Addicted to GPS 11:31March 12, 2013Link almost got stranded somewhere because he didn't know where he was. Could he be addicted to using his GPS?Shoutout to Oregon
257Could We Survive an Alien Invasion? 13:42March 13, 2013Are there aliens out there and what should we do if they show up?Serious Ending
258Worst Feeling Ever12:49March 14, 2013What is the worst feeling ever? Plus we answer more of your questions from Facebook and Twitter.Rhett Starts Talking to His Beard
25912 Weird Headlines from KY 11:08March 15, 2013Is Kentucky the weirdest state ever or the most awesome?Link Thinks He's Invisible
260The Most Amazing Optical Illusions on the Internet10:56March 18, 2013Your mind will explode when we show you all the best optical illusions on the internet.Serious Discussion about ButterfliesCurrently most watched GMM episode with over 19 million views as of June 2015
261Weird Celebrities's Kids' Names 12:32March 19, 2013Did you know there is a celebrity that named their kid Moon Base?Black Spot: Hug a Stranger
262How to Spend a Million Dollars 12:40March 20, 2013If someone gave you one million dollars, how would you spend it?Thumb War
263Best Year to Time Travel To 14:24March 21, 2013If you had a time machine, what year would you go to? Plus we open more of your mail!Blue Spot: Have Milk and Cookies
264Rhett's Severe Injury 12:34March 22, 2013Rhett is undergoing some extreme suffering. How did it happen?Link's Choice: Rhett Massages Link
265Matching Music to Your Mood 13:17March 25, 2013A pair of headphones can now match your music to your mood. We think we can do better.Angry Customers at a Restaurant
266Man Never Has to Eat Food Again 11:53March 26, 2013An Atlanta man has figured out the secret to never eating food ever again.Link Invents the Pancake
267Amazing Kickstarter: The Drutter 14:15March 27, 2013We found the most startling and amazing campaign on Kickstarter, The Drutter.Yell Random Words at Each Other
268Link's Crotch is on Fire 13:11March 28, 2013Link likes to set his crotch on fire with his new friends. Plus other secrets and mail!Rhett Takes Link's Lunch Order and Keeps Getting it Wrong
269Best Cartoon Theme Songs Ever (Game) 13:14March 29, 2013Rhett hums the greatest cartoon theme songs of all time, and Link has to guess what they are. Play at home!Rhett Gradually Pushes Link Out of Frame
27010 Greatest April Fools Pranks of all Time 12:19April 1, 2013Rhett tries to guess what were the greatest April Fools tricks of all time. Or will he? April Fools!Rock Paper Scissors to the Death
271Big Announcement: Our New Show 14:35April 2, 2013Rhett and Link have an important announcement that will change the internet forever!Meet at Your High School Reunion and Don't Remember Each OtherAnnouncement of The Mythical Show
27210 Most Awesome World Records 12:53April 3, 2013What does a 4 foot tall dog and a man who throws appliances have in common? They're both world record holders.Rhett and Link Get Superpowers
273The Barry White Microphone 13:23April 4, 2013Rhett and Link discover the greatest microphone ever.Link Becomes Allergic to His Glasses
274Good Mythical Morning Trivia Game 13:45April 5, 2013Rhett and Link answer trivia questions about their own show! The loser gets a pie in the face. Play at home!Tell Rhett His Pet Ran Away

Good Mythical Morning, Season 4Edit

Good Mythical Morning, Season 4 Episodes
Episode Title Length Upload Date Summary Mythical Wheel Ending Notes
275Back to School8:29September 3, 2013"First day of school" pictures!Soap Opera EndingNew Studio (Update from The Mythical Show to GMM theme)
276NASA Sends Poetry to Martians 9:32September 4, 2013We read the Top 5 Haiku for Mars.Hug Each Other to Death
2775 Tips for Freshmen 9:02September 5, 20135 tips to survive college!Shoutout to Japan
278The Spicy Pepper Challenge 9:59September 6, 2013Watch us eat a habanero pepper!Only Talk in Hashtags
2799 Fictional Pets That Should Be Real 9:17September 9, 2013We want Scooby Doo to be real!Plan a Fancy Dinner Party
280Why Are Things Funny? 9:28September 10, 2013Learn the theories of why we laugh!Rhett's Left Hand is Trying to Kill Link
281Spitting in Someone's Mouth9:27September 11, 2013Has someone's spit flown into your mouth?The Longest Handshake Ever
282How to Stop Procrastinating 9:30September 12, 2013Learn the secrets of being productive!Rhett and Link Become Helicopters
283Ultimate Noodle Showdown 10:37September 13, 2013It is time to determine the best noodle in the world!Bug Loose in the Studio
284Link's Epic Mountain Bike FAIL9:57September 16, 2013See footage of Link's mountain bike FAIL.Rhett Mirrors Link
285The Perfect Crime9:53September 17, 2013Hear about some incredibly smart criminals.Game Show Hosts
2863 Easy Eye Exercises 10:11September 18, 2013Forget biceps, its time to exercise your eyes!Shoutout to North Dakota
287How to Stop Hitting the Snooze Button 10:34September 19, 2013We have a solution to keep you awake!Shark Attack
2888 Groups You Won't Believe Exist 10:12September 20, 2013Want to join some weird groups with us?Rhett is Paranoid that Link is Going to Get Naked
289The Best Pencil Ever Made 10:06September 23, 2013There is a pencil so amazing that someone was buried with it!A Love Letter to Muffins
290The Secret of Will Rogers 10:15September 24, 2013There's a secret connection between Will Rogers and Beans.You're on the Titanic
291Is This Art? 9:57September 25, 2013You will not believe these pictures of what passes for art now.Link Has Extreme Mood Swings
292How to Save Money 9:56September 26, 2013Sticks and stones can help you save money.Link Forgets How to Speak English
293Name That Siren Game 9:59September 27, 2013Can you tell the difference between a police car or a firetruck siren? let's find out.Going Through a Carwash and Your Windows Won't Roll Up
294How To Implant False Memories 9:40September 30, 2013Scientists have figured out a way to create false memories in the brain.Rhett Got a Gig on Another Morning Show
295Hot Coffee Lawsuit 9:57October 1, 2013Sometimes lawsuits are about coffee and pants.Link Draws a Portrait of Rhett
296The Butt Touch 10:03October 2, 2013Let's discuss the controversial "butt touch" technique.Rhett Runs Away
297When You Run Out of Toilet Paper 9:48October 3, 2013What do you do if you run out of toilet paper in a strangers bathroom?!?Silent Treatment
298NERD vs GEEK: How to Tell the Difference 10:11October 4, 2013Do you know the difference between a Nerd and a Geek?Rhett is Shrinking and Link is GrowingTie-in to "Epic Rap Battle: Nerd vs. Geek" Music Video
2995 Jobs That Will Exist in the Future 10:14October 7, 2013These jobs don't exist yet. But they will . . . in the FUTURE!Awkward Elevator Situation
300Taste Tripping Pill Test 10:24October 8, 2013There's a pill that can change the way you taste things!Discover You Are Long-Lost Twins300th episode of Good Mythical Morning.
3016 Legal Things That Should Be Illegal 10:19October 9, 2013We've decided that if you do any of these things, you should be arrested!Rhett is Link's Pillow and It Becomes Alive
302Overcoming Shyness 10:13October 10, 2013We can help you overcome your shyness! Let's get you out of your house and order a pizza.Link Loses His Mind and Thinks Rhett's Name is Johnny
303Happy Birthday Rhett! 10:55October 11, 2013It's time for Rhett to open his birthday gifts.Link is Rhett's Fairy Godmother
304Real Life Buried Treasure 10:57October 14, 2013There's 5 million dollars buried in the Rocky Mountains, and we're going to find it.Evil Villain Monologue
305Rhett's Amazing Dream 10:52October 15, 2013You won't believe the dream Rhett had last night.Talk in Third Person
306My Surfing Accident 10:30October 16, 2013Rhett had an accident while surfing. Can you guess what he injured?Caught in SharknadoStories about them paddleboarding/surfing, Rhett's injury, and Link's injury.
307How to Stay Awake in Class 10:14October 17, 2013Learn the secret to staying awake in school.Rhett Gets a Great Idea and Link Tries to Take ItAXE Styled in Seconds Challenge #1: Peanut in Peanuts (Rhett)
308Awkward Photos on Cereal Boxes 10:28October 18, 2013Have you seen the cereal box where awkward people stare at you? We have.Link is a Lifeguard, Rhett Can't Swim
309Introducing the Big Mac & Cheese 10:56October 21, 2013We've invented two amazing Fast Food hacks.Interpretive Dance (Link)
310We Declare a #HASHTAG WAR! 12:58October 22, 2013Time for WAR as we fight for exclusive rights to the hashtag #GMM!Debate Apples Versus Oranges
311#HASHTAG War Goes Nuclear 10:35October 23, 2013The fight heats up as Good Morning Memphis and Good Morning Maryland respond! The #HASHTAG War continues!Late for School
312Making a Dog Yawn 10:29October 24, 2013What will it take to make a dog yawn?Greatest Bedtime Story Ever ToldAXE Styled in Seconds Challenge #2: Making a Dog Yawn (Link)
313What is ASMR? 10:49October 25, 2013Have you ever experienced an ASMR video? Well, get ready!Link Tells Rhett He Has Six Months to Live
314Living in a Real Haunted House 10:40October 28, 2013Could you live in a house that you knew people were murdered in?RHETT
315The Ghost Pepper Challenge 10:42October 29, 2013You won't believe how much two men squirm after eating a ghost pepper.Rhett and Link Suddenly Hate Air
316Redneck Theme Park 11:31October 30, 2013Would you visit a theme park based on Rabbit Lightning?Rhett Turns Into a WerewolfRabbit Lightning Guest Hosts
317The Scariest Story Ever Told 10:05October 31, 2013Happy Halloween! Let us tell you the scariest story of all time!Rhett Tries to Put Link in a Trashcan - Dressed in monster costume from the "Spot the Differences" Music Video for the 2nd time

- AXE Styled in Seconds Challenge #3: Pumpkin Head (Link)

318#HASHTAG War Victory!! 10:56November 1, 2013We forced Memphis and Maryland to surrender! Hear the details!The Greatest Ending Ever
319News Musical: Wedding Fail 10:25November 4, 2013It's time for a NEWSICAL about a forgetful groom and his wedding.Rhett and Link Dine and DashNewsical #2
3205 Weirdest Sites on the Internet 10:19November 5, 2013Join us for a tour of the weirdest sites on the internet.Awkward Arm Wrestle
321The Toilet Restaurant 10:16November 6, 2013We went to a restaurant to eat out of their toilets.Rhett and Link are In a Horror Movie
322Unique Names vs Common Names 10:07November 7, 2013How to name a baby! And feet pizza??Rhett Can't Stop Singing Like a MariachiAXE Styled in Seconds Challenge #4: Feet Pizza (Rhett)
323Draw Your Mind Map 10:49November 8, 2013Let us show you the way to draw a map that will unlock your life and mind! GMM 323!Rhett Teaches Link to Ballroom Dance
3246 Unbelievable Body Modifications 10:43November 11, 2013You won't believe these 6 ways that people modify their bodies.Link Secretly Tries to Eat Rhett
325The Family Torture Device 11:18November 12, 2013Link discovered the worst thing you can ever do with your family.Rhett Thinks He is Hawkman
326Why Wednesday is the Best Day of the Week 9:37November 13, 2013You will believe Wednesday is the best day of the week after watching this.Link is Rhett's Favorite Celebrity
327Does Blowing Your Nose Make a Cold Worse? 10:35November 14, 2013You should never blow your nose! We'll tell you why.Link Discovers the Meaning of Life and then Forgets ItAXE Styled in Seconds Challenge #5: Recorder Balls (Rhett)
3286 Ridiculous Broccoli Commercials 10:17November 15, 2013You will like broccoli because you watched these ridiculous ads.Link Forgets Rhett's Name
3295 Sports You've Never Heard Of 9:35November 18, 2013We found 5 sports that we bet you've never seen.The Shakespearean Ending
330The Last Person to See Gravity 14:54November 19, 2013Do you ever get tired of people telling you that you have to see the latest movie?Brainstorm Rhett & Link Duo Replacement NamesGood Mythical More included in main episode
331Shipfaced 10:17November 20, 2013People on TUMBLR don't ship us. They shipface us! We got pictures.Link Goes to Rhett's Hair Salon
332Tips for Avoiding Awkward Silences 10:06November 21, 2013How to stop letting awkward silences destroy your conversations.Link has to Tell Rhett he has a Booger Without Saying ItAXE Styled in Seconds Challenge #6: Mannequin Dress (Link)
333You Can Start Your Own Country 11:11November 22, 2013It's Start Your Own Country Day, so we started one!Rhett & Link Admit They Are ImpostersCreation of the Republic of Cheesistan
33410 Amazing Animal Disguises (w/ video) 10:19November 25, 2013The most amazing animal camouflage in the world!Cowboys Eating Beans Around a Campfire
335Awkward Rock Climber 10:28November 26, 2013Rhett had an adventure in rock climbing.Link is a Fancy Chef
3368 Ways to Spot a Liar 10:59November 27, 2013Everybody lies, and we've got 8 tips to help you catch them. Rhett & Link Become Allergic to Each Other
337Cat Hair Thanksgiving Dinner 11:44November 28, 2013Answering advice for your Thanksgiving activities! Happy Thanksgiving!Have a Naming Ceremony for Rhett's BeardAXE Styled in Seconds Challenge #7: Feed the Pilgrim (Rhett)
338The Movie Setting Game11:36November 29, 2013Can you guess the settings of these famous movies? Link Gives Rhett a Speeding Ticket
3396 Ways the World Could End 12:26December 2, 2013The world is going to end, and we're going to tell you how.Rhett Hosts an Infomercial that Link Doesn't Know He's On
340Essential Items for the Apocalypse10:42December 3, 2013Rhett is going to tell you all the items you need to buy to survive the Apocalypse!Rhett & Link Join the Fashion Police
34115 Words For Things You Didn't Know Had Names11:00December 4, 2013You see these things everyday, but you don't know what they're actually called.Rhett is Link's Hard of Hearing Grandpa
342When You Forget to Put on Deodorant... 10:31December 5, 2013Here's what to do if you forget to put on deodorant plus other advice!Rhett and Link Switch BodiesAXE Styled in Seconds Challenge #8: Cheese Snow (Link)
343Deconstructing the McRib 10:26December 6, 2013The McRib is back! But where did it come from?Rhett Finds Buried Treasure and Won't Show Link
344The 6 Weirdest Christmas Traditions on Earth 10:05December 9, 2013You're not celebrating Christmas right unless you're using a Poop Log!Link Thinks Rhett is a Stray Cat
345When You Meet a Celebrity... 10:40December 10, 2013Link saw a celebrity in a burger place. Was he right to do what he did?Rhett Sees Bigfoot in the Studio
346The Strangest Candy on Earth 9:46December 11, 2013We're going to taste test some of the strangest candy in the world.Cavemen Fascinated By Camera
347Wrapping a Cat for Christmas 10:30December 12, 2013How to wrap your kitten for Christmas! Plus a Christmas Smoothie Challenge!You Both Don't Recognize Each OtherAXE Styled in Seconds Challenge #9: Christmas Smoothie (Rhett)
3482 Inappropriate Christmas Carols 11:15December 13, 2013Our kids wrote some very inappropriate Christmas Carols. Rhett Plays Link Like a Guitar
349Why is Santa Fat? 11:05December 16, 2013Where did the legend of a fat Santa Claus come from?Lost at Sea
350"NeverWet" Our Pants 11:43December 17, 2013We covered our pants and some strange things in NeverWet. Rhett Teaches Link to Grow a Beard
351Meeting Our Hero 17:16December 18, 2013We finally met our hero from childhood. Rhett Is Old Link From the Future Here to Warn LinkLongest Episode to Date
352The Perfect Free Christmas Gift 13:59December 19, 2013Chuck Testa stops by to tell us about the perfect free Xmas gift.Rhett Announces that He Is Running for PresidentAXE Styled in Seconds Challenge #10: Stocking Hands (Rhett)
353Rhett & Link Get Waxed13:32December 20, 2013Who wants to see some grown men screaming while getting their chest's waxed?Endless Spin (end of GMM Season 4) - Rhett and Link get waxed in result of the AXE Styled in Seconds Challenge

- No GMMore.

