Lohn Lighting is a character played by Link Neal. He is one half of the country music group, Rabbit Lighting.

Appearance Edit

Lohn stands a 6’ even, has shoulder length black hair. His most noticeable feature is his unibrow, which he seems quite proud of. He typically wears a black cowboy hat, with a multi-colored flowered suit jacket, and a unbuttoned dress shirt.

Personal Life Edit

Lohn grew up with Redd, in some southern state. He seems to not have a stable place to live, stating that he had been living out of his car for a couple of weeks, presumably when not on tour.

Lohn married and divorced the same woman, only known a “Mama”, twice. Lohn seems to still have feelings for her, stating that he’d be willing to get “married a third time.”


  • Lohn Lighting is a stage name that Lohn took on when he and Redd began touring together. His given name is unknown
  • Lohn loves dogs, being one of the thing that make him happiest in this world. He once had a dog, named DOG (pronounced D-O-G), who was a naturally sterile rescue he acquired from a breeder. Unfortunately, Lohn accidentally ran over one of his legs, making him a three legged dog.
  • Lohn has a twitter, and seems to be knowledgeable on the social medias, including Youtube, where he watches his ex-stepson’s Yo-Yo videos.
  • Lohn is accused of not being able to multitask by Redd, which he defend himself from by bringing up the fact that he can drive the tour bus, and drink a big gulp.
  • If Lohn were to have another child, he would name it Ceviche.
  • Lohn learned of reproduction from the birds and the bees. He likens the process to two planes refueling.
  • Lohn was, for reasons unknown, was homeless for a while sleeping in his car.