Good Mythical Morning, Season 5Edit

Good Mythical Morning, Season 5 Episodes
Episode Title Length Upload Date Summary Mythical Wheel Ending Notes
354The Battery Powered Gift Card12:00January 8, 2014We figured out the perfect way to make gift cards more fun for adults!Rhett Gets Into Link's TaxiLink has grown a beard between seasons.
355Future You vs. Past You11:15January 9, 2014We tell you how to you can keep your New Years Resolutions. Plus Mail!LINK
356Pteromerhanophobia10:08January 10, 2014Link's wife recently freaked out because of Pteromerhanophobia. Find out about this common affliction.See a Ghost
35715 Things You Don't Know About the US12:09January 13, 2014We play a game to see who knows more about the United States.Rhett Keeps Cutting Link Off
35812 Worst Inventions of All Time 10:45January 14, 2014You're not going to believe that these inventions actually exist. Rhett Auctions Off Link's Glasses
359Facon Bacon Taste Test10:10January 15, 2014We taste different types of bacon so we can survive the upcoming bacon crisis!Thumb Wrestle for Dominance of the ShowFirst appearance of clean-shaven Link in Season 5
360Weird Ways to Stay Warm 10:30January 16, 2014When it's cold outside and your toilet freezes, you'll need our winter advice.Rhett Discovers Link is a Wanted Criminal
361Mars Audition Videos 11:23January 17, 2014We've made our audition tapes to join the mission to Mars. Rhett's ChoiceThe video montage features the Sandman costumes from the "Spot the Differences" Music Video
362What is Cryptocurrency? 9:48January 20, 2014Let's learn about money that only exists digitally and can sometimes make you rich. Abrupt Ending
36325 Worst Hairstyles Ever 8:16January 21, 2014Have you seen these pictures of the worst hairstyles ever? Figure Out How to Save the World
364Rhett & Link React to Kids React to Rhett & Link 11:16January 22, 2014We're going to watch the Kids React to watching us!Link is Rhett's Therapist
3654 Fashion Tips for You 8:48January 23, 2014Need to change your hair or outfit? We have some tips for you.Rhett Develops a Hair Phobia
366The 9 Weirdest Dinosaurs Ever9:30January 24, 2014Did you know there was a dinosaur named the world's largest chicken?Rhett Fools Link with a Magic Trick
367Altitooting11:45January 27, 2014In the mountains, we came down with a disease.Link Sees a Bear
3686 Ways to Make Yourself Cry 12:46January 28, 2014If you've ever wanted to cry on command, watch two grown men try to teach you how.Rhett Forgets What the Internet Is
3698 Crazy Alternative Fuels 11:20January 29, 2014Chicken poop, tequila, and lasers will power our cars in the future. 3 Year Olds Who See Themselves on TV
370Overcoming Elevator Awkwardness 10:39January 30, 2014We teach you how to improve your elevator trips. Rhett & Link Drink a Magic Potion
371Exotic Meat Taste Test11:47January 31, 2014We're gonna taste an assortment of exotic meats, and see if we can guess what animal they came from. Surprise Ending
372Why "Hawkman: The Movie" Should Be Made 11:39February 3, 2014Hawkman is awesome. So why doesn't he have a movie?Lightning Strike
373NERF Firing Squad (Feat. Our Kids)10:33February 4, 2014We let our kids unload all of their NERF blasters on us. Slow Motion Action FightGuests: Lily, Lincoln, and Lando Neal; Locke and Shepherd McLaughlin
374Do You Sleep Too Much?9:58February 5, 2014How much is too much sleep? Rhett Won't Get Off His Phone
375Breaking Your Bad Habits10:36February 6, 2014Stop biting your fingernails!Take the Ultimate Selfie
376Teaching a Brit Southern Slang (w/ Sam Pepper) 11:47February 7, 2014We teach a British citizen the proper grammar he will need to survive the American South.PineapplesVideo was made private on YouTube after allegations of sexual harassment and assault against Sam Pepper
377The Safest Way to Walk 10:13February 10, 2014Let us teach you the safest way to walk so that you will never be mugged.Interview on a Red Carpet
3787 Weird Facts About Russia8:57February 11, 2014Did you know that cats have a theater and dogs ride the train?Link Tells a Stupid Joke and Can't Stop Laughing
379Why is the Heart Shaped Like That? 9:44February 12, 2014Where did the heart shape come from? We have a theory!1930's Black and White Gangster Movie
3808 Things Guys Secretly Want 12:07February 13, 2014We tell you the best Valentine's Day gift to get for your boyfriend or husband.Sing Instead of TalkingWinter Sports Spectacular #1: Ice Dancing
381The Sriracha Challenge13:16February 14, 2014Does everything taste better with Sriracha? We do a taste test challenge to find out!The World's Dumbest Handshake
382Cats Take Over Neighborhood 11:20February 17, 2014When something stinks in your car, there's probably a cat to blame.Link Becomes a Gorilla
383The 7 Craziest Winter Sports Ever 9:10February 18, 2014You won't believe that these winter sports actually exist.Link Needs a Bathroom BreakWinter Sports Spectacular #2: Bobsled
384Surprise Goes Horribly Wrong 11:20February 19, 2014Rhett tried to surprise his wife, but a moron screwed it up.Stuck In the South PoleWinter Sports Spectacular #3: Cross Country Skiing
3855 Creative Excuses for Being Late 10:26February 20, 2014When you're late, you need a good excuse. Let us help you with that.Link Plays with Rhett's HairWinter Sports Spectacular #4: Curling
38629 Bizarre Banned Names 11:37February 21, 2014A Mexican has made this list of names illegal.Break Bad
387Cat Poop Coffee Taste Test10:50February 24, 2014Does one of the most expensive coffees in the world taste as good as gas station coffee? Rhett Tries to Steal the Wheel
3884 Real Cases of Time Travel9:42February 25, 2014Time Travel is real, and we have proof!Trapped in an Elevator
389The Hot or Not Experiment 12:54February 26, 2014We made our production assistant Alex search for a girl on Hot or Not.Link Teaches Rhett How to Clap
390Napping at Your Desk 10:29February 27, 2014If you want to quit your job, napping at your desk might be the best way to do it.Rhett & Link Enter the School Spelling Bee
391The Craziest Things Found by Airport Security10:31February 28, 2014Snakes, bombs, swords, and more. You won't believe what airport security has found.Lights Out
392The Blind Berry Taste Test 11:01March 3, 2014We blind taste tested a bunch of things that scientifically are berries!! Rhett Teaches Link (and Meghan) Jumping JacksGuest: Meghan Camarena AKA Strawburry17
393The Kissing Controversy10:51March 4, 2014Is it wrong to kiss a person you don't know? Rhett Lost in the Studio
39410 Best Movie Posters of All Time 11:15March 5, 2014We've picked what we think are the best movie posters of all time! Link Thinks GMM Just Started
395Accidentally Saying "I Love You" 10:12March 6, 2014What should you do if you accidentally tell someone "I love you," and you don't mean it?Silly Ending
396Determine Your Top 5 Strengths 10:47March 7, 2014We took a test to find out our own personal strengths!Rhett Gets Fired from GMM
397The Science of Selfies 11:10March 10, 2014Why do people take selfies? Waking Up from a 30-Year Nap (Rhett)
398The 26 Craziest Selfies on the Internet 9:27March 11, 2014We gathered a list of the craziest selfies on the internet!Link Becomes French
399Beard Transplants Are Real10:17March 12, 2014Now with one simple operation, anyone can have a beard! Overly Emotional Award Acceptance Speech
400Cake Facing Ourselves10:04March 13, 2014It's time to celebrate the 400th episode of Good Mythical Morning.End the Show Like an Opera400th episode of Good Mythical Morning.
4017 Extinct Animals We Wish Were Brought Back to Life10:47March 14, 2014There are a lot of cool animals we wish were still alive.Rhett Fishes Link Out of Water
402Our Nudist Encounter11:22March 17, 2014We went to Death Valley and encounter some Nudists!Rock Stars Who Realize They're at the Wrong Gig
4036 Apps that You Won't Believe Exist10:08March 18, 2014Have you ever heard Watching Cute Girl or Poop Log?Rhett Talks to His Imaginary Friend
404Exploring the Multiverse11:06March 19, 2014Did you know there's an infinite number of you's out there doing an infinite number of things?Awkward Hug
405Top 3 Phrases That Will Save Your Life10:48March 20, 2014If you're traveling, you need to know these phrases.Tell the Audience a Bedtime Story
406The 5 Weirdest Conventions10:11March 21, 2014Would ever attend these weird conventions?Link Finds His Most Prized Possession on the Wall
407Roller Coaster Death12:15March 24, 2014Why do we ride roller coasters when they can cause our death? It's our Playlist Live Episode!Rhett Confesses to Link that the Real Rhett is Hiding in the AudienceFilmed at Playlist Live. The wheel was absent and replaced by a bucket with suggestions from the audience.
408Strange But True Space Jobs10:26March 25, 2014Interested in having a job... IN SPACE?Everything Rhett Says Makes Link Laugh
409Confronting Jerks11:10March 26, 2014What should you do when you encounter a rude jerk?Rhett Thinks Link is a Clone of Original Link
410The Secret to Vivid Dreams10:42March 27, 2014Learn the secret to having the most amazing dreams you will ever experience!Only Talk in Words Starting with "S"
411Eating a Scorpion - Bug War Challenge14:52March 28, 2014We're going to eat grasshoppers, pupae, and a scorpion today while playing a game!Rhett Thinks He's Back in High SchoolRhett gets a Tarantula as the prize and names it Herb
412The Secret to Never Losing Your Keys11:45March 31, 2014We give you the secret to never losing your keys again!Link Sells Rhett's Hair to Rhett
413The Best Internet April Fools Pranks10:54April 1, 2014We've gathered the best April Fools pranks of the internet past.Link is a Bagel
414Top 5 Questions Asked By 5 Year Olds10:26April 2, 2014A recent study reveals the top questions that all kids ask, and we give you the answers!Link Thinks Rhett is a Cup of Coffee
415Spring Cleaning Tips10:49April 3, 2014Learn the secret origin of the name "Spring."Hand Puppets
416Blindfolded Pizza Challenge12:33April 4, 2014We are joined by WheezyWaiter to have the ultimate pizza tasting contest.Link is an Awkward Gym TeacherGuest: Craig Benzine AKA WheezyWaiter
417Unbelievable Cruise Ship 11:37 April 7, 2014Did you know you can live on a cruise ship 365 days a year? Rhett Takes His First Steps
418Control Your Car With Gestures 10:53 April 8, 2014 Hand gestures can now control your car! We play a game to figure out the new gestures. Link Gives Rhett a Chemistry Lesson Tie-in to "I'm a Textpert" Music Video
419The Ultimate Texting Competition: Rhett vs Link 13:38 April 9, 2014 We go head to head to see who can text faster with their eyes closed. Rhett is a Pushy Waiter Tie-in to "I'm a Textpert" Music Video
420We Ask Your Date To Prom 10:34 April 10, 2014 The perfect video to use to ask your date to prom for you! BREAKING NEWS!
42140 Year Old Ham & Eggs 12:21 April 11, 2014 We crack open a can of 40 year old Ham & Eggs. Helicopter Traffic Reporters
422How to Dance to Attract Girls12:48 April 14, 2014 We show you the moves to impress ladies with the power of dance! Rhett Advertises Mac & Cheese to Link Original title: Dance Moves to Attract Girls
4238 Things That Will Disappear in Your Lifetime 10:02 April 15, 2014 We say goodbye to the things that will disappear in the future. Gossip at the Hair Salon
424Rhett and Link in France 11:18 April 16, 2014 We went to France and we're going to tell you all the things we learned on our trip. Link Talks Using Only Consonants
4256 Crazy Sports for People Who Don't Like Sports 10:41 April 17, 2014 Here are 6 crazy sports you can play when regular sports just aren't your thing. Launched Into Space
426Bizarre But Real Mascots 10:42 April 18, 2014 Can you guess which of these sports mascots are real and which ones aren't? Link Hatches from an Egg After the episode it was announced over Facebook that Herb, the Tarantula (from GMM #411) was returned to the pet store
42730 Most Hilarious Prom Photos Ever 6:13 April 21, 2014 Check out these crazy prom photos we found on the internet. Rhett is a Stray Cat Shortest episode of GMM to date
4285 Strange Facts About Belly Buttons 10:27 April 22, 2014 Stuff you didn't know about that hole in the middle of your stomach. Link is a Weatherman Tie-in to "It's My Belly Button" Music Video
4296 Things That Will Happen in Your Lifetime 10:34 April 23, 2014 Are you prepared for these things that will happen in your lifetime? Redo the Episode in 20 Seconds
430Best Way To Eat Your Lunch 10:17 April 24, 2014 We show you the perfect way to consume your food. Link Puts Rhett Up for Adoption
43115 Newly Discovered Facial Expressions 12:52 April 25, 2014 We attempt to make some newly discovered facial expressions. Link Catches on Fire and Doesn't Notice
432Awesome Junk Sculptures 11:08 April 28, 2014 Were giving up YouTube to become sculptors in France. Rhett is Link's Personal Assistant
433The Google Name Game 10:44 April 29, 2014 We try to guess whose picture shows up when we search for their names on Google Images. Earthquake
434Who Names Things? 10:57 April 30, 2014 We figure out how things get their names and name some things ourselves. Teenage Girls
4355 New Music Genres 10:01 May 1, 2014 We invent some new music genres and test them out. Rhett Visits Link in Prison
436Extreme Animal Invasions 10:13 May 2, 2014 We tell the tales of some crazy real life animal invasions. Rhett Thinks He has the Ability to Read Minds
437Will It Taco? - Taste Test 11:56 May 5, 2014 **VOMIT ALERT** We test out some interesting taco ingredients. Pro Wrestlers Trash Talking Before the Match - Will It #1

- First video dubbed to Spanish for Buenos y Miticos Dias

438Camping Fail11:28May 6, 2014Link tells the tale of his recent camping trip gone awry.Rhett's Hand Gets Stuck to His BeardOriginal title: Link's Camping Catastrophe
43910 Insane Old Time Remedies 11:40May 7, 2014People used to come up with some pretty ridiculous cures for illnesses.Coach Rhett's Halftime Peptalk to QB Link
440Odd Self-Defense Techniques 11:13May 8, 2014The perfect moves for anyone to defend themselves!Rhett Volunteers for Link at the Hunger GamesFirst instance of Rhett's "Tokyo" running gag
44110 Things All Moms Say 11:21May 9, 2014We play a game guessing what Moms would say in certain situations! (Whoops . . obviously our export of this episode made the scoring a bit of a choose your own adventure. Sorry about that.)Everything Link Says Confuses Rhett
442Magic Rabbit Prank Call 11:04May 12, 2014We make some crank calls to North Carolina.Constant High Fives
443Locked in a Sensory Deprivation Tank 11:32May 13, 2014We spend 60 minutes inside a sensory deprivation tank.Link is Rhett's MarionetteRhett and Link leave the studio to go on a field trip to ifloatSPACE in Eagle Rock, CA.
444Real Life Minecrafter Digs for 38 Years 10:58May 14, 2014Forget Minecraft, one man actually dug a real mine THROUGH A MOUNTAIN!DOGS
445Never Tweet These 12 Things 10:49May 15, 2014We'll teach you to properly use Twitter.Link Is a Statue at an Art Museum
446Introducing the Unidentified Flying Waffle! 10:51May 16, 2014You've got to check out our amazing new breakfast food creations. Tell a Story One Word at a Time
447Stop Saying These 8 Phrases 11:54May 19, 2014Please, stop saying these phrases! Link Gives Rhett a Tour of the Set
448Dumbest 911 Calls 11:11May 20, 2014We created a list of some of the dumbest 911 calls we could find. Rhett is a Man Dictionary
449Strange Museums You Must Visit11:13May 21, 2014Have you heard of the Museum of Death?Rhett Types a Text on Link, His Giant Phone
450Workout Techniques for People Who Don't Work Out 11:03May 22, 2014We've finally invented some fun ways for people to work out. Rhett is Suspicious that Link has Rigged the Wheel
451Spotting a Fake Laugh (Slo-Mo Experiment) 10:05May 23, 2014We watch our laughs in slow-mo to see if they're real or fake.Rhett has 10 Seconds Until He Explodes
452Man Hibernates for 25 Years 10:46May 26, 2014We try to figure out how a man slept every winter for 25 years!Rhett Hosts a Game Show that Link Doesn't Know He's On
45310 Things You Didn't Know Were Named After People11:34May 27, 2014Here are 10 things you didn't know were named after people.Link gets easily distracted by shiny objects
454Do You Have ESP? TEST13:11May 28, 2014We're conducting a test to see if we have ESP.Rhett is a food critic at Link's restaurant
455Extreme DIY Hair Treatments10:38May 29, 2014We have reveal the secret behind Link's hair.Link thinks he's a transformerRhett's Dolla Dolla Bill Y'All Subscription Search #1: Trip to a tanning salon (sponsored by Gillette)
456Do Pets Kill People?11:32May 30, 2014We explain the reasoning behind some weird graphs.Competing beauty pageant contestantsThey celebrate Link's birthday, which is on June 1 (Rhett named a star after Link as his birthday present), and say farewell to Jason who had worked on the show since GMM #1.
457Amazing Child Geniuses 11:17June 2, 2014These kids are so smart it's STUPID!Rhett Narrates Link's Every Move Very Epicly
458Squeezable Food Test 13:06June 3, 2014We test the squeezability of popular household condiments. Rhett and Link discover America
45910 Crazy Things Swallowed By People 13:02June 4, 2014People sometimes accidentally swallow the weirdest stuff. Link Gives Rhett's Eulogy
4605 Embarrassing Graduation Fails 8:54June 5, 2014Graduation fails and Rhett rents a Grandmother.DoughnutsRhett's Dolla Dolla Bill Y'All Subscription Search #2: Rent a Grandma visits the studio (sponsored by Gillette)
461All New Yo-Yo Tricks 2014 10:48June 6, 2014We invented some new yo-yo tricks for 2014. Link Confesses His Undying Love for Link
462Unbelievable Niagara Falls Survival Stories 10:01June 9, 2014People are going over Niagara Falls and surviving! Rhett Accidentally Ate Laxatives
463What Your Glasses Say About You 10:23June 10, 2014Link got some new glasses. Meet on the Moon for the First TimeLink retires his tortoiseshell glasses.
46410 Best Optical Illusions of 2014 10:18June 11, 2014We check out the official optical illusions of 2014. Rhett Thinks Link is an Endangered Species and Needs to Protect Him
465Extreme Gifts for Dads 11:26June 12, 2014Here are some gifts for your dad that we're sure he DOESN'T have. Rhett is Jealous of Link's ShirtRhett's Dolla Dolla Bill Y'All Subscription Search #3: Trip to a sushi restaurant (sponsored by Gillette)
466Friday the 13th Facts9:47June 13, 2014We go over some facts that you might not know about Friday the 13th. Rhett is Terrified of Link's Right Arm
467Most Amazing Coincidence Ever 10:24June 16, 2014We talk about an incredible coincidence involving a golden balloon. Link Teaches Rhett about the Importance of RibsRhett & Link go outside and send up their own balloons in search of new friends.
4688 Weird Ways To Open A Bottle 12:13June 17, 2014Today we're poppin' bottles 8 different ways.Link has a Selfie Addiction Problem
469Do You Have OCD? 13:56June 18, 2014We talk about what Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is. Morse CodeTie-in to "My OCD" Music Video
470Never Say These 1st Date Phrases 11:17June 19, 2014Here are some things you SHOULDN'T SAY on the first date. Sarcastic Wedding PlannerRhett's Dolla Dolla Bill Y'All Subscription Search #4: Trip to a massage parlor (sponsored by Gillette)
4718 Bizarre Assassination Attempts 10:23June 20, 2014Death by chocolate? Here are 8 crazy assassination attempts. Buffering Short Story Told by Rhett
472Who's More Famous? (GAME) 10:29June 23, 2014We try to guess who is more famous using the results from the Pantheon Project.2 Whales
473Introducing Pool Pants11:23June 24, 2014We've invented some new products to help you stay cool this summer.Creepy Ending
474World Cup of Cups 13:55June 25, 2014We host the first (and last) World Cup of Cups. Rhett is a Time Traveler from the Year 2275The crew sits in the background to provide vuvuzelas and crowd commentary.
475Should You Sneak Food Into The Movies? 11:48June 26, 2014Is it OK to sneak outside snacks into the movies? Dog Show Judges - Rhett's Dolla Dolla Bill Y'All Subscription Search #5: Trip to a nail salon (sponsored by Gillette)

- Announcement of the end of Season 5 and the beginning of Season 6, as well as the retirement of the Mythical Mail Boulder.

476Weirdest Messages We've Received w/ Taryn Southern11:42June 27, 2014Our friend Taryn Southern reads some of the weirdest messages we've received. Cop ChaseGuest: Taryn Southern
4775 Crazy Vacation Mishap Stories 10:29June 30, 2014Sometimes vacations go terribly wrong.2 Old LadiesAnnouncement of VacayGoneCrayCray contest in conjunction with Choice Hotels.
4784 Coolest Ghost Towns On Earth 10:41July 1, 2014Abandoned UFO houses and other ghost town goodness. Forget What the Wheel is Used For
479Can You Yodel?12:50July 2, 2014We see who is the better yodeler.Two T-Rexes Trying To HugOriginal title: "The Yodeling Challenge"
48019 Ways To Say Goodbye12:07July 3, 2014Here are some interesting ways to say goodbye.Rhett Is A Famous Movie Star Who Link Fails To Recognize - Rhett's Dolla Dolla Bill Y'All Subscription Search #6: Trip to a tattoo parlor (sponsored by Gillette)

- Rhett and Link unveil the bronzed Mythical Mail Boulder

- First marriage proposal via Good Mythical Morning

- Episode not included in official Season 5 YouTube Playlist

481 Great Cliffhangers In TV History 11:19 July 4, 2014 Spoiler Alert: We talk about some of the greatest cliffhangers in TV history. Blow Up the Studio No GMMore as the show ended on a cliffhanger based on those discussed in the episode.

Good Mythical Morning, Season 6Edit

Good Mythical Morning, Season 6 Episodes
Episode Title Length Upload Date Summary Mythical Wheel Ending Notes
482 Do Plants Have Feelings? 10:58 July 14, 2014 We try to find out if plants have feelings. 1997 New introduction sequence with animation by Digital Twigs and music by Pomplamoose
483 The FBI's Internet Slang List 12:42 July 15, 2014 We try and guess what the acronyms mean on the FBI's internet slang list. Rhett is an Unsure Axe Murderer
4848 Unexpected Vending Machines 12:08 July 16, 2014We take a look at some of the most unexpected vending machines we could find. Rhett Performs a Heart Operation on Link.Link has a cold sore.
485When You Lose Your Shorts On The Beach 12:47 July 17, 2014We let you know if it's OK to wear a Speedo at the beach. Carrots vs Peas - Vacay Gone Cray Cray #1: I Hate Nebraska.

- Original Title: Should You Wear A Speedo The Beach?

- Original Description: We discuss if you should wear a Speedo to the beach.

486Are You Color Blind? TEST12:04 July 18, 2014Find out if you're color blind with us!Rhett Has to Talk Link Down from a Tree
4875 Real Life Super Powers11:05 July 21, 2014We look at 5 humans who have real super powers.Link Can Only Reply "Surprise Me" or "You Know 'Dat's Right" to Everything Rhett Says
488The Clothes-Off Game13:42 July 22, 2014We invented a new game called Clothes-Off.Rhett Prepares for Y2K
489The Most Amazing Sand Sculptures On The Internet12:33 July 23, 2014We look at some incredible sand sculptures that we found on the internet.Bad Canned Soup CommercialTie-in to "I'm On Vacation" Music Video
490Outrageous Camping Gear You Must Own 11:32 July 24, 2014We found some crazy cool camping gear.Sports Team Mascots in the Dressing Room Before the GameVacay Gone Cray Cray #2: Bears
4917 Things You Need to Know About the Supervolcano11:08 July 25, 2014There is a supervolcano under Yellowstone National Park.Invisible Food Eating ContestOriginal title: Supervolcano Facts: The Bright Side
492Trapped In A Snake Tank 11:03 July 28, 2014We go over some techniques to help a friend through a crisis. Also, snakes. Link is Paranoid about WaspsFeaturing 2 small corn snakes named "Herb 2" and "Herb 3" after Herb, the tarantula on GMM #411
493Will It Ice Cream Sandwich? - Taste Test12:36 July 29, 2014We eat some interesting ice cream sandwiches.Rhett is Obsessed with Using Jazz Hands - Tie-in to "I'm On Vacation" Music Video

- "Will It" #2

- Original title: Ice Cream Sandwich Challenge

4947 Steps To Stop Mumbling11:52 July 30, 2014Here are some tips to help you stop mumbling.Competitive Botanists
4955 Brand New Pool Games11:55 July 31, 2014Here are 5 new pool games to play this summer!Two Pieces of Bread in a ToasterVacay Gone Cray Cray #3: Mountain Rescue
496Rules of Sharing Food11:19 August 1, 2014We discuss the unspoken rules of sharing food.Link Gets Incredibly Hungry
49713 Unbelievable Phobias (GAME)13:29 August 4, 2014Play our Guess That Phobia Game!Rhett & Link Play the Blinking Game
498The What If? Game Ft. Daniel Radcliffe13:31 August 5, 2014We play the What If? Game with Daniel RadcliffeDJ at a Middle School Dance - Guest: Daniel Radcliffe - Filmed at YouTube Space L.A.
499Taking a Dust Bath - Experiment10:51 August 6, 2014I learn from the animals and take a dust bath.Deep Talk About CerealFeaturing a Chinchilla named AJ, Chase Hilt's pet
500500 Bouncy Balls (Slo-Mo)13:26 August 7, 2014We celebrate the 500th episode of GMM in some weird ways.Link Discovers He Can Use His Hair Wings To Fly - Vacay Gone Cray Cray #4: Fly-Away Boy.

- 500th episode of Good Mythical Morning.

501 The World's Biggest Liar 10:43 August 8, 2014/ August 9, 2014 We find out who is the better liar on Good Mythical Morning. Link Thinks Rhett is a Juicebox - They misread the wheel; it actually said "Link Thinks Rhett is a Jukebox"

- This episode was deleted from YouTube the day it was uploaded but was re-uploaded the next day on August 9, 2014

5025 People Who Only Eat 1 Thing10:52 August 11, 2014What if you only ate 1 thing for the rest of your life?About to Skydive
503The Slowest Animals on Earth12:46August 12, 2014Watch as we walk at the speed of some of the slowest animals.Trying Things On in the Fitting Room with Your MotherThe wheel got stuck between the ending chosen and 'Link Gives Rhett an Imaginary Pet'.
5046 Strangest Things Swallowed by a Shark10:21August 13, 2014We look at some crazy things that sharks have swallowed.Link is Scared of His Own Voice
5054 Weirdest Parties On Earth11:50August 14, 2014Check out these really weird parties all over the planet.Rhett Realizes That He's on Camera and Gets Nervous Vacay Gone Cray Cray #5: When Nature Calls
506What's Your Love Language? (TEST)11:34August 15, 2014Find out what your love language is.Port-o-Potty Bathroom Inspectors
507Did We Really Land On The Moon?12:38August 18, 2014We look at some interesting theories about the moon landing.Link is an Astronaut on Rhett's Home Planet
5085 Trust Exercises to Test Your Friendship11:05August 19, 2014We go to the Trust Park and test our friendship.Professional Mosquito TrainersA stranger named Kevin saw Rhett and Link performing Trust Exercise #4, and then participated in #5 instead of Link.
5095 Strange Ways To Make It Rain10:14August 20, 2014We take a look at some strange ways to make it rain.Fish in a Bowl
5105 Tips To Survive High School10:39August 21, 2014We've got some tips to help you survive high school.Link Gives Rhett an Imaginary PetVacay Gone Cray Cray #6: Jet Ski-Asco
51110 Places with the Weirdest Names10:40August 22, 2014Link tries to guess if these places with unusual names are real.Rhett's Siri and Link is Searching Something
512The Unspoken Rules of Personal Space12:33August 25, 2014We discuss the rules of personal space.Two Blades of Grass Hear the Lawnmower Start
513The Smell-Tasting Experiment11:47August 26, 2014We taste one thing while smelling another.Link Can't Pronounce Rhett's Name
514Learn to Speak Cat12:56August 27, 2014Meow, Purr, Chirp Chirp.Rhett Tries to Explain the Color Green to Link
515How to Talk to Your Crush12:51August 28, 2014Here are some ways to get your crush's attention.Link is a Shy Cheese Salesman
51610 Vintage Curse Words to Bring Back10:04August 29, 2014Here are some old curse words for you to start using again.Two-Person Answering Machine
51715 Craziest Nail Photos10:15September 1, 2014We admire some extreme nail art.Link is a Modeling Agent Who Discovers Rhett
518Extreme Tough Guy Makeover12:10September 2, 2014Rhett helps Link toughen up.Reporting the Apocalypse as NFL Commentators
519That's What She Said Game Ft. Hannah Hart13:30September 3, 2014That's What SHE Said!Tunnel Out of PrisonGuest: Hannah Hart
5205 Creative Ways To Save Money11:29September 4, 2014We've got some ways for you to save some dough.Rhett Saves Link's Seat for Someone Else
521Toilet Paper:Over or Under?11:53September 5, 2014Do you like your TP over or under.Speeding Ticket
522Real-life Sleeping Beauty11:09September 8, 2014We look at 5 surprising sleep disorders.Rhett Interviews Link Who Is a Terrible ActorOriginal title: Exploding head syndrome
52310 Surprising Origins of Common Phrases.11:49September 9, 2014Do you know why we say 'kick the bucket'?Rhett is Calling For a Pizza Delivery from Link's Pizza Place
524The Silly String Shirt11:51September 10, 2014We show you how to be hi-tech on a budget.Rhett is an overconfident pilotOriginal title: 4 Incredible Wearable Tech Inventions
5256 Unusual but Legal Pets11:56September 11, 2014Check out these unusual pets that you can actually own.Link is a Grumpy Lunch Lady
526Are You A Narcissist? - TEST 12:03September 12, 2014Find out if you're a narcissist.Rhett & Link Show Up to the Dance Wearing the Same Dress
527Demystifying the Fortune Cookie 12:27September 15, 2014Did you know fortune cookies aren't Chinese?Off-Camera Divas
528Will It Double-Awesome? (EXPERIMENT) 10:53September 16, 2014Thanks to @NestleNesquik for letting us share some Double-Awesome moments! Share your own double awesome moments on Twitter with #DblAwesomeContest !Rhett & Link Realize They're on the Jumbotron - Will It #3 (Sponsored by Nestle)

- 1st non-food Will It Episode

52910 Ways to Accidentally Offend People Around the World 11:33September 17, 2014Did you know in some places 'metal horns' are considered offensive? Link Yodels When He Hears the Word "Cupcakes"
530How to Start a YouTube Career 11:31September 18, 2014So, you want to start your own YouTube Channel?Rhett is an Annoying Stylist Who Doesn't Like Link's Hair
531Can You Feel a Stare? (EXPERIMENT) 11:38September 19, 2014Can You Feel a Stare? (EXPERIMENT) School Picture Day
5326 Unbelievable Street Performances 12:27September 22, 2014Have you ever seen a dog dance the Meringue?Everything is Pizza!
533Will It Deep Fry? - Taste Test 14:56September 23, 2014Eggs? Lemon? Sunglasses?Both in a Fight Club but Neither One Can Talk About ItWill It #4
534Bowling With the President 11:31September 24, 2014We travel to Washington DC and visit the White House Link Thinks that He Is the Real RhettConnected to the It's On Us initiative to fight sexual assault on college campuses
535The Most Famous Friendships of All Time 10:27September 25, 2014Two best friends talk about famous best friends Rhett Is, and Link Is Not
5366 Surprising Uses For Your Pee 13:05September 26, 2014Urine for a surprising episode about pee Link Interviews Rhett for a Job at His Lemonade Stand
5375 Collections You Won’t Believe Exist 11:15September 29, 2014People collect some pretty strange stuff.A Safari Tour Gone Wrong
538World’s Hottest Pepper Challenge - Carolina Reaper 13:37September 30, 2014We eat the World's Hottest Chili Pepper, the Carolina Reaper.Cow Tipping
5395 Dinosaurs Named After Famous People11:18October 1, 2014We found some prehistoric creatures named after famous people. Link Finds Everything Rhett Says Offensive
540Getting Revenge On Your Roommate 10:55October 2, 2014Your roommate is annoying, it's time for some payback! Rhett is Slowly Turning Into a Goat
541Guess That Exotic Sausage (and Bull Testicles) 13:35October 3, 2014We Eat Some Exotic Sausages for Oktoberfest BINGO NightOriginal title: Guess That Sausage - Taste Test
5425 Unexpected Deadly Things 11:23October 6, 2014The most dangerous things might be on your feet! Two Buffalo
543Celebrity Scent Game12:43October 7, 2014Ever wondered what your favorite celebrities smell like?Nervous About a Ballet Recital
544Swedish Stereotypes (w/PewDiePie) 12:22October 8, 2014We talk with Swedish expert PewDiePie about Swedish stereotypes.Link Narrates Everything Rhett DoesGuest: Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg AKA PewDiePie (also on Ear Biscuits #53)
545Pizza Cake Birthday Surprise 13:01October 9, 2014We celebrate Rhett's birthdayCan't Find a Place to Park
546The British Food Taste Test (w/Sorted Food) 13:28October 10, 2014Sorted Food cooked us some strange British dishes! Old Lady Knitting CompetitionGuests: Jamie Spafford and Barry Taylor of Sorted Food
547Give Yourself Chills Experiment 13:20October 13, 2014This episode might give you the chills! Rhett Sells Link's Soul to Anybody
548Will It Cereal? - Taste Test 14:02October 14, 2014We see if good foods are better with milk! Rhett Thinks Link is His Lost SonWill It #5
549Are Disney's Secret Rules Stupid? 13:33October 15, 2014Disneyland workers have to obey some "secret" rules.Rhett Crowns Link as Miss America
5504 Alternatives to Showering 11:52October 16, 2014We've got some hair washing tips and ways to have fun cleaning. Link is Obsessed with Butterflies
55117 Extreme Pet Homes12:53October 17, 2014People have built some incredibly redonkulous homes for their pets! Rhett is a Shady Mountain Oyster Dealer
552Blind Burger Challenge 13:19October 20, 2014We try to Guess That Burger!Link is Rhett's Evil Stepmother
553World's Weirdest Jobs 12:18October 21, 2014Smell armpits and get paid! Ambulance Man
554Where Do We Physically Feel Emotions? 12:52October 22, 2014Where in your body do you feel the feels?Rhett Convinces Link to Move to Canada
555Will It Pumpkin Spice? - Taste Test13:34October 23, 2014Ever tried pumpkin spiced pickled pigs feet?Rhett Brings His Imaginary Friend to the SetWill It #6
556Weirdest Websites On The Internet Pt. 2 13:05October 24, 2014Today we take a trip to the weird part of the internet! Rhett is Losing His First Tooth
557The 4 Most Extreme Haunted Houses11:43October 27, 2014We find out what makes these haunted houses so scary!Rhett is a Car Salesman, and Link is the Car
55825 Most Awkward Costumes Ever13:16October 28, 2014We look at some really awkward costumes in time for Halloween!Rhett is Obsessed with Office Supplies
559Will It Jack-O'-Lantern?14:43October 29, 2014Can we make a Jack-O'-Lantern out of a watermelon?Try to Explain the Bits & the Bees - Will It #7

- 2nd non-food Will It Episode

560Full Body Duct Tape Mummy10:42October 30, 2014We cover our bodies in things for Halloween.Rhett Can't Stop Using "Air Quotes"
561Do We Have A Ghost?14:25October 31, 2014We investigate possible paranormal activity in the studio!Rhett is a Horrible Kindergarten Teacher
5626 Animals Who Can Speak Human13:16November 3, 2014Humans can talk to animals, but can animals talk to humans?Rhett Tries to Sell Link Goozle Insurance
563The Predictive Text Challenge12:17November 4, 2014We play a game on our iPhones using predictive text!Link is Rhett's Grandma's new Boyfriend
564Shocking Parallels of Separated Twins10:50November 5, 2014Can twins separated at birth live the same lives?Flying, but Can't Figure Out How to Stop
5655 Craziest Ways People Have Quit Their Jobs 11:25November 6, 2014If you're going to quit, you might as well do it in style. PSA About Taco Safety
566Can You Give Yourself The Hiccups?13:36November 7, 2014Forget cures, we cause the hiccups! Two Cowboys Too Afraid to Duel
5675 Amazing Underground Cities 11:42November 10, 2014Living above ground is overrated! Inspirational Speech about Donuts
568Making Real Food w/ Play-Doh Toys14:39November 11, 2014Everyone thinks about eating Play-Doh, but we actually do it! Link is a Crazy Cat Lady
569Could You Live in a Tiny Home? 11:59November 12, 2014Would you live in a 100 sq ft house?Rhett is a Hit Man at the Wrong AddressDiscussion of the Small house movement
570The Floor Is Lava (Game) 11:01November 13, 2014Here are some ways to have an adventure without leaving the house!Cabbage: The Musical
571Rhett & Link Join Blue Man Group 12:33November 14, 2014We go behind the scenes with the Blue Man Group! Rhett Thinks Everyone is PregnantFeaturing the Blue Man Group
5725 Real-Life Mythical Beasts10:18November 17, 2014We look at some mythical creatures that actually exist! Rhett is Paranoid About Raccoons Getting in the Garbage
573Upside Down Glasses Challenge11:54November 18, 2014Things become complicated when everything is upside down! Rhett Thinks He is a Computer but Link Thinks He's a CarrotRhett and Link leave after the episode to go guest star on the Sklarbro Country podcast, leaving GMMore to the Mythical Crew.
574Taco Vs. Burrito - Debate-O-Rama11:53November 19, 2014Which is better, tacos or burritos?Rhett is a Grumpy TacoDebate-o-Rama #1
575Craziest Chest Hair Designs11:40November 20, 2014We take hair to a whole new level!Rhett and Link Slowly Forget How to Talk - That Escalated Quickly #1: Hair Makeover (Sponsored by Toyota)

- Original title: Extreme Flamingo Makeover

5768 Weirdest PSAs Ever14:42November 21, 2014This is your brain on classic PSAs!Arm Resettle
5778 Fascinating Facial Hair Facts11:38November 24, 2014Would you shave your eyebrows if your cat died? Prizes in a Claw Machine
578Will It Popsicle? - Taste Test14:31November 25, 2014Will our favorite foods be as delicious frozen?Imaginary Jump Rope ContestWill It #8
5796 Snacks That Should Be Brought Back12:27November 26, 2014Our favorite snacks are gone and we want them back! Leaves About to Fall From a Tree
580Carving a Turkey With a Sword11:19November 27, 2014This is how we celebrate Thanksgiving! Link Gets Voted Off America's Next Top Model That Escalated Quickly #2: Spiced Up Thanksgiving (Sponsored by Toyota)
581The Blind Bird Taste Challenge14:27November 28, 2014We see how well we know our poultry.Link Reveals He's Rhett's Grandma
582Weirdest Word Origins12:27December 1, 2014Ever wonder where words we use all the time come from? Link Has Been Undercover This Whole Time
583Official Farting Do's and Don'ts11:33December 2, 2014What exactly are the rules for booty tooties?Rhett & Link Wake Up in the Disco Era
584The $20,000 Plane Ticket11:17December 3, 2014What's the most you'd pay for a fancy flight?Link Has The Last Cookie on Earth
585The Ultimate Wingman Story11:38December 4, 2014Have you ever wanted to be on the cover of a romance novel?Competitive Walmart Greeters - That Escalated Quickly #3: Romantic Advice (Sponsored by Toyota)

- Original title: Romance Novel in Real-Life

586Waffle Vs. Pancake - Debate-O-Rama9:42December 5, 2014Which will emerge as the superior breakfast food?Link Thinks 9 Plus 10 Equals 21 - Debate-o-Rama # 2

- The Wheel of Mythicality ending is a reference to a viral Vine (service)|Vine video

5876 Dumbest Patents of All Time11:21December 8, 2014Would you want to kick yourself in the butt?Rhett is in the Wrong Wedding Ceremony
588Costco Taste Test Challenge15:03December 9, 2014How does Kirkland Signature measure up against the name brands?Link is Lost in Space
589Do These Sounds Make You Angry - Experiment12:36December 10, 2014Sometimes certain sounds make you go crazy.Rhett is Spying on Link and Link is Spying on Rhett
590Ultimate Messy Room Solution 11:36December 11, 2014Got a really messy room? We've got a solution for you.Rhett Gives Link Five DollarsThat Escalated Quickly #4: Messy Room Organization (Sponsored by Toyota)
591The Oregon Trail IRL Challenge11:40December 12, 2014The only thing better than playing The Oregon Trail, is living it!Two Babies in the Mafia
592Six Worst World Record Fails12:39December 15, 2014World records are amazing, unless you fail at setting them!Rhett Brags About His New Pony
593Weirdest Ebay Items #1 - Game12:07December 16, 2014People try to sell some pretty weird stuff on Ebay!Yell Each Other's Names
5945 Unbelievable Female Superheroes14:07December 17, 2014Today we show female superheroes some love!Rhett Breaks Both of His Legs in a Freak Whaling AccidentGuest: Lilly Singh AKA IISuperwomanII
595Ugliest Christmas Sweaters Ever12:32December 18, 2014It seems like Christmas sweaters get uglier every year!Link's Chair Has a Mind of Its OwnThat Escalated Quickly #5: Upgrading Christmas (Sponsored by Toyota)
596Will It Donut? - Taste Test14:34December 19, 2014Donuts are good, but we're going to make them amazing!Vegetarian ZombiesWill It #9

Good Mythical Morning, Season 7Edit

Good Mythical Morning, Season 7 Episodes
Episode Title Length Upload Date Summary Mythical Wheel Ending Notes
597 Urban Legends That Won't Die 11:32 January 12, 2015You should probably stop believing these urban legends."And That's Why You Should Always..." Kiss Your Knee Three TimesNew Studio
598 7 Surprising Uses For Poop 11:46 January 13, 2015Sometimes #2 can be #1! Link Can't Stop Seeing Everything He Does
599Are You Fitter Than A Fifth Grader? 15:02 January 14, 2015 Presidential Fitness Challenge. Rhett Is Married to a Tuna Fish
600 Eating 600 Cheese Balls 13:31 January 15, 2015 What better way to celebrate 600 episodes than by shoving 600 cheeseballs in our mouth holes. Shoutout to Sir Walter Raleigh 600th episode of Good Mythical Morning.
601 Singing Challenge Ft. Lady Antebellum 12:24 January 16, 2015 We think Lady Antebellum would be much better if we were in the band. Freeze Frame - Guest: Lady Antebellum

- Rhett chose the wheel ending because the wheel broke.

602 What Dogs Are Actually Thinking 10:18 January 19, 2015Ever wonder what dogs could be thinking? Us, too. Slippers: The Musical
603 6 Words That Don’t Exist In English 12:12 January 20, 2015Today we translate words that don’t exist in English. Rhyme Thyme
604 The Sugar-Free Taste Test Ft. Rosanna Pansino 12:21 January 21, 2015Do you think you could tell the difference between sugary and sugar-free?Link Has Lost the Ability to Close His Mouth and is Trying to Tell Rhett (and Ro) Guest: Rosanna Pansino, host of Nerdy Nummies
605 Hidden Camera: Link is A Tyrant 10:56 January 22, 2015Link is abusing his employees and we’ve got proof! Repeat "Sandwich" Until it Loses All Meaning Original title: "Conquering Test Anxiety"
606 Unlocking Doors with Your Butt 11:58 January 23, 2015In the future, you'll be able to open a door with your buttocks. Link Catches Rhett Slowly Morphing into an Eagle
607 6 Weirdest Things Sent into Space 11:32 January 26, 2015Can you guess which of these weird things were really sent into space? Verbal Tennis: Home Decor
608 Fastest Ways To Fall Asleep (EXPERIMENT) 12:17 January 27, 2015Use these tips and tricks to fall asleep faster. Rhett is Link's Tattoo Artist
609 Random Commercial Challenge 12:00 January 28, 2015Time for a random commercial mash-up challenge! Link Owns a Watermelon Farm - Sponsored by Google in conjunction with the Adblitz Super Bowl campaign.

- First appearance of Rhettina

610 8 DIY Projects You Should Never Do 10:01 January 29, 2015Sometimes doing it yourself isn't such a good idea. Unisong About Coasters
611 Super Bowl of Toilet Bowls 12:40 January 30, 2015We find out which toilet bowl reigns supreme. Verbal Tennis: Hygiene
612 Dance Battle Ft. Lindsey Stirling 12:45 February 2, 2015Who is better at dancing while playing music at the same time?Encourage The Cactus! - Guest: Lindsey Stirling

- First appearance of Chunk

613Cake vs. Pie: Debate-o-Rama 13:00 February 3, 2015Today we find out which is the bastion of the bakery: Cake or Pie?We're Selling A Blue Tarp Debate-o-Rama #3
614Can You Smell Fear? (EXPERIMENT) 14:58 February 4, 2015Everyone can feel fear, but can you smell it? Freeze Frame
615Building a Pillow Fort! 10:08 February 5, 2015We've got some fun things for you to do on the weekend. Call Rhett's Mom Rhett's pants briefly come off.
616Does Your Name Determine Your Future? 12:10 February 6, 2015Can your name affect your entire life? Rhett Invents Hugging
617Guess That Lyric! (GAME) 11:02 February 9, 2015Who will win the amazing Bacon Grammy? Inspirational Peptalk to: Migrating Geese Purina Beggin Commercial by Julian Smith, presented at end of the 57th Annual Grammy Awards on February 8, 2015.
618People with Shocking Things Living Inside of Them 12:03 February 10, 2015You won't believe what crazy things have been found living inside peoples bodies. Rhett's Mug is Alive
619What Are We Smeeling? (GAME) 14:20 February 11, 2015Can we figure out what certain things are just by feeling and smelling them? #GMMWinFace Prize: Bull Scrotum Canteen from Weirdest EBay Items - Game Episode (GMM Ep. 593)Companion episode to the same contest performed previously on The Hey Hey Show.
620Will It Valentine? 10:45 February 12, 2015We find out what stuff from the dollar store works as a valentine. Rhett Treats Link Like a Baby Introduction of Derek and the Cutiepunch app featuring Linkypoo.
62136 Questions To Make You Fall In Love 12:10 February 13, 2015We found 36 questions that will make you fall in love with ANYONE. Contemplating: Fake Plants Original title: "How To Fall In Love With Anyone"
6226 Weird But Real Companies 11:32 February 16, 2015It seems like you can start a business for just about anything these days. Inspirational Peptalk to: Moldy Bread
623The Dirtiest Man Alive 10:50 February 17, 2015How long would you go without bathing? #GMMWinFace Prize: Dog Leg on a Stick from the Get Off the Phone music video
624Will It Pizza? - Taste Test 14:59 February 18, 2015Today we open pandoras box of pizza. Interpretive Dance (Link) Will It #10
625Eel Slap To The Face 11:55 February 19, 2015Today we hit each other in the face with sea creatures. Rhett Has Been Sent From the Future to Warn Link of a Diarrhea Attack The Internet is a Weird Place #1: Eel Slap
6264 Strangest Unsolved Mysteries 10:59 February 20, 2015We take a look at some mysteries that have yet to be solved from around the world. Link is Fabulous; Rhett is Jealous
6274 Party Tricks Everyone Should Know 11:23 February 23, 2015We've got 4 party tricks that will blow your friends' minds. Link Pukes Up Rhett Rhett plays Rhettina in order to go on a date with Link.
628Revenge Homes 10:49 February 24, 2015There are people who have built homes just to annoy their neighbors. Contemplating: Pit Stains Original title: "Houses Built For Spite"
629Ultimate Water Taste Test 14:58 February 25, 2015Could you tell the difference between different brands of water? Interpretive Dance (Rhett)
630Pop Rocks and Soda Experiment 12:02 February 26, 2015What happens when you eat pop rocks and drink soda? Rhett Is a Germaphobic Pro Wrestler The Internet is a Weird Place #2: Rhett and Lick
631Bizarre Animal Hybrids (GAME) 11:44 February 27, 2015 There are some weird animal hybrids out there. Encourage The Cactus!
632Our Official Apocalypse Video 14:40 March 2, 2015 When the world ends, you should watch this video. Rhett Thinks Link Isn't Specific Enough
633The High-Heeled Lumberjack Challenge 11:33 March 3, 2015 Men doing manly things in high heels. Nauseous Surgeons
634Weirdest Ebay Items #2 (GAME) 12:47 March 4, 2015 People sell some weird stuff on Ebay, & we guess how much that stuff costs. Rhyme Thyme
635Petting Rhett's Beard 13:05 March 5, 2015 We bring a stranger in to do some serious beard stroking. Rhett Says "Hot Diggity Dog" After Everything Link Says1. The Internet is a Weird Place #3: Bristlr

2. Original title: "Beard Stroking with a Stranger"

636Backwards Talking (GAME) 13:17 March 6, 2015 Today we try and figure out words and phrases that are played backwards. Rhett Can Taste Music
637Amazing Island Survival Stories 12:47 March 9, 2015 Would you be able to survive on a deserted island? Unisong About Hot Dogs Original title: "Surviving On a Deserted Island"
6385 Ridiculous But Real Books 12:00 March 10, 2015 People have written some pretty weird books. Rhett & Link at a Retirement Home Announcement of the GMM Book Club. GMM Book Club #1: What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions.
639Things Most Humans Can't Do (TEST) 12:12 March 11, 2015 We try to lick our elbows & do other weird things with our bodies. Link is Obsessed with Air Guitar SolosOriginal title: "Elbow Licking Challenge"
640Eating A Spinning Taco 10:13 March 12, 2015 Ever attach a taco to a drill and try to eat it? Contemplating: the Smell of Books 1. Weird Place #4: Taco Spin

2. Bro Breakup Service sketch with Brad and Brock

641Hot Dogs vs. Hamburgers: Debate-o-Rama 11:42 March 13, 2015 Today we debate: hot dogs vs. hamburgers. Forced Analogy: Dating is Like Camping in a Snow Storm Debate-o-Rama #4
642Mind Blowing Driverless Cars 12:11 March 16, 2015 In the future, cars will drive YOU. Link is Addicted to Saying the Word "Nugget" and Goes to Rhett for HelpOriginal title: "The Driverless Car Race"
643Who Wants to Be a Pot-O-Goldinaire? (GAME) 13:00 March 17, 2015 We’ve got some things you might not know about St. Patrick’s Day. Repeat "Hamster" Until it Loses All Meaning 1. Game imitation of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

2. Original title: "8 Surprising St. Patrick’s Day Facts (GAME)"

644The Blind Hot Sauce Taste Test 14:28 March 18, 2015 We try & figure out different hot sauces while blindfolded. Rhett Confesses He Has Never Washed His Hands
645We Try Dog Massage 14:02 March 19, 2015 What have these people done to their dogs? "And That's Why You Should Always..." Paint Your House Yellow 1. Link visits Dr. Pinston at the Pinston Institute.

2. Link thought the wheel ending said "'never" 3. Original title: "10 Unbelievable Pet Hairdos"

646Smartest Living People In The World 11:22 March 20, 2015 Some people are ridiculously smart. Link Has a Wedgie that Keeps Getting Tighter
6476 Insane Game Shows (GAME) 10:57 March 23, 2015 These game shows are crazy! We're Selling a Lung
648Illuminati or IllumiNOT? 13:20 March 24, 2015 Ever wonder who's in the Illuminati? Contemplating: Jet Skis
649Will It Shoe? 14:45 March 25, 2015 Today we ask the sole question: Will It Shoe? #GMMWinFace Prize: Beaver Fish Portrait from Weirdest EBay Items #2 Episode (GMM #634)1. Will It #11

2. 3rd non-food Will It Episode

650Weird Body Pillows 12:47 March 26, 2015 Are you fighting with your sibling & need some help? Call us! Repeat "Salad" Until it Loses All Meaning 1. Tie-in to "Are You Gonna Eat That?" Music Video

2. Original title: "Sibling Fight Hotline"

651Shocking Ways To Make Electricity 10:16 March 27, 2015 We found some weird alternative ways to make energy. Rhett is Bread and Link is a French Chef Video was connected to Earth Hour 2015 on March 28, 2015.
652Stupidest Products You Must Have 12:36 March 30, 2015 It's amazing just how stupid some products are. Competitive Flight Attendants
653What The Heck Are They Doing? (GAME) #1 12:19 March 31, 2015 We try and tell what activities people are doing just by looking at the faces they make. Shoutout to Bees Game Imitation of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? for the 2nd time.
654a 7 Bromas para el Día de los Innocentes 12:44 April 1, 2015 Nunca es demasiado tarde para hacer algunas bromas en el día de los innocentes. We're Selling a Box This video was released in Spanish as an April Fools Day prank (A channel for spanish-dubbed episodes was created on April 24, 2015, Buenos y Miticos Dias)
654b 7 Last Minute April Fools' Pranks It's never too late to pull some pranks on April Fools Day. We're Selling a Box Unlisted English Version of April Fools Episode
655 Five Nights At Freddy's IRL 11:19 April 2, 2015We've got some tips for building self-confidence. Freeze Frame Original title: "Smoke Bomb Speech Demonstration"
656 Raw Egg Eating Challenge 14:58 April 3, 2015We try to guess what's inside the Easter Bunny's eggs, and if we're wrong, we eat raw eggs.In a World Without Toilet Paper
657 4 Biggest Viral Hoaxes 10:31 April 6, 2015Seeing is not believing in the online video world.We're Selling a Hog
658World's Most Dangerous Amusement Park 11:03 April 7, 2015Would you ride a water slide with an upside down loop? Forced Analogy: Riding A Bike Is Like Swimming In The OceanThe episode was about Action Park.
659Dumbest Lawsuits On Record 12:01 April 8, 2015Some people file lawsuits for the dumbest reasons. Rhett Teaches Link How To Speak Whale
660Pizza Dough Spin Tricks 10:50 April 9, 2015Today we teach you how to spin pizza dough like a pro. Rhyme Thyme Announcement of the "Will It Hot Pocket" episode released on May 6, 2015.
661The Most Luxurious Prison In The World 10:47 April 10, 2015Sometimes being locked up can be a luxurious experience.Unisong About Unicycles
662Strangest Things Left In Wills 11:16 April 13, 2015Some people have made some really strange requests in their last will and testament.Absurd Kickstarter Project
663Science Facts Everyone Should Know 13:38 April 14, 2015Do you think you know these common science facts?Shoutout to Potatoes 1. GMM Book Club #2: As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride

2. Discussion of GMM Book Club #1 on Good Mythical More

664Extreme Ice Bath Challenge 11:47 April 15, 2015We take the ice bath challenge to the next level.Contemplating: Lit'l Smokies
665Will It Vacuum Seal? 12:15 April 16, 2015Have you ever tried vacuum sealing random things?Freeze Frame 1. Will It #12

2. 4th non-food Will It Episode

666Scariest Plants on Earth 10:56April 17, 2015Who knew plants could be so scary?Encourage the Microphone
6676 Unbelievably Evil Leaders 12:11April 20, 2015Some rulers have some pretty bizarre habits.Unisong About Turtles Original title: "The Most Bizarre Leaders In History"
668Can You Eat That? (GAME) 14:48April 21, 2015We guess what items are edible & which are deadible.Repeat "Monkey" Until It Looses All Meaning Tie-in to "Are You Gonna Eat That?" Music Video
669The Weirdest Workout Videos Ever 12:17April 22, 2015Working out has never been so weird.#GMMWinFace Prize: Preserved Human-Face Like Apple Statue from Weirdest EBay Items #2 (GMM #634) Original title: Weirdest Workout Trends
6705 Exciting Things To Do When You Are Bored 13:35April 23, 2015Are you bored? We can help you!Freeze Frame
671The 26-Year Road Trip 11:35April 24, 2015Would you go on a road trip for 26 years?Contemplating: SleepingOriginal title: The 556,000 Mile Road Trip
672Fast Food Secret Menus12:27April 27, 2015Did you know about these fast food secret menu items?Gravy The Musical!
673Would you live in a BioSphere?12:17April 28, 2015Could you stay locked inside a biosphere with 7 people for 2 whole years?Rhett won't share
674Weirdest things found in Toilets11:24April 29, 2015Some really weird things end up in toilet bowls.Interpretive Dance (Rhett)
675Stupid Party Hat Ideas 12:29April 30, 2015We've got some last minute party hat alternatives for you.In the distant future, there is no cerealOriginal title: "Ice Cream Cone Party Hat"
676Ultimate Juice Taste Test12:52May 1, 2015We throw some strange fruits & veggies in a juicer & taste them.Finishing each other's sentences poorly
677The Worst Ad Campaigns Ever10:57May 4, 2015Not all ads are created equal. Sitting at a table... FURIOUSLY!
678The Unluckiest Man on Earth10:52May 5, 2015We tell the tale of the unluckiest man on earth.Shoutout to Toothpicks
679Will It Hot Pocket?14:36May 6, 2015HOT POCKET?Link is Leaving GMM to Start a Cooking Channel Called "Linkalicious" Sponsored by Hot Pockets
680Testing the Butter Cutter11:44May 7, 2015We mess around with a crazy device that cuts individual pats of butter.#GMMWinFace Prize: Tortoise Shell from Can You Eat That? (GMM #668) 1. First appearance of the GMMoms

2. Announcement of new music video "Just Being Honest" in collaboration with Wendy's 2. Wheel of Mythicality presented by Joseph Garrett / Stampy Cat.

681Ultimate Minecraft Test Ft. Stampy Cat13:25May 8, 2015Our friend, Stampy Cat, tests our Minecraft knowledge. Call Link's Mom 1. Guests: Joseph Garrett AKA Stampy Cat; Lily & Lincoln Neal; Locke & Shepherd McLaughlin

2. Game Imitation of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? for the 3rd time.

682The Most Amazing Hotel Rooms On Earth11:10May 11, 2015If you're going to stay in a hotel room, you should probably stay in one of these.Inspirational Peptalk to: Clouds
6836 Really Messed Up Fairy Tales10:30 May 12, 2015We found some fairy tales that are totally weird. #GMMWinFace Prize: Butter Cutter from Testing the Butter Cutter (GMM #680)1. GMM Book Club #3: How We Got to Now: Six Innovations That Made the Modern World

2. Discussion of GMM Book Club #2 on Good Mythical More

684 The Unbelievable Laughing Virus of 1962 11:50May 13, 2015Sometimes laugh attacks can turn into epidemics. Contemplating: MusicOriginal title: World's Most Contagious Laugh Attack
685Exotic Animals Dance Off 14:49 May 14, 2015It's time to learn some dance moves from our animal friends. Dump Truck The Musical 1. Launch of the new Rhett & Link's GMM Bobbleheads

2. Original title: "Dancing Like Exotic Animals"

686Ridiculously Expensive Everyday Items 11:13 May 15, 2015Who knew toilet paper could cost over a million bucks? Link is a Carjacker and Rhett is the Car
6874 Crazy Stories of Squatters 11:36 May 18, 2015We found some crazy stories of people living in other people's homes. Interpretive Dance (Link)
688Famous Faces In Food (GAME) 10:20 May 19, 2015Have you ever seen someone famous in your French toast? Eddie was Here
689Amazing Feats of Strength Videos 11:15 May 20, 2015Can you lift another human with your beard? Two Angry French Chefs Announcement of the release of "Just Being Honest" Music Video
690Our One Direction Auditions 13:35 May 21, 2015With Zayn gone, we've decided to try out for One Direction. Rhett doesn't know what to do with his hands
691Breath-Holding Challenge 14:39 May 22, 2015Could you hold your breath for 22 minutes? #GMMWinFace Prize: Green Gorilla modeling clay statue with a Rubberband T-shirt from Raw Egg Eating Challenge (GMM #656) Announcement of the release of "Song Biscuits Vol 1" album on iTunes
692 Dumpster Food Challenge ft. SORTEDfood 14:29 May 25, 2015We take scrap food from the trash and make meals out of it. Interpretive Dance (Rhett, Barry and Ben) 1. Guests: Barry Taylor and Ben Ebbrell of Sorted Food

2. Wheel Update: The wheel has now 12 #GMMWinFace spots

6935 Strange Languages Still Spoken Today 12:33 May 26, 2015Can you believe people can talk with clicking sounds? #GMMWinFace Prize: Instasong
694The Shadow Puppet Challenge 11:58 May 27, 2015We put our shadow puppet skills to the test. #GMMWinFace Prize: Fan Selfie
6951 Minute Hairstyles 11:08 May 28, 2015We try out some quick and easy hairstyles. In a world without underpants 1. Amazingly Amazing Science: How Does Hair Grow?

2. Link plays hair stylist Reginold Mascamara 3. Slap Biscuits #1: Lloyd Ahlquist|EpicLLOYD slaps Rhett with a pool noodle dipped in barbeque sauce (guest on Ear Biscuit #71)

696Cats Vs. Dogs: Debate-O-Rama 11:30 May 29, 2015Today we debate: cats vs. dogs. #GMMWinFace Prize: Bad Dad Joke Debate-o-Rama #5
697Weird Things You Can Do With Cola14:49 June 1, 2015It’s incredible what kinds of things you can do with cola. #GMMWinFace Prize: Nap Zapper from Our One Direction Auditions (GMM #690) Link's birthday episode. Rhett gifted Frosted Mini-Wheats Cereal to Link in a special box re-named "Frosted Mini-Links".
698What the Heck Are They Doing? (GAME) #2 11:38 June 2, 2015We try to guess what the bodies of these close-up faces are doing. Rhett is Link's Teenage Daughter Game Imitation of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? for the 4th time.
699People Stuck In Strange Places 12:19 June 3, 2015We uncover some people stuck in some very strange places. Rhett Can Stop Smiling
700700 Water Balloon Firing Squad 12:48 June 4, 2015We celebrate our 700th episode by getting hit with 700 water balloons! Freeze Frame

700th episode of Good Mythical Morning.

70110,000 Bees Beard12:41 June 5, 2015We put 10,000 bees all over Link’s face. #GMMWinFace Prize: Kanye Retweet GEICO's The Backup Plan #1: Beekeepers 
702Best Friend DNA Test12:43 June 8, 2015Could you be related to your best friend? #GMMWinFace Prize: Fan Selfie Announcement of the channel for spanish-dubbed episodes, Buenos y Miticos Dias
703Flying Machine Fails11:58 June 9, 2015Not all flying machines actually make flight. Freeze FrameDiscussion of GMM Book Club #3 on Good Mythical More
704People Fired Because of Social Media12:22 June 10, 2015Avoid doing these things on social media if you want to keep your job. #GMMWinFace Prize: Personalized GMM Clip
705Corn On The Drill Contest11:53 June 11, 2015We use drills to chow down on some corn on the cob. #GMMWinFace Prize: Bad Dad Joke
706Extreme Milk Taste Test13:00 June 12, 2015Today we conduct a taste test with different kinds of milk. Unisong About Hair Dye
707Is That a Human or an Animal Sound? (GAME)10:59 June 15, 2015We listen to sounds and guess if they were made by humans or animals. #GMMWinFace Prize: Personalized GMM Clip
7085 Horrifying Zombie Parasites12:09 June 16, 2015There are parasites that turn their hosts into zombies!Syrup The Musical
7095 Bonkers Summer Camps10:49 June 17, 2015We've found some camps you should probably go to this summer.Rhett thinks Link's hair is trying to eat his own face.
710Testing the Egg Rollie14:25June 18, 2015Today we test out making breakfast with the Egg Rollie.#GMMWinFace Prize: InstasongSlap Biscuits #2: Steve Zaragoza slaps Link with an extra juicy foot-long sub (guest on Ear Biscuit #74)
711You Deserve A Stink ft. Mamrie Hart12:28June 19, 2015Mamrie Hart joins us as we smell gross things and try to guess what they are!Rhett Talks Only to HimselfGuest: Mamrie Hart
7126 Apps You Won't Believe Exist #2 (GAME)12:10June 22, 2015We've found some more weird apps you probably didn't even know existed.Contagious yawning reaches critical mass
713Speed Hypnosis Experiment14:24June 23, 2015We try to hypnotize each other... really fast! Link Gets Brain Surgery While AwakeThis episode was uploaded along #712 on June 22, 2015 and three hours later deleted.
714 The 4 Biggest Mistakes In History 12:36 June 24, 2015 Humans have made some pretty epic mistakes throughout history. Link is Jealous off Rhett's Clothes
715 The Most Honest Man In The World 13:33 June 25, 2015 Sometimes honesty truly is the best policy. #GMMWinFace: Personalized GMM Clip 1. Link plays Rhett's relatives at a family reunion.

2. Slap Biscuits with Mystery Guitar Man

716 The 6 Second Game ft. Zach King 10:21 June 26, 2015 You won't believe what can happen in 6 seconds. Link is the Head of NASA Guest: Zach King
717 The Future of Superhuman Technology 12:11 June 29, 2015 Would you freeze your brain to become a future cyborg? Link is Terrified of Making Eye Contact with Rhett
718 4 Secret Celebrity Spies 12:36 June 30, 2015 Did you know some celebrities were actually spies? #GMMWinFace: Bad Dad Joke
719 Will It Cookie? - Taste Test 15:01 July 1, 2015 Today we ponder a cookie conundrum. Link Can't Stop Singing Everything He Does
720 7 Unbelievable Sunburns 13:05 July 2, 2015 You should always wear sunscreen. #GMMWinFace:

Fan Selfie

1. Sketch about "shipping ourselves" in which Miranda Sings appears briefly.

2. The Internet is a Weird Place #5: I Love You Like a Fat Lady Loves Apples

721 Talking House Experiment 12:10 July 3, 2015 We make a house talk, and then try to sell it. Alligator Wrestlers GEICO's The Backup Plan #2: Realtors 
722 5 Oddest Deaths of All Time 11:46 July 6, 2015 Some people die in some pretty weird ways. #GMMWinFace:

Personalized GMM Clip

723 Don’t Believe These 6 Science Facts 12:17 July 7, 2015 Science Fact or Science Fiction? #GMMWinFace:

Fan Selfie

724 2 Most Convincing Alien Abduction Stories 12:48 July 8, 2015 Do you believe? In a World Without Pancakes
725 Reinventing the S’more 14:06 July 9, 2015 This ain’t yo daddy’s S’more no more. #GMMWinFace: Bad Dad Joke Home Depot sponsored segment on Lifeproof carpet
726 Vegan Food Taste Test 15:01 July 10, 2015 Could you tell the difference between vegan and real meat while blindfolded? Unisong About Top Hats
727 Invisibility vs. Flight: Debate-o-Rama 13:51 July 13, 2015 Today we debate: The power of invisibility or the power of Flight. #GMMWinFace: Unisong Rhett argued for flight and Link argued for Invisibility. Winner: Invisibility
728 4 Astonishing Prison Escapes 11:49 July 14, 2015 You can put people in prison, but you can't always keep them there. Only Speak with Words that Start with Letter P
729 What Are We Smeeling? ft. Amy Schumer and Bill Hader 11:41 July 15, 2015 Amy and Bill join us for a serious game of smeeling. Overusing "Air Quotes" Filmed at the YouTube Space LA to promote the Amy and Bill's movie The Trainwreck
730 The Most Awkward Man In The World  13:07 July 16, 2015 Professional Wrestlers Randy and Dandy Mandy present "How to Eat Not Like a Dork." #GMMWinFace: Personalized GMM Clip 1. R&L announce the Mythical Beast survey

2. Original title: "Don't Eat Like A Dork!"

731 6 Ways To Cool A Hot Mouth (EXPERIMENT) 14:09 July 17, 2015 Got a hot mouth? Try these cures! Dance Out of Frame Longest season of GMM to date (135 episodes)

Good Mythical Morning, Season 8Edit

Good Mythical Morning, Season 8 Episodes
Episode Title Length Upload Date Summary Mythical Wheel Ending Notes
732 Pet Food Taste Test 14:43 August 10, 2015 If it's good enough for pets, it's good enough for us. Unisong About Butts
733 Living 30 Years In Isolation 13:33 August 11, 2015 Would you live in isolation for nearly 30 years? Soccer Moms Best of Times, Worst of Times #1: Massage and Sardines
734 4 Unbelievable DIY Surgeries 11:42 August 12, 2015 No doctor? No problem! Link Can Only Say "Fish"
735 Car Air Freshener Challenge 14:14 August 13, 2015 We try and identify different car air freshener scents. In a World Where Pineapples is Money Clearasil Reen-Acne-Ments #1: The Road to Dunn
736 Giant Cereal Bowl Bath 14:26 August 14, 2015 Have you ever wanted to swim in a giant bowl of cereal? Breaking News: Local Schoolteacher Attacked by Mutated Llama GEICO's The Backup Plan #3: Cereal Makers
737 5 Weirdest Things Ever Stolen 11:18 August 17, 2015 People have stolen some really weird stuff. In a World of Dreams and Magic
738 Shocking Cases of Amnesia 12:38 August 18, 2015 What if you woke up and forgot who you were? Link Thinks Rhett's Hand is an Adorable Guinea Pig
739 The Missing Link (GAME) 11:18 August 19, 2015 We guess the link between 2 seemingly unrelated items. World's Worst Dentist
740 6 Unlikely Superheroes 10:04 August 20, 2015 We found some pretty strange superhero teams. We're Selling a Thongless Flip Flop The Internet is a Weird Place #6:
741 Will It Jello? - Taste Test 14:54 August 21, 2015 Today we find out: Will it Jello? Rival Door-to-Door Salesmen Walk Up to the Same Door
742 7 Surprisingly Filthy Things 12:44 August 24, 2015 Some things are filthier than they appear. Rhett Thinks He's on a Soap Opera
743 Are Lizard People Real? 12:31 August 25, 2015 There might be lizard people living inside the moon. #GMMWinFace: Personalized GMM Clip Breaking News! #1 segment
744 5 Weird Things You Can Do With Peanut Butter 14:59August 26, 2015 You can do a lot more with peanut butter than just eat it.Link Finds a Treasure Map that Leads to Rhett's Ear
745 Build Your Own Microwave 12:52 August 27, 2015 Why buy a microwave when you can just make one yourself? Digestion:

The Musical

Clearasil Reen-Acne- Ments #2: The Time I Wore a Suit to School

Twig and Nugget in DIWhy Are You Buying That?

746 Playing Glass Baseball 13:17 August 28, 2015 We explore the world of glass blowing... with baseball bats. Rhett Swallowed a Time Bomb GEICO's The Backup Plan #4: Glass Blowers
747 5 Ridiculous Dating Sites 13:50 August 31, 2015 Anyone can find love on the internet. Freeze Frame Announcement of the redesigned
748 The Last Free City In America 12:39 September 1, 2015 We found some places where normal laws don't apply. Rhett Confesses His Secret Talent: Being a Hand Model Discussion of Slab City and Christiania

Best/Worst of Times #2: Catbox cleaning and singing

749 Maddest Mad Scientists 11:53 September 2, 2015 Sometimes smart equals insane. Unisong about Johnny Depp
750 Unusual Ways To Kill Boredom 11:23 September 3, 2015 Boredom doesn't stand a chance. World's Worst Court Stenographer Clearasil Reen-Acne- Ments #3: My Best Friend Waylon

Skit: How Chunk deals with boredom

751 Ultimate Baby Food Taste Test 13:23 September 4, 2015 Can we figure out baby food flavors just by tasting them? #GMMWinFace:

Merch of the Month (GMM Mug)

752 6 Most Bizarre Kids Shows 14:44 September 7, 2015 Kids watch the darnedest things. This Just In: Meteor-Sized Meatball Crash Lands in Italy
753 Do Real-Life Vampires Exist? 11:55 September 8, 2015 Someone you know could actually be a vampire. We're Selling 3-Legged Puppies
754 Face Morphing Experiment 14:51 September 9, 2015 Staring at people could make you hallucinate. Link Loses Toddler Rhett at the Airport
755 Why You Should Eat Your Boogers 11:40 September 10, 2015 Eating your boogers is actually good for you. Two Horses In the Kentucky Derby Amazingly Amazing Science: What Happens When You Eat your Boogers?

Sketch: Link Yodels

756 Extreme Soda Taste Test 14:02 September 11, 2015 Oh my flavors! Toxic Waste: The Musical GEICO's The Backup Plan #5: Flavor Factory
757 4 Unbelievable Unsolved Crimes Solved 10:42 September 14, 2015 There are some pretty unconventional ways to solve crimes using science. #GMMWinFace:

Personalized GMM Clip

758 What's Up My Sleeve? (GAME) 14:41 September 15, 2015 We try and guess what's up each others' sleeves. This Just In: Alien Life Discovered in Man's Croc Prize: Fake sleeve tattoo sleeves
759 5 Weird Ways To Start A Fire 14:52 September 16, 2015 Come on baby, light our fire. My Strange Addiction: Mashed Potatoes
760 Carpet Tuxedo Firing Squad ft. Link's Kids 12:00 September 17, 2015 Link wears a carpet tuxedo and things get extra messy. Grandmas on a Rollercoaster Lily and Lincoln visit, sponsored by Home Depot.

GMMoms sketch: The Craftket

761 Testing Mercury in Retrograde 12:02 September 18, 2015 Is it actually a bad idea to start a business when Mercury is in retrograde? #GMMWinFace:

Merch of the Month (Mythical Hat)

Original title:


762 Surviving Animal Attacks (GAME) 13:32 September 21, 2015 Do you know how to survive when an animal attacks you? Overly Confident Conversation About Magnets Prize: Bear Spray
763 Worst Movie Monsters of All Time 13:06 September 22, 2015 Some movie monsters are ridiculously bad. #GMMWinFace:

Personalized GMM Clip

Link shows his new puppy, Jade, for the first time.
764 Taking A Sound Bath (EXPERIMENT) 13:16 September 23, 2015 Today we bathe in sound. Rhett Sold Link's Cow for a Magic Bean
765 Find The Cow (GAME) 13:47 September 24, 2015 Can we find the invisible cow? In a World Without Toothpicks The Internet is a Weird Place #7: Find the Invisible Cow

Rabbit Lightning performs "I'd Like to Crush You"

766 Mars Rover Test Drive 12:52 September 25, 2015 We visit the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and test drive a mars rover. Good Cop / Bad Cop: Bagel Thief GEICO's The Backup Plan #6: NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab
767 Unbelievable Military Training Techniques 12:17 September 28, 2015 Training for the military can get pretty bonkers. #GMMWinFace:

Fan Selfie

Game prize: Booty Camp Shorts
768 Is Spontaneous Human Combustion Real? 12:49 September 29, 2015 Pardon me while I burst into flames. Unisong about Glue Guns Rhett does a Shia Labeouf riff
769 5 Weird Ways To Make Yourself Sneeze 12:47 September 30, 2015 Have you ever wanted to make yourself sneeze? Shrimp: The Musical
770 Testing The Facial Fitness Pao 13:42 October 1, 2015 We exercise our face muscles with the Facial Fitness Pao. Good Cop / Bad Cop: Turtle Smuggler Sketch: Thinking Outside the Unbox with Brax & Miri
771 Will It Chocolate? (Taste Test) 14:19 October 2, 2015 Today we answer the age old question: Will It Chocolate? Rhett is Link's Beauty Pageant Coach Announcement of rhettandlink4
772 Famous Last Words (GAME) 13:24 October 5, 2015 Can you guess what some famous people said before they died?  #GMMWinFace:

Personalized GMM Clip

773 5 Cases of Superhuman Strength 11:17 October 6, 2015 Have you ever lifted a car with your bare hands?  Everything Rhett Says is Heartbreaking Airheads Bites Challenge #1: Waiting Weighted Waiters
774 6 Hilariously Wrong Predictions 11:13 October 7, 2015 There have been some terribly wrong predictions about the future. This Just In: Elvis Found Sunbathing in Minnesota
775 7 Ways To Relax Like A Pro 12:03 October 8, 2015 Sometimes you just need... to relax!  Two Short-Necked Giraffes Weird Place #8: Donothingfor2

Randy & Dandy Mandy: How to Meditate Not Like a Dork

WikiHow: How to Relax

776 Duo or Don't-O ft. SMOSH 14:17 October 9, 2015 To Duo or to Don't-O... that is the question.  Eulogy for Someone Who Died Stapling
777 Pirates vs. Ninjas: Debate-O-Rama 13:25 October 12, 2015 Today we debate: Pirates vs. Ninjas  Shoutout to Pinky Toes Rhett argued for Ninjas and Link argued for Pirates.
778 Strangest Amusement Park Attractions 10:34 October 13, 2015 Not all amusement parks can be like Disneyland.  Rhett Doesn't Know How To Properly Use the Word "Touche" Airheads Bites Challenge #2: Men Overboard
779 5 Weird Ways To Cure A Headache 13:09 October 14, 2015 We've got some interesting ways to get rid of a headache.  Link is Rhett's Emotions
780 Smashing Pumpkins (EXPERIMENT) 13:12 October 15, 2015 Here are 3 ways to protect your pumpkins this Halloween.  Overly Confident Conversation about String Theory People Want What You Got (eBay) #1: Drill and Nokia Phone
781 Real Life Merman Exhibit 14:00 October 16, 2015 We go to an aquarium and turn Rhett into a Merman. Unisong about Lawn Chairs GEICO's The Backup Plan #7: Aquarium of the Pacific
782 What Does This Dog Do? (GAME) 12:36 October 19, 2015 Some dogs were bred to do some pretty interesting things. Rhett Tries to Rob Link, but in a Very Polite Way
783 Are You Secretly Left-Handed? (TEST) 11:24 October 20, 2015 Should you be using your left hand instead of your right?  Link Are, Rhett Aren't Airheads Bites Challenge #3: Hold Yourself Closer Tiny Dancer
784 3 Real Life Time Travelers 11:28 October 21, 2015 We've found some stories from real life time travelers! Unisong About Beepers
785 10 Ridiculous DIY Costume Ideas 11:20 October 22, 2015 Need a last minute costume idea? We've got you covered!  Link is the Last Living Woolly Mammoth "That's News to Me" with Lee Newton #1: Small Patch, Big Secret

GMMoms Segment

786 Meal or No Meal ft. Shay Mitchell 14:48 October 23, 2015 To meal, or not to meal. That is the question.  Rhett Says "Bless You" After Everything Link Says
787 Black Market Price Is Right (GAME) 11:55 October 26, 2015 How much does a human arm cost on the black market?  Eulogy for Someone Who Died Reading Yelp Reviews
788 America's First Serial Killer 11:38 October 27, 2015 Today we talk about H.H. Holmes, America's first serial killer.  Good Cop / Bad Cop: Serial Teddy Bear Unstuffer Airheads Bites Challenge #4: Plank n' Stank
789 World's Strangest Halloween Rituals (GAME) 11:45 October 28, 2015 People celebrate Halloween in some pretty interesting ways around the world.  #GMMWinFace:

Fan Selfie

790 3 Ways To Watch A Scary Movie 11:44 October 29, 2015 We've got some ways to watch a scary movie without actually watching. Unisong About Chainsaws Segment about Link's mug falling. Announcement of new merch: beard oil and lip balm
791 Ultimate Ice Sculpting Challenge 11:34 October 30, 2015 We learn to sculpt ice, and then we destroy what we created.  In a World Where Spaghetti Means Fettucini GEICO's The Backup Plan #8: Carving Ice
792 Weirdest Video Games From Japan (GAME) 14:29 November 2, 2015 Japan has some really weird video games. Air Drumming That Turns Into A Fight
793 The Hungriest Man Ever 11:26 November 3, 2015 Have you ever been so hungry you wanted to eat 174 cats? Rhett Controls Link's Left Arm With His Mind Airheads Bites Challenge: Prize Edition
794 10 Best Optical Illusions of 2015 11:21 November 4, 2015 We take a look at the 10 best optical illusions of 2015. Shout-Out to The DMV
795 Testing The Oreo Dipr 13:31 November 5, 2015 Today we dunk stuff into other stuff using the Oreo Dipr. Two Clowns Arguing Over Makeup New Trivy App Launch
796 YouTuber Trivia Game ft. Grace Helbig & Chester See 14:58 November 6, 2015 How well do you know your favorite YouTubers? #GMMWinFace:

Personalized GMM Clip

797 They Said What? (GAME) 11:07 November 9, 2015 Famous people say some pretty interesting things. World's Worst Architect Link feels clues in a box: a piece of butter and a wet speedo
798 4 Shocking Secret Societies 12:03 November 10, 2015 Skull & Bones isn't just a fashion statement. Landing a Plane But You're Not Pilots
799 Blood Type Personality Test 14:46 November 11, 2015 Did you know your blood type can predict your personality? Good Cop Bad Cop: LinkedIn Stalker Rhett is O+ and Link is A-
800 Covered In 800 Stickers 11:49 November 12, 2015 What better way to celebrate 800 episodes than with 800 stickers? Link Can Only Communicate With His Eyebrows Basketball Trick Shots

eBay Auction #2: Rhett's gold heels and Link's ice bath headphones

801 Will It Smoothie? - Taste Test 14:55 November 13, 2015 Today we ask the age old question: Will It Smoothie? Rhett Thinks He's on a Sitcom
802 8 Most Ridiculous Eating Challenges 11:29 November 16, 2015 This episode may make you incredibly hungry. Freeze Frame Announcement of Oh My Flavors! T-shirts to benefit Action Against Hunger
803 Surprising Survival Stories 11:22 November 17, 2015 Sometimes the only way to survive is to drink your own pee. Beatboxing Dolphins
804 What The Heck Are They Doing? (GAME) #3 12:19 November 18, 2015 Seriously though, what the heck are they doing? Link is an Overzealous Yoga Teacher
805 Blind Soup Taste Test 12:49 November 19, 2015 Chicken soup for the blindfolded soul. Overly Confident Conversation About Ancient Aliens Amazingly Amazing Science: How Do You Get Sick?
806 Speed Talking Challenge 13:04 November 20, 2015 Today we sell goats while talking really, really fast. Can't Stop Speaking like Weathermen GEICO's The Backup Plan #9: Mike's Animal Auction
807 7 Things You Don't Know About Thanksgiving 10:10 November 23, 2015 We know things about Thanksgiving that you probably don't. Beatboxing Owls When Link got a question wrong, he had to take a shot of gravy, and when he got it right, Rhett had to.
808 Cooking A Turkey In A Trash Can 10:58 November 24, 2015 Forget the oven, cook your turkey in a trash can! #GMMWinFace:

Personalized GMM Clip

809 Tongue Twister Challenge 12:05 November 25, 2015 Today we compete to see who is the best tongue twister. Rhett is Taking Link Hunting for the First Time Original title: The Pilgrim Challenge
810 Turkey Cake Taste Test 14:43 November 26, 2015 We made a cake with all the flavors of Thanksgiving. Interpretive Dance (Link) Thinking Outside of the Unbox with Brax & Miri #2
811 4 Craziest Black Friday Stories 12:19 November 27, 2015 Black Friday can get pretty crazy sometimes. Rhett & Link are Both Running for Class President
812 Ridiculously Expensive Celebrity Purchases (GAME) 11:58 November 30, 2015 How much would you pay for a solid gold bathtub? Cowboys Selling Car Insurance
813 5 Dumbest Zoo Animal Encounters 11:34 December 1, 2015 Sometimes people just want to hang out with wild animals. Ghost: The Musical
814 Christmas Song Challenge ft. Miranda Sings 14:50 December 2, 2015 We update some tired, old Christmas songs with our friend Miranda. Excessively Polite Boxers Having a Fight
815 9 Craziest Snowmen on the Internet 13:07 December 3, 2015 We found some crazy snowmen to inspire your snowmen creations. Competitive Farmers Clothes-Off Game #2
816 Weird Deodorants Experiment 14:47 December 4, 2015 Ran out of Old Spice? Get yourself some rock crystals! Shout-out to Sporks
817 Movie Poster Guessing Game 13:25 December 7, 2015 A picture is worth 1000 words. Currency is burps
818 Worst Toys Ever 11:35 December 8, 2015 You won't be seeing any of these toys on anyones wish list this Christmas. Overly confident conversation about echolocation
819 Feet Only Challenge 14:53 December 9, 2015 Can you use our feet as hands to do everyday tasks? #GMMWinFace:

Personalized GMM Clip

820 Epic Wrap Battle 16:10 December 10, 2015 Who is the greatest wrapper of all time? Rhett Crowns Link Miss Universe Mention of the 2015 Project For Awesome
821 Will It Pie? Taste Test 14:28 December 11, 2015 Today we ask the age old question: Will It Pie? Link Decides to Wash His Hair Geico's The Backup Plan #10: The Pie Hole
822 Insane Medieval Torture Methods (GAME) 12:35 December 14, 2015 People used to torture other people in some incredibly insane ways. Overly Confident Conversation About Photosynthesis The punishment for getting an answer wrong was being fed a cherry tomato in GMMore.
823 Dumbest Reasons Why People Were Fired 11:07 December 15, 2015 Not everyone gets fired for a good reason. Rhett & Link Try Laughing Loud Without Smiling
824 What's Up My Sleeve? ft. Game Grumps (GAME) #2 13:58 December 16, 2015 Is that a fish up your sleeve? Link Becomes President
825 Testing The Facekini 14:24 December 17, 2015 Today we try on bikini's... for our faces. #GMMWinFace:

Personalized GMM Clip

Weird Products: Facekini and Travel Bidet. Game where they guess a travel destination based on what's in a suitcase.
826 Instant Food Taste Test 14:07 December 18, 2015 Can you tell the difference between real and instant-made food? Angrily Compliment Each Other
827 7 Weirdest Christmas Facts 12:53 December 21, 2015 We've got some things you probably didn't know about Christmas. Maximum Security Prison: The Musical
828 Gross Christmas Food Taste Test 14:30 December 22, 2015 People used to eat some really weird holiday food. We're Selling Our Neighbor's Wifi Password
829 5 Ridiculous Christmas Crimes 10:58 December 23, 2015 Tis the season to break the law. Rhett & Link Are Opposite Magnets
830 Crazy Homemade Gifts 14:52 December 24, 2015 We get and give some crazy gifts! Unisong About Dentures Guest-starring Steve Zaragoza as Santa and Lee Newton as GMM reporter. GMMoms present last-minute gift ideas.
831 Will It Eggnog? Taste Test 15:00 December 25, 2015 Today we ask the age old question: Will It Eggnog? Link Accuses Rhett of Stealing His Beard First GMM to air on Christmas. Season 8 length: 100 episodes

Good Mythical Morning, Season 9Edit

Good Mythical Morning, Season 9 Episodes
Episode Title Length Upload Date Summary Mythical Wheel Ending Notes
832 Guess That Hairstyle (Game) 12:42 January 11, 2016 Can you guess whose head different hairstyles belong to? Rhett is Addicted to BreathingLink unveils his new haircut.
833 5 Crazy Stories of Kids Driving Cars 10:10 January 12, 2016 Some kids forgo the Hot Wheels for some real wheels. Link is Undecided on What to Order
834 Extreme Yoga Challenge 14:51 January 13, 2016 Today we take yoga to a whole new level. In a World with Only 2 People & a Parrot Left
835 A Wig and a Name (GAME) 14:32 January 14, 2016 Have you ever wanted to be someone else? Rhett and Link Have Superglued Their Hands TogetherRhett and Link both have New Year's resolutions to make pasta art of Christy. #SongForWhen #1: You Want to Quit Smoking.
836 Blind Bacon Taste Test 12:37 January 15, 2016 Who knew there were so many kinds of bacon? #GMMWinFace:

Merch of the Month (GMM Hoodie)

First "As you can see, we can't!"
837 6 Magazines You Won't Believe Exist 11:47 January 18, 2016 Would you read a magazine about portable toilets? Rhett is an Amateur Brain Surgeon
838 Worst Criminal Disguises 11:29 January 19, 2016 Some criminals need to get their disguise game in order. Rhett is the Only Person on EarthLink knocks his mug off the table during the wheel ending, but it doesn't break
839 5 Weird Things You Can Do With Duct Tape 13:38 January 20, 2016 Duct tape isn't just for ducts. Rhett and Link Assess Their Microphone Like a Piece of Contemporary ArtLink pranks Rhett by superglueing his jar shut and tipping him into a vat of chocolate
840 Toothpaste and Orange Juice Experiment 14:28 January 21, 2016 Drinking anything after brushing your teeth is a bad idea. #GMMWinFace:

Fan Selfie

They discuss night versus morning showers.
841 Name That Cheese - Taste Test 14:59 January 22, 2016 Today we try to identify cheeses from around the world.  This Just In: Cats are Both Liquid and Solid. Christy likes cheese like Rhett, but Link is used to individually wrapped cheese product.
842 7 Insane Beauty Treatments (GAME) 11:42 January 25, 2016 People do some crazy things to be beautiful. Shoutout to Really Long Lines
843 Top 5 Ugliest Animals - RANKED 14:02 January 26, 2016 We rank the world's ugliest animals with the help of the Mythical Crew.  Beatboxing Donkeys Members of the crew make their arguments on camera.
844 Can You Escape A Straitjacket? 13:34 January 27, 2016 Do you think you could escape from a straitjacket? #GMMWinFace:

Personalized GMM Clip

Rhett pranks Link by giving himself an advantage in the escape attempt.
845 Fast Checkout Line Tricks 11:58 January 28, 2016 We've got a #songforwhen you run out of toilet paper!  Rhett Forgets How to use a Computer Sketch featuring hoarder Bevin. Question about not being able to reach something on a shelf. #SongForWhen #2: You run out of toilet paper.
846 Will It Dumpling? - Taste Test 14:59 January 29, 2016 Today we ask the question: Will It Dumpling?  We're Selling a Used Shower Loofah!
847 Oldest Things On Earth (GAME) 11:27 February 1, 2016 How old are some of the oldest things on earth?  Unisong About 14 Buttons Launch of two sticker packs.
848 7 Things Most People Get Wrong 10:38 February 2, 2016 Have you heard of the Mandela Effect?  Interpretive Dance (Rhett)
849 The Most Expensive Food In The World 12:10 February 3, 2016 How much would you pay for a pizza?  Rhett is King of the Shrimps and Link is His Shrimp Queen Introducing the $3.96 million Jurassic Quail Egg Blue Suede Burger.
850 Spiked Punch Challenge 14:15 February 4, 2016 Someone's spiked our fruit punch with nasty liquids.  Lionel Richie Wants to Meet Rhett but not Link (ft. Alex) Question about not remembering who people are at parties. Skit where R&L play characters on a date who discover a shared interest in farts.
851 Blind French Fry Taste Test 13:00 February 5, 2016 Today we test our fry tasting abilities.  Unisong About Snow Globes
852 Bizarre Mating Rituals (GAME) 11:52 February 8, 2016 Animals do some weird things to attract mates. Beatboxing Turkeys Kickoff of "Love Week" in honor of Valentine's Day
853 Top 5 Worst Tattoos (Love Edition) - RANKED 14:33 February 9, 2016 We rank the top 5 WORST tattoos in the name of love. Link is Very Shy Rhett and Link mention that they've had their wives' names tattooed on their butts.
854 Strangest Proposal Videos on the Internet 12:03 February 10, 2016 People propose in some pretty awkward ways. In a World Where Humans Lay Eggs
855 The Disturbing Science of Love 10:11 February 11, 2016 We explore the amazingly amazing science of love. Shout-Out to Fingerless Gloves Question about partners who say you don't have to get them anything. Amazingly Amazing Science: What Is Love? #SongForWhen #3: You Want to Say 'I Love You' But Can't
856 Love Potion Taste Test 14:59 February 12, 2016 Do oysters and peppers make you fall in love? Rhett is a Telephone and Link Tries to Use Him
857 7 Craziest Duels to the Death (GAME) 10:35 February 15, 2016 Would you have a gun fight in a hot air balloon? GMMWinFace:

Merch of the Month (GMM Mug)

858 Awesome Beds You Won't Believe Exist 11:09 February 16, 2016 People actually sleep on ice. Unisong About Basket Weaving
859 Emoji Charades Challenge ft. JennXPenn 12:46 February 17, 2016 Today we play charades with emojis! Link is a Grandma Who Thinks She's a Chipmunk
860 Weird Popcorn Topping Taste Test 13:54 February 18, 2016 We came up with some new toppings for your popcorn. Freeze Frame Question about when a kid is kicking the back of your seat in the movie theater. Question about rude people texting during movies answered with a voiceover skit.
861 Cooking in the Bathroom Challenge 14:32 February 19, 2016 Is it possible to cook breakfast using bathroom items? Overly Confident Conversation About Wormholes
862 Celebrity Baby or Car Name (GAME) 14:45 February 22, 2016 We try to guess if a name is for a car or a celebrity baby. Shout-Out to Fake Plants They mention when Rhett went on a date with Crystal and Link went with him to pick her up.
863 People Struck By Lightning Who Lived 10:07 February 23, 2016 Getting struck by lightning can be pretty cool sometimes. Rhett is a Slow-Motion Magician Link mentions that he was afraid of lightning as a child and also wanted to be a weatherman.
864 7 Bizarre Theories People Actually Believe 10:59 February 24, 2016 Do you believe that Earth is flat? World's Worst Butcher
865 Trying Beauty Hacks for Men 10:36 February 25, 2016 Men need some beauty tips, too! Rhett is Link's Horse Question about how to make midnight snacks quietly. #SongForWhen #4: You Want to Make Sure You've Got Everything Before You Leave the House. Life hack about eating wings. "Lowkey Dad" beauty parody video.
866 Will It Fondue? Taste Test 14:48 February 26, 2016 Today we find out: Will It Fondue? This Just In: Pluto to be Renamed Oprah
867 Weirdest Animal Jobs (GAME) 13:21 February 29, 2016 Would you get a massage from a snake? Link is a Pinata at a Children's Party Chase is a Lifeguard Giraffe
868 Worst Parking Jobs - RANKED 11:41 March 1, 2016 We rank the top 5 worst parking jobs. Beatboxing Bees
869 Batman vs. Superman Game ft. Kevin Smith 13:26 March 2, 2016 Our friend Kevin Smith tests our superhero knowledge. Shout-Out to Mechanical Pencils
870 Testing the Concert Poncho 10:08 March 3, 2016 We've got a new way to keep you dry at concerts. GMMWinFace: Something from the Set (Egg Rollie) Chunk addresses what to do if you forget the words
871 Exotic Egg Taste Test 14:28 March 4, 2016 Today we eat eggs from exotic animals. Rhett & Link Go Back in Time and Accidentally Build the Pyramids
872 Unbelievable Medical Procedures (GAME) 10:46 March 7, 2016 Doctors used to do some pretty crazy stuff to patients. World's Worst Garbage Man
873 Mind-Blowing Fallout Shelters 12:12 March 8, 2016 We've found some places to hide during a nuclear attack. Diapers Are In Style
874 Can You Hear Colors? (TEST) 14:08 March 9, 2016 Have you ever heard of synesthesia? Freeze Frame
875 The Mustard Makeover Game 12:05 March 10, 2016 Today we put mustard covered clothes on mannequins. Beatboxing Elephants Song for When: You Get a Bad Haircut

M&M Challenge 1: Mustard Mannequin Makeover

876 Sourest Food Challenge 14:40 March 11, 2016 We try some of the worlds most sour foods. Unisong About Kissing a Cousin
877 Crazy Cloning Facts (GAME) 11:20 March 14, 2016 How many clones does it take to screw in a lightbulb? PSA for Thumbtacks
878 Strangest Stuff Washed Up On The Beach 10:58 March 15, 2016 You can find some weird stuff on the beach. Rhett & Link Wear The Same Dress To Prom
879 Ridiculous Dance Off ft. Redfoo 14:22 March 16, 2016 Today we dance battle to invent some new moves. Unisong about 6-Toed Cats
880 Magnetized Mullet Challenge 12:45 March 17, 2016 We try carrying metal objects with our mullets. Overly Confident Conversation About Particle Physics M&M Challenge #2: Magnetized Mullet Challenge
881 Flavored Oxygen Taste Test 14:39 March 18, 2016 Can we figure out what flavor oxygen we're breathing? #GMMWinFace:

Personalized GMM Clip

882 8 Surprising Underwear Facts 12:05 March 21, 2016 We've got some facts you probably didn't know about underwear. Sauce: The Musical!
883 Greatest Impostors of All Time 11:41 March 22, 2016 Could you pull off pretending to be a doctor? Link Loses Control of his Voice
884 Testing Instant Beauty Products 14:09 March 23, 2016 We put some "instant" beauty treatments to the test! Have an argument about bubbles
885 Magnified Maze Challenge 13:12 March 24, 2016 We attempt to maneuver a maze wearing magnified glass goggles. Clowns in Prison Randy & Dandy: How to Make Friends Not Like a Dork

M&M Challenge #3: Magnified Maze Challenge

886 Raw Egg Eating Challenge #2 15:00 March 25, 2016 It's time to eat some raw eggs... again! #GMMWinFace:

Fan Selfie

887 6 Creepy Nursery Rhyme Origins (GAME) 10:23 March 28, 2016 We reveal the creepy origins of your favorite nursery rhymes. Lazy Lobsters
888 Feel & Squeal Challenge ft. Hank Green 14:00 March 29, 2016 First you feel it, then you squeal it! The Curious Case of Rhett McLaughlin
889 Will It Pancake? Taste Test 14:41 March 30, 2016 Today we ask the age old question: Will It Pancake? Overly Confident Conversation about Dark Matter
890 Ultimate Mustache Battle 13:22 March 31, 2016 Just some macho men with mustaches giving monologues. Rhett Uses Link As A Hair Dryer M&M Challenge #4: The Mutual Mustached Macho Monologues
891 11 Minutes of Silence 11:13 April 1, 2016 Let's not talk about that. Continued Silence (Blank Space on Wheel)
892 What Your Dreams Mean (QUIZ) 11:50 April 4, 2016 Ever dream that your teeth are falling out? Two Llamas in a Spitting Contest
893 Amazing Game Show Cheaters 12:55 April 5, 2016 Whammy! Some people are straight up cheaters. #GMMWinFace:

Merch of the Month (GMM T-Shirt)

894 Testing Weird Massage Products 12:30 April 6, 2016 We test some pretty strange massage products. Shout-Out to Hot Sauce Packets
895 Taking a Ranch Bath 11:17 April 7, 2016 Today we help you face your fear of ranch dressing. We're Selling Somebody's Fake Thumb Skit where Rhett shrinks down to meet Spider Link.
896 Organic or Non-Organic Taste Test 15:01 April 8, 2016 Can we tell the difference between organic and non-organic foods? Rhett & Link Think the Camera has Stopped Rolling
897 6 Most Bizarre Kids Books 10:28 April 11, 2016 People write some pretty strange books for kids. Rhett Thinks the Mic is a Tiny Person
898 Craziest Things Found In Attics 11:56 April 12, 2016 What would you do if you found a man living in your attic? World's Worst Makeup Artist
899 Radical Glow In The Dark Hacks 12:11 April 13, 2016 It's glow time! National Cheese Board Acceptance Speeches
900 900 Marshmallow Fist Fight 12:56 April 14, 2016 Today we hit each other with a 900 marshmallow glove. Beatboxing Cats Toast Fight

In the Year 900 A.D.

901 Blind Chicken Nugget Taste Test 12:51 April 15, 2016 How well do we know our nuggets? #GMMWinFace: Fan Selfie
902 8 Freakiest Squirrel Facts 11:20 April 18, 2016 Squirrels are seriously freaky! Unisong About Eye Boogers
903 Most Isolated People on Earth 12:40 April 19, 2016 Some people just want to be left alone. We're Selling the Ugly Carrot at the Bottom of the Bag
904 6 Strangest Freak Show Acts Ever 11:43 April 20, 2016 Would you pay money to watch someone fart? World's Worst Lunch Lady
905 Crazy Airplane Cocktail Hacks 14:19 April 21, 2016 We mix up some first class cocktails for flying coach. Overly Confident Conversation about Bottom-Up Investing
906 Fish Bait Taste Test 14:57 April 22, 2016 Today we eat what fishes eat. Rhett Creates His Own Language and Link Translates Link says "the way to a woman's heart is through a worm's anus" again.
907 Most Ridiculous Movie Deaths (GAME) 13:10 April 25, 2016 Some movies have the most ridiculous death scenes. Unisong About Sea Otters
908 6 Unbelievable Twin Stories 11:14 April 26, 2016 Do twins have some kind of paranormal connection? Link is a Flat Tire
909 Rubber Band Milk Cannon 13:24 April 27, 2016 Today we shoot milk from a jug using rubber bands. Crossfit: The Musical Let's Get Weird With It: Rubber Bands
910 Name That Stain (GAME) 13:55 April 28, 2016 Can you tell what a stain is just by sniffing it? World's Worst Victoria's Secret Employee
911 Will It Soup? Taste Test 14:55 April 29, 2016 Today we answer the age old question: Will It Soup? Beatboxing Sloths
912 8 Craziest Customs of Ancient Rome 11:42 May 2, 2016 Ancient Romans used to do some pretty crazy stuff. Auctioning a Jar of Air
913 What Am I Petting? ft. Tony Hale (GAME) 14:04 May 3, 2016 We try and guess what things are just by petting them. Freeze Frame
914 Dumbest Crimes Inspired By Movies 10:25 May 4, 2016 Some things are only meant to be done in movies. Unisong About Hangnails
915 Edible Prom Dress Experiment 14:36 May 5, 2016 Now you can wear a nice dress to prom and eat it, too! Rhett Tries to Sell Link an Air Guitar Segment sponsored by Home Depot Pergo Splash-Proof flooring
916 Gross Animal Food Taste Test 14:44 May 6, 2016 Today we eat what animals eat. #GMMWinFace: Personalized GMM Clip International Wear a White Shirt With a Repeating Small Design On All Over It Day
917 Most Ridiculous Wrestlers Ever (GAME) 11:14 May 9, 2016 Would you get in the ring with Amish Roadkill? Rhett is a Frog Prince and Link is His Princess
918 6 Fake Viral News Stories 11:03 May 10, 2016 Not everything you read in the news is real. Rhett Pulls the "I'm Dead" Move on Link
919 Guess That Hairstyle (GAME) #2 12:18 May 11, 2016 Can you guess whose head different hairstyles belong to? Root Canal: The Musical
920 Gas Station Food Hacks 14:50 May 12, 2016 It's time for a gas station food hack attack! Interpretive Dance (Link)
921 BBQ Pork Taste Test 13:57 May 13, 2016 We try to guess what region different kinds of BBQ pork come from. Beatboxing Crows
922 Weirdest Ebay Items (GAME) #3 13:38 May 16, 2016 People sell some pretty weird stuff on eBay. #GMMWinFace: Fan Selfie
923 7 Most Ironic Deaths 10:25 May 17, 2016 Sometimes when people die, they die ironically. Link thinks Rhett is trying to steal his feet
924 Unbelievable Celebrity Mansions 12:38 May 18,


Celebrities live in some pretty unbelievable homes. #GMMWinFace: Personalized GMM Clip
925 What's In My Shoe? (GAME) 15:00 May 19, 2016 We put our feet in shoes & try to guess what's inside them. Rhett loses his mind over cheese
926 Exotic Bean Taste Test 14:12 May 20, 2016 Today we eat beans. This just in: The Titanic was an alien Spaceship
927 Real Bigfoot Facts (GAME) 11:32 May 23, 2016 Do you know how to survive a Bigfoot attack? We're Selling: George Washington's Baby Teeth "Let the tigers tiger" announced winner of "Put That on a T-Shirt"

Game administered by Link. To win, Rhett had to answer four questions right.


Big feet (slippers)



928 7 Craziest Backyard Creations 11:33 May 24, 2016 Have you ever wanted a water park in your backyard? Rhett and Link are addicted to plankton.
929 Mouth Only Challenge 10:05 May 25, 2016 Can we do everyday tasks using only our mouths? Overly Confident Conversation about the Alpha Centauri star system.
930 4 Weird Ways to Predict The Future 13:34 May 26, 2016 Did you know you could predict the future with urine? Potatoes rule the world.
931 Will It Burger? Taste Test 15:00 May 27, 2016 Today we ask the age old question: Will it Burger? Rhett is burger blind and Link helps him eat his burger.
932 Worst Movie Title Translations (GAME) 10:36 May 30, 2016 Sometimes movie titles get lost in translation. #GMMWinFace:

Personalized GMM Clip

933 Worst 90s Fashion Trends - RANKED 14:38 May 31, 2016 People wore some pretty goofy things in the 90's. Explain the science of science.
934 Amazing Pets Who Saved Their Owners' Lives 12:18 June 1, 2016 Having a pet could actually save your life. Waffle House: The Musical.
935 Drinking Each Other's Pee 14:36 June 2, 2016 We drink each other's pee & other gross liquids using LifeStraws. Unisong about skin tags.
936 Fresh vs Frozen Taste Test 14:51 June 3, 2016 Can we tell the difference between fresh & frozen foods? Rhett and Link learn how to blink.
937 Bizarre Local Laws (GAME) 11:32 June 6, 2016 Some places have some pretty ridiculous laws. Face battle.
938 Weirdest Roadside Attractions 11:18 June 7, 2016 Check out some of these weird roadside attractions on your next road trip. Link forgets how chairs work.
939 Playing With Your Food (GAME) 10:25 June 8, 2016 We play pictionary & play with our the same time. Ladies getting manicures.
940 Epic Selfie Contest 13:03 June 9, 2016 We try and copy some crazy face photos we found on the Internet. #GMMWinFace:

Fan Selfie.

941 Spicy Food Showdown 14:17 June 10, 2016 It's time to go head to head in a spicy food showdown! Beatboxing Goats
942 New Slang You Should Know (GAME) 12:54 June 13, 2016 Yolo bae, your swag is on fleek! #GMMWinFace:

Something from the set (Golden Garbage Can)

943 Weirdest Things Sent By Mail 11:44 June 14, 2016 Someone actually sent their cat through the mail. In a world of purple sunshine.
944 Cutting Onions With A Fan 14:34 June 15, 2016 Today we test different tear-free ways to cut onions. Slowly morph into dogs.
945 Who's Their Daddy? (GAME) 10:35 June 16, 2016 Could you guess a celebrities dad by their looks alone? Rhett is an overly-enthusiastic barber.
946 Smell-Tasting Experiment #2 14:32 June 17, 2016 What happens when you taste one thing while smelling another? Appendectomy: The Musical.

Good Mythical Morning, Season 10Edit

Good Mythical Morning, Season 10 Episodes
Episode Title Length Upload Date Summary Mythical Wheel Ending Notes
947 Makeup Contouring Challenge 10:41 August 1, 2016 Today we test our makeup contouring skills. Rhett delivers the wrong pizza.
948 Unbelievable Underwater Creatures 11:34 August 2, 2016 There are some pretty crazy creatures under the sea. Eulogy for someone who died turning jeans into jorts.
949 5 Ridiculous Human Transplant Stories 11:23 August 3, 2016 We found a man who had his hand transplanted onto his foot. Link's tongue won't stay in his mouth.
950 Testing Portable Urinals 14:24 August 4, 2016 We're testing some products for peeing on the go. Bad Lip Reading.
951 Will It Pickle? Taste Test 14:29 August 5, 2016 Today we ask the age old question - Will It Pickle? Sandbox: The Musical.
952 Crazy Rags To Riches Stories (GAME) 12:53 August 8, 2016 The road to success sometimes involves cleaning up poop. Competing bananas on a fruit stand.
953 6 Weirdest Things To Fall From The Sky 12:55 August 9, 2016 It's raining meat! Hallelujah, it's raining meat! Rhett just remembered something.
954 Living With A Corpse 12:24 August 10, 2016 Just because someone's dead, doesn't mean you can't live with them. Movie Theater Yellers.
955 Blind Sculpture Challenge 14:26 August 11, 2016 Today we play Pictionary with clay... while blindfolded. #GMMWinFace:

Fan Selfie.

956 Strange Condiments Taste Test 14:38 August 12, 2016 We try and guess where condiments are from just by their taste. Freeze Frame
957 8 Dumbest Wars Ever Fought 12:19 August 15, 2016 People fight wars for some pretty dumb reasons. #GMMWinFace:

Merch of the Month (GMM Hat)

958 Dead Celebrities Who Are Actually Alive 14:09 August 16, 2016 We've got proof that Elvis and Tupac are still alive! Birds plotting to poop on cars.
959 Why Creepy Robots Are Creepy 12:42 August 17, 2016 Today we uncover the reason why some robots are creepy. Overly Confident Conversation about diversifying your portfolio.
960 School Supply Fashion Show 14:38 August 18, 2016 School supplies have never been so on fleek. Shout-Out to Mini Pigs.
961 Slow Motion Charades (Game) 13:46 August 19, 2016 Slo-Mo makes playing charades a little more complicated. World's Worst NASCAR Driver.
962 Weird Teeth Facts (GAME) 12:58 August 22, 2016 Brace face is totally in fashion. World's Worst Aesthetician. Rhett's first appearance in the season with a much shorter beard.
963 Worst Cosplay Ever - Ranked 14:04 August 23, 2016 Today we rank the worst cosplay costumes ever. First ever cow sighting.
964 Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved? 11:09 August 24, 2016 We surface the real mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle. Bad Lip Reading.
965 Ultimate Energy Drink Taste Test 14:32 August 25, 2016 Can you tell the difference between different brands of energy drinks? In a world where atoms are jellybeans.
966 Testing The Whizzers 11:53 August 26, 2016 We're testing some products made for lazy people. We're selling Quentin Tarantino's toenail collection.
967 Ridiculous Reality Shows (GAME) 14:53 August 29, 2016 When reality shows stop being polite, and start getting ridiculous. Rhett misses Link's wings.
968 6 Strangest Hobbies Ever 11:36 August 30, 2016 Some people do some pretty strange stuff for fun. Freeze Frame.
969 Fix Your Eyesight Experiment 14:21 August 31, 2016 We're testing some techniques to improve bad eye sight. Create a password to a secret club.
970 Chicken Noodle Soup Bath 13:14 September 1, 2016 We bathe in chicken noodle soup because why not? Salad Bar: The Musical.
971 Will It Sushi? Taste Test 14:14 September 2, 2016 Today we ask the age old question: Will It Sushi? In a world where cats meow sirens.
972 Amazing Butt Facts (GAME) 13:39 September 5, 2016 Who knew butts were so interesting? In a world where teeth are gummy bears.
973 5 Bizarre Live Webcams 12:03 September 6, 2016 Today we take a look at some weird live webcams. This just in: Sneezes are farts.
974 Weirdest Book Cover Challenge 13:16 September 7, 2016 Can you tell what a book is about by looking at the cover? #GMMWinFace:

Personalized GMM Clip

975 Craziest Scents Smell Test 14:17 September 8, 2016 We found some weird perfumes & we're going to guess what they are. Unisong about ingrown hairs.
976 Blind Fried Chicken Taste Test 14:20 September 9, 2016 Fried chicken tastes way better when we're blindfolded. Bad Lip Reading.
977 Strangest Superstitions Around The World 13:21 September 12, 2016 People believe in some pretty strange things. Turtlenecks: The Musical.
978 Random Commercial Challenge #2 13:52 September 13, 2016 Today we make some random commercials on the spot. Link can hear his mug talking.
979 Criminals Caught On Social Media 11:24 September 14, 2016 You probably shouldn't post your crimes on social media. Competitive pancake flipping.
980 Guess That Hat (GAME) 14:51 September 15, 2016 Can you tell where a hat is from just by looking at it? #GMMWinFace:

Personalized GMM Clip

981 Canned Meat Taste Test 14:51 September 16, 2016 Today we eat meats from cans. This just in: Kissing is illegal.
982 7 Most Bizarre World Records 12:29 September 19, 2016 Some people do some bizarre stuff to set a world record. Rhett and Link are synchronized swimmers.
983 Dirty In 30 Seconds (GAME) 12:49 September 20, 2016 We get dirty today with our friends - Grace, Hannah, & Mamrie! Rhett thinks Link's hair is food.
984 People Who Live In A Time Warp 13:19 September 21, 2016 Would you live your life as if you were the Victorian Era? Shout-Out to Pink Eye.
985 Testing Cyber Clean 14:34 September 22, 2016 Today we test some crazy cleaning products. Valet: The Musical.
986 Meal Replacement Taste Test 14:31 September 23, 2016 We try Soylent and other meal replacement drinks. Freeze Frame.
987 Worst Band Names Ever (GAME) 12:56 September 26, 2016 There are some seriously terrible band names out there. Dental Hygiene: The Musical.
988 Give Yourself Deja Vu 12:33 September 27, 2016 Today we talk about a guy who has perpetual deja vu. Unisong About Ingrown Hairs. Several déjà vu-related Easter eggs. They are wearing the same clothes they did in the previous episode, some dialogue is actually looped and the pre-Wheel video is also the same as in the previous episode.
989 Cutting Your Own Hair Challenge 14:54 September 28, 2016 We find out if we can cut our own hair without any help. Rhett can't stop licking trees.
990 The Color Blast Game 13:12 September 29, 2016 What color is Ogre Odor?? In a world where hands are feet.
991 Will It Burrito? Taste Test 14:56 September 30, 2016 Today we ask the age old question: Will It Burrito? We're selling deflated balloons.
992 Celebrity Alien Abduction Stories 12:57 October 3, 2016 Aliens really like stars. The celebrity kind. Freeze Frame.
993 5 Most Insane Stunts of All Time 12:03 October 4, 2016 Spiderman is real and he's French. Costco: The Musical.
994 Weird Ways To Cure An Itch 13:53 October 5, 2016 We've got some interesting ways to cure itching without scratching. World's Worst Third Base Coach.
995 Insult To Injury (GAME) 13:53 October 6, 2016 Today we get insulted AND injured. We're selling used gym socks.
996 Blind Donut Taste Test 14:25 October 7, 2016 Can we tell which donuts are from popular donut stores? In a world where underwear are hats.
997 Weirdest Toilet Facts (GAME) 14:29 October 10, 2016 Toilet paper used to have splinters in it. For real. Unisong About Shearing Sheep.
998 5 Unbelievable Sleepwalking Stories 11:54 October 11, 2016 Some people do some crazy things while sleepwalking. Shout-Out to Hangnails.
999 Conjoined Twin Challenge 13:39 October 12, 2016 Some people say two heads are better than one. This just in: Toenails are candy.
1000 1000th Episode Celebration Special 21:56 October 13, 2016 Can you believe we've made 1000 episodes? Crew Party.
1001 Gluten-Free vs. Gluten Taste Test 13:02 October 14, 2016 Today we see if we can tell the difference between gluten-free and gluten foods. Bad Lip Reading.
1002 Who Instagrammed It? (GAME) 12:33 October 17, 2016 Can you guess which Instagram photos belong to which celebs? Stare into the abyss.
1003 RANKED 14:30 October 18, 2016 Some prehistoric creatures looked ridiculous. Extras in a pirate movie.
1004 Spot The Differences Experiment 12:08 October 19, 2016 Do you have change blindness? Beatboxing Pigeons.
1005 Weirdest Sounds on the Planet 15:00 October 20, 2016 We listen to some seriously weird sounds. Discover the first chicken wing.
1006 Stinky Breath Challenge 13:20 October 21, 2016 Can we tell what the other person ate just by smelling their breath? This just in: Rattails are cool!
1007 5 Serial Killer Fun Facts 12:24 October 24, 2016 There's more to serial killers than killing. #GMMWinFace:

Something from the set (Eddie's face)

1008 Creepiest Hell Portals You Can Visit 13:48 October 25, 2016 Interested in taking a trip to hell? Overly Confident Conversation about Schrödinger's cat
1009 Real Life Zombie Experiments 12:47 October 26, 2016 Would you want to be brought back from the dead? Beatboxing Wolves Footage of experiments is shown, not suitable for sensitive viewers.
1010 Trendiest Halloween Costumes for 2016 11:45 October 27, 2016 We've got some trendy costumes for you to wear this Halloween. Bad Lip Reading.
1011 Will It Candy? Taste Test 14:34 October 28, 2016 Today we ask the age old question: Will It Candy? This Just In: Turkeys Are The Smartest
1012 Freakiest Halloween Incidents 12:21 October 31, 2016 All kinds of freaky things happen on Halloween. Rhett sold Link's glasses on Craigslist Rhett and Link are dressed up as Robin and Taller Robin.
1013 6 Most Unbelievable Bathtubs 13:40 November 1, 2016 You won't believe what some people take baths in. Awkward goodbye Launch of the Mythical Pommade
1014 Are You Double-Jointed? (TEST) 11:23 November 2, 2016 Let's find out if we're double jointed. Rhett has arrived from South Carolina thirty seconds in the future
1015 Perfect Pitch Challenge 14:56 November 3, 2016 They say you can sell just about anything with the perfect pitch. Link is a beached whale Special guest: Craig the snake
1016 Blind Pasta Sauce Taste Test 13:42 November 4, 2016 Today we find out what the best jarred pasta sauce brand is. #GMMWinFace:

Merch of the Month (Will-it-poster)

1017 Oldest Animals In The World (GAME) 12:35 November 7, 2016 Some animals live for a ridiculously long time. In a world where cats are spies.
1018 Dumbest Drone Fail Videos 13:07 November 8, 2016 Drones do the darnedest things. Overly Confident Conversation about the Pythagorean theorem
1019 4 Weird Things You Can Do With Potatoes 12:21 November 9, 2016 There are things you can do with potatoes besides eat them. Link's hands are cats.
1020 Are You A Super-Recognizer? 12:17 November 10, 2016 How good are you at recognizing faces? #GMMWinFace:

Something from the set (Ceramic Burger)

1021 International Breakfast Taste Test 14:19 November 11, 2016 Today we try breakfast dishes from around the world. Hitmen hired to kill each other.
1022 Name That Body Part (GAME) 12:22 November 14, 2016 Do you know where your weenis is? Good Mythical Weather Report
1023 10 Best Optical Illusions of 2016 13:44 November 15, 2016 Let's take a look at the 10 best optical illusions of 2016. Chicken is a curse word.
1024 Reinventing Lame Toys 11:13 November 16, 2016 We're taking some lame old toys and making them cool again. We're selling pomade.
1025 Coolest Luggage You Can Ride 12:14 November 17, 2016 Ever wish you could ride your luggage? Link can't stop winking.
1026 Crazy Cookie Roulette Challenge 14:56 November 18, 2016 Today we spin the cookie wheel and eat whatever it lands on. Freeze Frame. Special guest: Link's dad (Charles Neal)
1027 8 Strange Turkey Facts 11:16 November 21, 2016 Bet you didn't know all of these strange turkey facts. Rhett's beard contains the portal to Narnia.
1028 Most Bizarre Arrests of All-Time 11:46 November 22, 2016 Sometimes people get arrested for some pretty weird stuff. Shout-Out to Laughing Gas.
1029 Blind Face Touching Challenge 13:19 November 23, 2016 Can you tell who a person is just by touching their face? #GMMWinFace:

Merch of the Month (Lip Balm)

1030 Ridiculous Leftover Food Hacks 13:56 November 24, 2016 We've got some delicious things you can make with your Thanksgiving leftovers. Gift:

Mythical Pomade

Launch of the Wheel of Gifticality. There are 3 options: Gift, GIF, and Gifticality. Gift means a Mythical Beast gets a gift, GIF means they react to the GIF of the day, and Gifticality means they donate $1,000 to St. Jude Children's Hospital
1031 Will It Corndog? Taste Test 14:58 November 25, 2016 Today we ask the age old question: Will It Corndog? Gifticality
1032 5 Kickstarters You Won't Believe Exist 10:49 November 28, 2016 There's some weird stuff trying to get funded on Kickstarter. Gift:

Mythical Mug

1033 4 Fictional Languages You Can Learn 12:44 November 29, 2016 Have you ever considered learning Dothraki? GIF (Scared Red Panda)
1034 Speech Jammer Prank Call Challenge 13:43 November 30, 2016 We try and make some prank calls while being speech jammed. GIF (Cat hug)
1035 Tree Decorating Face Off 11:39 December 1, 2016 Today we go head to head to see who can decorate a tree better. Gifticality
1036 Blind Taco Taste Test 10:56 December 2, 2016 Can we pick out your favorite fast food tacos while blindfolded? Gifticality
1037 British Slang You Should Know (GAME) 11:36 December 5, 2016 How well do you know your British slang words? GIF (Gummy face)
1038 Weirdest Shoes In The World 10:55 December 6, 2016 People put some weird things on their feet. Gifticality
1039 Super Multi-Tasking 11:04 December 7, 2016 We test Link to see if he's a supertasker. Gifticality
1040 Light Painting Challenge 15:00 December 8, 2016 When you're out of paint, just paint with light. Gift:

Mythical Beanie

1041 Ultimate LaCroix Taste Test 12:03 December 9, 2016 Today we find out what the best flavor of La Croix is. Gift:

GMM Hoodie

1042 Biggest Things On Earth 12:41 December 12, 2016 Just how big are the biggest things on earth? Gifticality
1043 6 Unbelievable Beauty Pageants 10:02 December 13, 2016 Back in the day, people used to hold some strange beauty pageants. Gifticality
1044 Testing Weird Beard Products 14:28 December 14, 2016 Sometimes taking care of your beard can be pretty weird. Gift:

Mythical Mug

1045 Calorie Countdown Challenge 14:56 December 15, 2016 Who's better at guessing the calories of food items? GIF (Leopard riding octopus)
1046 Dairy vs Dairy-Free Taste Test 11:48 December 16, 2016 Today we see what foods are dairy-free. GIF (Swinging on door)
1047 International Christmas Taste Test 14:55 December 19, 2016 Today we guess what people eat for Christmas around the world. Gifticality
1048 8 Christmas Monsters You've Never Heard Of 11:31 December 20, 2016 Santa isn't the only one you should be worried about when you're bad. Gift:

Mythical Pomade

1049 Worst Mall Santa Photos - RANKED 12:07 December 21, 2016 Sometimes mall Santas can be pretty terrible. Gifticality
1050 Trendiest Christmas Sweaters 9:50 December 22, 2016 We've got some trendy holiday clothing you can wear this year. GIF (Man tongue)
1051 Will It Fruitcake? Taste Test 14:59 December 23, 2016 Today we answer the age old question: Will It Fruitcake? Gifticality

Good Mythical Morning, Season 11Edit

Episode Title Length Upload Date Summary Mythical Wheel Ending Notes
1052 Ultimate Hot Dog Taste Test 14:57 January 16, 2017 Today we determine the best off-the-shelf hot dog. Lonely Hashtag:


Launch of the new Wheel of Mythicality. The first Lonely Hashtag. Rhett and Link encourage people to use an underused hashtag.
1053 6 Dumbest Traffic Ticket Fails 12:15 January 17, 2017 Would you fake your father's death to get out of a ticket? #GMMWinFace:

GMM Beanie

Continuation of GMM Win Face.
1054 Long Distance Kissing App 11:42 January 18, 2017 Now you can kiss your loved ones even when you're not together! BYMB:

Giving a banana to your nana

First episode of Whatever Wednesday where Rhett and Link talk about whatever they want to. The first Be Your Mythical Best where Rhett and Link encourage you to do something positive.
1055 Mini Flamethrower Demo (Real Avatar Firebending) 10:38 January 19, 2017 Today we bend fire and other elements! GIF of the Day:

Old ladies on a roller coaster

Continuation of GIF from the Wheel of Gifticality.
1056 Insane Pee Smelling Experiment 14:19 January 20, 2017 Can you tell what people have eaten by smelling their pee? 10 Second Tour:

Alex Punch, Williamston, MI

The first 10 Second Tour. A Mythical Beast gives a 10 second tour of their hometown.
1057 5 Stupidest Weapons Ever Built 10:13 January 23, 2017 Someone turned a cat into a bomb. Comment Takeover:

Madi the talking dog sings Happy Birthday!

The first Comment Takeover. Mythical Beast comment something on a video with not many views.
1058 Weirdest Stuff Found In The Trash 11:59 January 24, 2017 People have found some pretty strange things in the trash. Comment Takeover:

She said "OK" - 2016 Proposal on The Aguila

1059 World's Longest Dog Tail 11:18 January 25, 2017 There's a new dog in town and his tail is LONG. Don't Google That: Ballerina Feet The first Don't Google That. Rhett and Link tell you something you shouldn't Google.
1060 Speed Listening Challenge 14:24 January 26, 2017 We try to listen to things really, really fast. Gifticality:

American Foundation For Suicide Prevention

Continuation of Gifticality from the Wheel of Gifticality. Rhett and Link will donate $1,000 to the charity of the month.
1061 Ultimate Animal Fat Taste Test 12:49 January 27, 2017 Today we taste test different types of animal fat. Whyyyyy??? BYMB:

Writing a note thanking someone for their exceptional parking job and leaving it on their windshield.

1062 Guess That Microscopic Image (GAME) 11:50 January 30, 2017 Can you guess what these everyday objects are through a microscope? GIF of the Day:

Weird Eye Potato

1063 Shock Collar Theatre 12:53 January 31, 2017 We try to act through scenes while being shocked with dog collars. Gifticality:

American Foundation For Suicide Prevention

1064 What Happens When You Drink 300 Cups of Coffee? 11:44 February 1, 2017 If you think your 2 cups of coffee addiction is bad, try 300 cups. Let's Get Textual:

I see you

The first Let's Get Textual. Rhett and Link tell you to text something to someone and then screencap their response.
1065 Which Lipstick Lasts Longest? (TEST) 12:12 February 2, 2017 Today we test lipsticks that claim to be long-lasting to see just how long they last. 10 Second Tour:

Steph, Cairo, Egypt

1066 Exploding Soda Challenge 13:39 February 3, 2017 Be careful when you're opening those soda cans. #GMMWinFace:

Mythical Pomade

1067 Craziest Arbnb On Earth 11:33 February 6, 2017 There are some seriously crazy Airbnb's you can stay in. Lonely Hashtag: #gummybeargrill
1068 iPhone Throwing Championship 12:07 February 7, 2017 Sometimes ironing can get EXTREME! Don't Google That: Dog Boogers
1069 Best Men's Valentine's Day Gift: Beef Jerky Bouquet 10:48 February 8, 2017 Say I love you with the gift of beef jerky. Take and Make: Alien Visitors Tasting Chocolate for the First Time The first Take and Make. Rhett and Link ask you to take a still of them from this episode and make them into the suggestion.
1070 Swapping Bodies w/ a Mannequin 14:42 February 9, 2017 Have you ever wanted to swap bodies with someone? Let's Get Textual: My farts smell like grapes
1071 Will It Ice Cream? Taste Test 14:27 February 10, 2017 Today we ask the age old question: Will It Ice Cream? Lonely Hashtag: #foreheadgrannywrinkles
1072 Most Bizarre Supervillains (GAME) 11:46 February 13, 2017 Supervillains aren't always evil, sometimes they're just weird. Comment Takeover:


1073 Animal Heart Taste Test 12:54 February 14, 2017 Happy Valentine's Day! We're celebrating by eating hearts. Don't Google That: Mouth Larvae
1074 Are You A Netflix Cheater? 10:17 February 15, 2017 Are you a cheater on Netflix? 10 Second Tour:

Caitlyn, Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas

1075 Cooking a Steak in a Dishwasher 13:29 February 16, 2017 Throw out those grills, ovens, and pans- it's dishwasher cookin' time. BYMB:

Next time you go to the store, post on Facebook: "Anyone need something from the store?". Pick one response and actually get it for them.

1076 Brain Freeze Challenge 12:07 February 17, 2017 Michael Stevens joins us for a brain freeze challenge. #GMMWinFace:


1077 Australian Slang You Should Know 12:54 February 20, 2017 Australians have some preeeeetty interesting slang words. Gifticality:

American Refugee Committee

1078 Would You Sit on These Crazy Couches? 12:19 February 21, 2017 Would you sit on a cactus couch? BYMB:

Collect all the old clothes you never wear, put them on, and then take a picture of yourself, and then donate them.

1079 Is Live Chilling Better Than Hanging Out In Person? 10:46 February 22, 2017 Let's hang out!...on...our...phones. 10 Second Tour:

Eva, Germany

1080 Eating Ryan Gosling's Face 12:24 February 23, 2017 We've got some crazy food hacks for this year's Oscar party! Let's Get Textual: I accidentally bought 15 dogs.
1081 International Spice Taste Test 14:57 February 24, 2017 Today we try out some weird spices from around the world. Gifticality:

American Refugee Committee

1082 Two Kids Dig Up A Ferrari 11:06 February 27, 2017 People have dug up some pretty incredible things. #GMMWinFace:

Mythical Beanie

1083 What's On My Head? Challenge (Ft. Mayim Bialik) 14:58 February 28, 2017 Let's put things on our heads and try and guess what they are. Take and Make: Unicorns facing off for the hand of the unicorn queen.
1084 Would You Exercise Naked? 10:12 March 1, 2017 There’s a new fitness trend where people exercise totally nude. 10 Second Tour:

Lilli, Hungary

1085 Does Dancing Increase Your Pain Tolerance? 9:16 March 2, 2017 We try to heal ourselves with the power of synchronized dancing. BYMB:

Tweet nice stuff about beets.

1086 Blind Chicken Sandwich Taste Test 10:13 March 3, 2017 How well do we know fast food chicken sandwiches? #GMMWinFace:

Link's Lip Balm

1087 Movie Mad Lib Game 12:41 March 6, 2017 Can you fill in the blank of these weird movie lines? Gifticality:

American Refugee Committee

1088 Did Beyonce Fake Her Pregnancy? 12:33 March 7, 2017 Seriously though, was Queen Bey really pregnant with Blue Ivy? Don't Google That: Goliath Bird-Eating Tarantula
1089 Testing the Shower Orange Craze 11:53 March 8, 2017 Everyone is eating cold oranges in a hot shower. Comment Takeover:

How to Pronounce Have Bigger Fish To Fry

1090 1500 Degree Hot Ice Skates vs. Ice Block 10:34 March 9, 2017 Knives aren't the only things you can get really, really hot. Gifticality:

American Refugee Committee

1091 Will It Pasta? Taste Test 14:03 March 10, 2017 Today we ask the age old question: Will It Pasta? 6 Degrees of Bacon:

A P.T. Cruiser

The first 6 Degrees of Bacon. You have to connect bacon with something Rhett and Link's choosing and leave it in the comments.
1092 The Disturbing Ingredients Hidden In Your Food 12:54 March 13, 2017 There is some seriously gross stuff in everyday food items. Collect All Five:

Friends with the same haircut.

The first Collect All Five. You have to collect five of a certain object and send in a picture.
1093 Testing the Potty Piano 11:06 March 14, 2017 Have you ever wanted to play piano while going potty? #GMMWinFace:

Mythical Hoodie

1094 Trying the Instagram Rainbow Trend 10:33 March 15, 2017 Instagram is going crazy for rainbow faces. Let's Get Textual: Do you think farts are memories leaving the body?
1095 Nasty Food Pong (Ft. Jake & Amir) 13:19 March 16, 2017 Our friends Jake & Amir join us in a little game of food pong. 10 Second Tour:

Emily, Warsaw, Indiana

1096 Green Pizza Taste Test 12:40 March 17, 2017 It's St. Patrick's Day and we're turning a bunch of food green! Lonely Hashtag: #pricklysticks
1097 Woman Eats 564 Oysters in 8 Minutes 11:37 March 20, 2017 Some people take eating very seriously. Don't Google That: Cookie Too Big
1098 Most Satisfying Video Ever (CHALLENGE) 10:18 March 21, 2017 How many satisfying things can we do in one episode? 6 Degrees of Bacon:

A cable-knit sweater

1099 Are Fidget Toys Bad For You? 11:33 March 22, 2017 Fidget toys are the "must have office toy of 2017," but could they cause more bad than good? BYMB:

Make it grain: Bring a bunch of grain foods to your local food pantry.

1100 Strange Addiction Taste Test 14:45 March 23, 2017 We're tasting some strange things people are addicted to eating. Let's Get Textual: It's time.
1101 Wedgie Machine Challenge 12:35 March 24, 2017 We play hangman while getting atomic wedgies. Don't Google That: Sea turtle mouth.
1102 Can You Guess Where They Are Now? (GAME) 13:10 March 27, 2017 What the heck is William Hung up to these days? Let's Get Textual: My phone is about to die, but meet me on the corner.
1103 Taco Bell Secret Menu Hacks 14:47 March 28, 2017 We've created some NEW secret menu items for Taco Bell. 10 Second Tour:

Vlad, Belgrade, Serbia

1104 Pizza Dipping Taste Test 10:06 March 29, 2017 Everyone is dipping their cold pizza in milk, so we are, too! Gifticality:

National Alliance To End Homelessness

1105 Testing Wine For Cats 14:25 March 30, 2017 Now you can drink wine with your cats. Take and Make: Make us purty by putting a celebrity's eyes on our eyes (maybe at a party?).
1106 Snack Taste Test: Sour Cream & Onion 14:17 March 31, 2017 Which is the ultimate sour cream & onion flavored snack? Let's Get Textual: Why is the Earth flat?
1107 Which Jeans Give You The Best Butt? (TEST) 13:08 April 3, 2017 We're two grown men looking to get the best butt jeans can offer. Comment Takeover:

Roman the future manly opera singer

1108 Try Not To Flinch Challenge 11:29 April 4, 2017 Today we attempt to not flinch. #GMMWinFace:

Link's Lipbalm

1109 Are Virtual Vloggers the End of YouTube? 12:06 April 5, 2017 Today we attempt to not flinch. Take and Make: Guests of honor at a tickle party.
1110 Cooking Kebabs With Power Tools 14:23 April 6, 2017 Ever wondered if you could cook kebabs with power tools? Collect All Five:

Extra long curly fries.

1111 Will It Egg Roll? Taste Test 11:53 April 7, 2017 Today we ask the age old question: Will it egg roll? Gifticality:

National Alliance To End Homelessness

1112 Insane Animal Mating Smell Test 12:22 April 10, 2017 Animals make some weird scents while mating, and we're going to smell them. 6 Degrees of Bacon:

Brass trombones

1113 Is Everything Better With Ranch? 14:19 April 11, 2017 Today we find out what foods are actually better with ranch dressing. Comment Takeover:

Rob at 5 yrs old eating corn.

1114 Human Nacho Spa Treatment 9:00 April 12, 2017 Today we turn Link into a human nacho platter. 10 Second Tour:

Nick, Kenosha, Wisconsin

1115 Which Toilet Paper Brand Should You Buy? 13:55 April 13, 2017 We're testing to find the best toilet paper brand. #GMMWinFace:

Mythical Pomade

1116 Raw Egg Eating Challenge #3 15:01 April 14, 2017 We're eating raw eggs again.. for the third year in a row. Comment Takeover:

Dog sleep runs on a sleeping dog

1117 Guess That Celebrity Mouth (GAME) 11:29 April 17, 2017 Can you identify celebrities just by looking at their mouth? Collect All Five:

Chunky toenail clippings.

1118 Discontinued Snack Taste Test 13:31 April 18, 2017 Sometimes popular food items get discontinued, and sometimes we eat them after they've expired. Gifticality:

National Alliance To End Homelessness

1119 Get Rihanna’s Coachella Look 13:07 April 19, 2017 This week we try to do Coachella like Rihanna. BYMB:

Go nuts for donuts: Buy donuts for the classroom/office.

1120 Ultimate Sports Bra Test 13:35 April 20, 2017 Today we test sports bras to find out which one is the best. 10 Second Tour:

Seidi, Houston, Texas

1121 Blind Breakfast Sandwich Taste Test 9:53 April 21, 2017 Can we tell fast food breakfast sandwiches apart while blindfolded? Gifticality:

National Alliance To End Homelessness

1122 Song Lyric Madlib Game 10:25 April 24, 2017 We try and fill in the missing lyrics for some not so popular songs. Take and Make: Giant crabs taking over a waffle house.
1123 Can You Hear What I'm Chewing? (CHALLENGE) 13:41 April 25, 2017 Today we guess what someone is chewing just by listening. Comment Takeover:

We have magic

1124 Pushing the Limits of FaceApp 12:57 April 26, 2017 Today we see try and find the face swapping limits of FaceApp. Collect All Five:

People with bigger hands than you.

1125 Foot Personality Test 11:44 April 27, 2017 Are your personality traits determined by the shape of your feet? Lonely Hashtag: #casserolekitty
1126 Target Brand Taste Test 14:44 April 28, 2017 How do Target's store brands measure up against name brands? Gifticality:

Innocence Project

1127 $300,000 Can of Poop 11:01 May 1, 2017 How much would you pay for a can of someone's dookie? Take and Make: Body builders building bodies.
1128 Nasty Food Jenga 13:58 May 2, 2017 Today we play Giant Jenga with a nasty twist. Let's Get Textual: Hey, do you happen to have a terrarium that could fit a family of rats?
1129 Sibling Puppies Reunite After One Year 12:11 May 3, 2017 Rhett's dog, Barbara, meets her long lost brother... Saagar's dog, JPEG! Collect All Five:

Weird shaped fruits and vegetables.

1130 Are You A Sociopath? (QUIZ) 12:56 May 4, 2017 We've got some tests to help you know if you're a sociopath. Don't Google That: Animals with human teeth.
1131 Will It Piñata? Smash Test 13:49 May 5, 2017 Today we ask the age old question: Will It Piñata? Gifticality:

Innocence Project

1132 2 Month Old Burrito (EXPERIMENT) 14:45 May 8, 2017 We left some food out for 2 months and today, we dissect it. Let's Get Textual: LOL I just realized this isn't Charlene.
1133 7 Disturbing Disney World Facts 11:26 May 9, 2017 How much do you know about Disney theme parks? Lonely Hashtag: #shovelbandits
1134 Chapstick Mannequin Challenge 13:56 May 10, 2017 Today we're kissing mannequins to find out what flavor chapstick they're wearing. Comment Takeover:

Kid jumps into pile of leaves =D

1135 Does Music Make Food Taste Better? ft Linkin Park 12:36 May 11, 2017 Linkin Park joins us to help us find out if music makes food taste better. Don't Google That: Dird.
1136 Who's Their Momma? (GAME) 13:19 May 12, 2017 Can you guess a celebrity's momma by looks alone? Gifticality:

Innocence Project

1137 Extreme Jump Rope Challenge 14:57 May 15, 2017 Today we try and do some extreme jumprope tricks. BYMB:

Toast your family: Tell a family member how much you appreciate them with a piece of toast.

The first week of Good Mythical Summer. Videos come out Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The Friday episodes are hosted by guests. This is so Rhett and Link can film Buddy System Season 2.
1138 BBQ Snack Taste Test 12:59 May 17, 2017 Which snack is the BBQ-iest BBQ flavored treat in the snack aisle? Let's Get Textual: Theoretically, where would you dump a body?
1139 3 Monkeys Challenge ft Grace Helbig, Mamrie Hart and Hannah Hart 14:28 May 19, 2017 See nothing, hear nothing, & speak nothing. That is the challenge. 6 Degrees of Bacon:

Queen Elizabeth II

Guest hosted by: Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart, and Mamrie Hart
1140 4 Weird Things You Can Do with Charcoal 14:41 May 22, 2017 Charcoal isn't just for cooking. Comment Takeover:

Baby laughing at fake sneezes.

1141 Celebrity Food Taste Test 14:38 May 24, 2017 Some celebrities have their own food items and today we try some. #GMMWinFace:

Mythical Pomade

1142 Use Your Head Challenge ft. Vsauce 10:51 May 26, 2017 We get some smart guys to use their heads to do dumb things. BYMB:

Kiss your pets on the head.

Guest hosted by: Michael, Kevin (sort of), and Jake.
1143 Upside Down Challenge 11:56 May 29, 2017 Can we do some simple tasks while hanging upside down? Collect All Five:

Inanimate object faces.

1144 Will It Cupcake? Taste Test 14:56 May 31, 2017 Today we ask the age old question: Will It Cupcake? #GMMWinFace:

Mythical Mug

1145 Treadmill Dance Challenge ft. Gabbie Hanna & Chachi Gonzales 11:33 June 2, 2017 Our friends Gabbie and Chachi test their dancing skills while running on treadmills. Let's Get Textual: You go the job! You start tomorrow! Do you have your own latex gloves? Guest hosted by: Gabbie Hanna and Chachi Gonzales.
1146 Try These 5 Tactile Illusions 12:14 June 5, 2017 Let's mess with our brains while touching some things. Take and Make: Guys with custom tats from head to toe.
1147 Freeze Dried Food Taste Test 11:38 June 7, 2017 Can we identify foods in their freeze dried state? 6 Degrees of Bacon:

Emperor Penguins

1148 Super Mario Smash Block Challenge ft. Game Grumps 11:47 June 9, 2017 Game Grumps Dan & Arin test their Super Mario knowledge while smashing some mystery blocks. Gifticality:

The Trevor Project

Guest hosted by: Dan and Arin of the Game Grumps.
1149 Do Crystals Really Heal You? 14:39 June 12, 2017 We're testing the magical powers of crystals. 10 Second Tour:

Matthew, Plattsburgh, New York

1150 Diet vs. Regular Taste Test 12:19 June 14, 2017 Is it possible to figure out if a food is diet based on taste? Lonely Hashtag: #mightybutt
1151 Strange Lollipop Taste Test ft. Rosanna Pansino & iJustine 14:30 June 16, 2017 Ro and Justine try some weird lollipops and try and guess their flavors. Comment Takeover:

My chicken is on a roller coaster! No fear!!!!

Guest hosted by: iJustine and Rosanna Pansino.
1152 What's All Over My Body? (CHALLENGE) 14:22 June 19, 2017 We've hidden random items on our bodies, can you guess what they are? BYMB:

Telling someone you love them in a creative way.

1153 McDonald's Secret Menu Hacks 13:21 June 21, 2017 Today we're showing you how to make some new McDonald's menu hacks we created. Gifticality:

The Trevor Project

1154 Real or Fake Subreddit Challenge ft. Hank & John Green 13:18 June 23, 2017 How well do John and Hank Green know Reddit? 6 Degrees of Bacon:


Guest hosted by: John and Hank Green of the Vlogbrothers , Crash Course, and SciShow.
1155 Testing Weird Eating Utensils 13:45 June 26, 2017 There are some seriously weird eating utensils out there, and we're going to test them out! 10 Second Tour:

Jessica, Halifax, Canada

1156 Gummy vs Real Food Showdown 14:41 June 28, 2017 We're doing the Gummy vs. Real Food challenge, but with a mythical twist. Let's Get Textual: All of the lyrics to Smash Mouth's - All Star.
1157 Random Commercial Challenge #3 ft. The New Day 14:45 June 30, 2017 WWE Superstars Big E, Kofi, and Xavier Woods of The New Day take a shot at the Random Commercial Challenge. 10 Second Tour:

Damp Squid, Laurieton, Australia

Guest hosted by: WWE stars Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingson, and Big E from The New Day.
1158 Can This Pill Take The Spice Out of Spicy Food? 14:06 July 3, 2017 We found a pill that makes spicy food NOT spicy... or did we? BYMB:

Become a human chair for your BFF.

1159 Pizza Drone Challenge 11:23 July 5, 2017 Mike & Alex from Ten Feet Tall try and land a drone to pick crazy pizza toppings. Comment Takeover:

Squirrel spies window bird feeder

Guest hosted by: Crew members Mike and Alex from Ten Feet Tall.
1160 Will It Snow Cone? Taste Test 14:04 July 7, 2017 Today we ask the age old question: Will It Snow Cone? Gifticality:

The Trevor Project

Good Mythical Morning, Season 12Edit

Episode Title Length Upload Date Summary Mythical Wheel Ending Notes
1161 Liquified Food Taste Test 12:06 August 21, 2017 You can juice a lot more than carrots in a juicer. New Tongue Twisters:

If Rhett wants his roots to be redder, better not bury a rutabaga - rhubarb's the ruby red getter!

Launch of the new intro and theme music. The Wheel of Mythicality was updated with new options.

The first New Tongue Twisters. Rhett and Link read a new tongue twister.

1162 Guess That Celebrity Tattoo (GAME) 11:34 August 22, 2017 Some celebrities should think before they ink. #GMMWinFace:

I Want My GMM T-shirt

1163 We Got Vasectomies Together 16:13 August 23, 2017 Join us as we get our tubes tied together on a journey of best vasectomy friendship. Don't Google That: Close up belly button.
1164 3 Weird Alarm Clocks | Never Buy This 12:20 August 24, 2017 We're testing some weird alarm clocks that you should NEVER buy. Comment Takeover:

Singing the french bull puppy to sleep

1165 What Are My Pants? (CHALLENGE) 14:04 August 25, 2017 Is your pants pickles? Gifticality:

Save the Children

1166 Censored Eating (GAME) 10:51 August 28, 2017 People in stock images eat some ridiculous things. 6 Degrees of Bacon:


1167 4 Weird Ways To Get Ketchup Out Of A Bottle 12:00 August 29, 2017 Today we're getting ketchup out of a bottle in some weird ways. QTMBA:

If you had to relive one year of your life but you could only wear a full body spandex the whole time, which year would it be?

The first QTMBA, a question that must be answered.
1168 Dating Slang You Should Know 10:25 August 30, 2017 Are we hip enough to know what these millennial dating terms mean? Comment Takeover:

Facing My Bird Fears

1169 Hot Snack Attack Showdown 13:37 August 31, 2017 Which snack on the shelves is the spiciest of them all? Check Your Voicemail The first Check Your Voicemail. Rhett and Link listen to a message left on their voicemail.
1170 Will It Chair? 12:54 September 1, 2017 Today we ask the age old question: Will It Chair? New Toungue Twisters:

Link loves little lizards lounging lazily near lapis lazuli, while lip-licking slushies.

1171 International BBQ Taste Test (GAME) 14:50 September 4, 2017 Can we identify where in the world this BBQ comes from? BYMB:

Make a house of cans. Collect all the old cans of food you can then donate them to a local shelter. But first stack them high like a house of cards.

1172 Japanese Anime You Won't Believe Exists (GAME) 11:05 September 5, 2017 They're making some crazy cartoons over in Japan. QTMBA:

Are birds good or evil?

1173 Heroes of Hurricane Harvey 11:23 September 6, 2017 From monster trucks to plungers, these are our Hurricane Harvey Heroes. Gifticality:

Save the Children

1174 Are You Fooled By These Audio Illusions? 13:29 September 7, 2017 Your eyes aren't deceiving you, but your ears are definitely playing tricks on you. Gifticality:

Save the Children

1175 Food Minesweeper (GAME) 13:26 September 8, 2017 Avoid the hidden mines or find yourself on the receiving end of a disgusting food prize. Lonely Hashtag: #gothmomsclub
1176 Real Clowns Creepier than Pennywise from IT 10:08 September 11, 2017 These creepy clowns prove that it's not just Pennywise who should send a shiver down your spine. Take and Make:

Russian nesting dolls

1177 Whole Foods Brand Taste Test 13:35 September 12, 2017 Can we tell which foods are name brand & which are Whole Food 365 brand? #GMMWinFace:

Good Mythical Summer Towel

1178 Shake Shack Eel Burger Taste Test 10:56 September 13, 2017 Today we dig into the other other white meat -- eel to see if the upcoming Shake Shack Eel burger is worth the hype Lonely Hashtag: #shoewater
1179 Trapped in a Snake Tank Pt. 2: 6ft Boa Constrictor 14:34 September 14, 2017 Can you talk your way out of an elevated giant snake induced heart rate? QTMBA:

If gravity suddenly fails and everyone started to float, what is your plan of action?

1180 Extreme Would You Rather Challenge 14:02 September 15, 2017 How well to Rhett & Link know the Mythical Beasts? Today we put their knowledge to the test in an extreme game of 'Would You Rather. Don't Google That:

Bad street lines

1181 Weirdest Facebook Marketplace Items (GAME) 12:24 September 18, 2017 Can Link guess the right price of some of the Facebook Marketplace's weirdest offerings? QTMBA:

Socks, are they worth the trouble?

1182 Celebrity Cheat Meal Taste Test 14:16 September 19, 2017 Do we know how GOOP pigs out or are we celebrity cheat meal amateurs? Gifticality:

Save the Children

1183 Coca-Cola Coffee Plus Taste Test 9:52 September 20, 2017 Is Japan's new & exclusive Coca-Cola Coffee Plus worth the trip to Tokyo? #GMMWinFace:

Mythical Mug

1184 5 Weird Microwave Experiments 13:46 September 21, 2017 Can we microwave a lightbulb or are we zappin' our way into trouble? Lonely Hashtag: #mysteriousballoon
1185 Dunkin' Donuts Fast Food Hacks 13:52 September 22, 2017 America might run on Dunkin' but we run on hacking their menu to make these sweet new treats. Don't Google That:

Old doll eyes

1186 Craziest Photobombs Guessing Game 11:00 September 25, 2017 Can we guess who's dropping in on these crazy photos? 6 Degrees of Bacon:

Back acne

1187 Blind Nut Milk Taste Test 10:08 September 26, 2017 Are we nuts enough for nut milks to guess them by taste alone? Gifticality:

Team Audrey Kaller

1188 Trader Joe's Pumpkin Spice Taste Test 12:53 September 27, 2017 Break out your Uggs, it's Pumpkin Spice season and we're putting Trader Joe's best offerings to the test! Gifticality:

United Nations Children's Fund

They stopped the wheel intentionally on Gifticality to help the victims in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.
1189 Make Yourself Hallucinate Experiment 14:24 September 28, 2017 We're laying down, breathing in, and tripping out. Comment Takeover:

Skinny pig in hot dog suit DEVOURS carrot!

1190 Smelling Bee Challenge 14:06 September 29, 2017 We're trying to smell our way to orthographic excellence. Don't Google That:

Dark Basement

1191 4 Weirdest Movies Ever Made 10:20 October 2, 2017 Surfing Nazis? Zombie Milk Maids? Can we tell the fake weird movies from the real weird ones? Gifticality:

Team Audrey Kaller

1192 Fast Food Hot Sauce Taste Test 10:16 October 3, 2017 Can we tell which fast food hot sauce is which by taste alone? QTMBA:

If you had to pick a celebrity to be your mom, who would you pick?

1193 Fizzy Milk Taste Test 11:38 October 4, 2017 Is a "fizzy fruit & milk drink" the secret to making milk cool? New Tongue Twisters:

Dogs dig deep ditches daily burying bones bound downward.

1194 Testing Magnetic Eyelashes 13:10 October 5, 2017 We're testing the weirdest beauty products on the internet to see which ones you should never buy. QTMBA:

What's your favorite internal organ, and why?

1195 Will It Jerky? Taste Test 13:13 October 6, 2017 Are Big Macs & Vegemite better once they've been jerky-fied? Check Your Voicemail
1196 Why I Left GMM 11:40 October 9, 2017 Hey Mythical Beasts, we just wanted to make this video to explain to all of you to shouldn't believe clickbait headlines! Gifticality:

Team Audrey Kaller

1197 The Secret Lives of Rhett & Link 9:53 October 10, 2017 We're spilling ALL of the secrets of the Book of Mythicality -- out now! Take and Make:

Never ending hair

1198 What's In My Leaf Pile? (GAME) 14:03 October 11, 2017 Fajitas? A PSL? Can Rhett & Link guess what else might be hiding in a big giant leaf pile? Check Your Voicemail
1199 Extreme Dancing with the Stars Challenge ft. Lindsey Stirling 13:18 October 12, 2017 Are Rhett & Link the Lords of the Dance? Or will Lindsey Stirling stump the pair in today's dance challenge? Gifticality:

Team Audrey Kaller

1200 Hide the Meatball Challenge 12:13 October 13, 2017 Can you guess where we're hiding our meatballs? New Tongue Twisters: Someone Southern smothered peanut butter on your mother's brother's shutters.
1201 Weirdest Celebrity Phobias Game 13:34 October 16, 2017 Which stat is terrified of toilets? Rhett & Link put their celebrity knowledge to the test in today's game of Guess The Celebrity Phobias! #GMMWinFace:

GMM Shirt

1202 Is Everything Better with Peanut Butter? 13:46 October 17, 2017 Can peanut butter make our food fears into fine feasts? Don't Google That:

Vomit Recipe

1203 Pumpkins Behaving Badly (GAME) 9:13 October 18, 2017 Can we guess what these PG-13 pumpkins are up to? QTMBA:

Do you think bugs can fall in love?

1204 Leaving a Big Mac in Soda for 2 Months (EXPERIMENT) 13:50 October 19, 2017 Are we still lovin' it when we see what happens to a Big Mac after a 2 month Coca-Cola bath? Take and Make:

Our truest selves

1205 Rick and Morty Cartoon Food Taste Test 11:52#1 October 20, 2017 We're bringing Rick and Morty's Eyehole Cereal & Strawberry Smiggles out of the TV and into our stomachs. Don't Google That:

Chapped my lip bad

1206 Human Sushi Roll Challenge 11:54 October 23, 2017 We like BIG sushi rolls and we cannot lie. BYMB:

Donate your "down there" items to a local shelter!

1207 Which Gift Is More Ridiculously Expensive? 14:24 October 24, 2017 Can you guess which of these ridiculous expensive gifts is the more ridiculously expensive gift? QTMBA:

If you had to swap your head hair for body hair which body hair would you put on your head?

1208 International Candy Taste Test 15:19 October 25, 2017 Today we try and guess where in the world the candy we're tasting was made! Lonely Hashtag: #mothballers
1209 DIY Last Minute Halloween Costumes 9:43 October 26, 2017 The Good Mythical Moms are back with another round of last minute halloween costumes. #GMMWinFace:

GMM T-Shirt

1210 The Frankenstein's Monster Challenge 7:46 October 27, 2017 Can we still Monster Mash even if we can't bend our elbows and knees? Lonely Hashtag:#rudeanimalsofinstagram
1211 Guess That Real Life Scream (GAME) 11:24 October 30, 2017 Can we guess what caused each of these hair-raising human screams or will we be screaming when we hear the right answer? #GMMWinFace:


1212 Halloween Candy Hacks 12:32 October 31, 2017 Don't just eat your Halloween candy! Hack it into even tastier creations with our help! Don't Google That:

Rooster Eye

The final episode from the set used from Season 4-12
1213.1 Will It Omelette? Taste Test 10:20 November 6, 2017 Today we're asking the age old question: Will It Omelette? Gifticality:

Team Audrey Kaller

First GMM of the new format, shot from a new set, with 4 parts 1 episode. The Wheel of Mythicality stops spinning in Good Mythical More.
1213.2 Baking A Cake in the Wind | Wind Bakers 4:54 We try baking a front of a massive industrial fan.
1213.3 Original Kickstarter Jingles 5:08 We're whipping up some original jingles to help these unexpected Kickstarters reach their fundraising goals.
1213.4 How to Take the Perfect Instagram Photo 4:48 Are these pics instagram worthy of Link's return to Instagram or is something picture imperfect hiding in the background?
1214.1 What Am I Stepping On? (GAME) 7:47 November 7, 2017 Can we guess what the other is stepping on? #GMMWinFace:


1214.2 Upside Down Interview w/ Stranger Things' Joe Keery & Dacre Montgomery 6:01 Stranger Things cast members Joe Keery & Dacre Montgomery join us in the Upside Down to talk the show, great hair, and more.
1214.3 3 Slang Words You Should Know | Urban Fictionary 4:34 What the heck is a 'bloinkiss'? We're here with some new fangled slang that you should definitely know!
1214.4 Ranting with Helium Balloons | The Big Blow Up 3:58 We're letting it ALL out with the help of some inhaled helium.
1215.1 Clear Pumpkin Pie Taste Test 9:34 November 8, 2017 Is pumpkin pie still the reason for the season if it's see-through? Sudden Secret The first Sudden Secret. Rhett or Link tells the other a secret.
1215.2 Destroying A Scarecrow in a Wood Chipper | What Was This? 4:21 Can we decipher what Mike & Alex put through a wood chipper or will we have to eat crow with our guesses?
1215.3 3 Weirdest New Instagram Trends 5:16 Hold onto your butts because these are the weirdest Instagrams trends that you'll soon be seeing all over your timelines.
1215.4 Trapped in a Fish Tank ft. Cody Simpson 3:54 Cody Simpson & The Tide serenade us as our heads are stuck inside of a rapidly filling fish tank.
1216.1 Telephone Charades ft King Bach 8:12 November 9, 2017 Can Bach guess what Link was acting out based on what Rhett was acting out? Comment Takeover:

Five cannonballs

1216.2 Extreme Liquid Nitrogen Golf 3:50 We're super cooling things and whacking the crap out of them in the name of sports.
1216.3 7 Things You Just Can't Unsee 4:40 Is that Rachel Maddow starring in Hamilton? You DEFINITELY won't be unable to unsee these uncanny celebrity similarities.
1216.4 Hater Comment Therapy ft King Bach 5:53 Bach joins us on the comment therapy couch to work through the hate left in his comment sections.
1217.1 Larry The Cable Guy Food Taste Test 9:27 November 10, 2017 We're putting Larry the Cable Guy's various food products to the test to see which one can really GIT R DONE. BYMB:

Give an appreciation oration.

1217.2 Top 3 Cuddling Positions to Try 6:34 Cuddling Expert, Jean Franzblau, challenges us to get ourselves into the Top 3 professional cuddling positions.
1217.3 Cockroach Cuddling Challenge 5:56 We're putting our newfound cuddling skills to the test to see if we can keep our heart rates down while getting tucked in bed with cockroaches.
1217.4 Attracting An Alpaca With An Accordion | Nowhere Else 1:43 Trust us, there's nowhere else in the universe that you'll see something like this.
1218.1 Is This Baby A Serial Killer Or Celebrity? 9:05 November 13, 2017 Can we guess if these precious baby pictures feature a beloved celebrity or a cold-blooded serial killer?
1218.2 Craig Robinson's Google Translate Interview 6:03 Can we chat with Ghosted's Craig Robinson after putting our interview questions through Google Translate?