My Hair is a Rhett and Link song that was released on their main channel.


Chorus: My hair goes upMy hair goes down. My hair goes up. My hair goes down. My hair goes up. My hair goes down/up, down/up... (repeated)

My hair flows like a waterfall over a cliff that is my face My hair goes heaven boundDirty blonde rockets into space

My hair conceals my elf ears. They are a little bit embarrassing

Well, with hair this high, I'm six foot nine making me a giant technically speaking

Well, I can shake my hair and generate enough breeze to locomote a toy sailboat

I would need no broom to sweep this room if someone spilled Honey Bunches of Oats

'Cause...  Chorus

My hair "pwns" gravity. It makes Sir Issac Newton question himself

My hair looks rustic like I've draped his head with a beaver pelt

A mamma bird laid some eggs up there. I didn't mind that much. She raised 'em in my quaff 'till them birdies flew off and we still keep in touch

I bet you didn't see my switchblade or my iPad or my chai tea and with a little more growth you won't even know I got a full size baby.

[spoken] A full size baby? Yeah. I'm gonna name him Ricky. After your dad? Nope. I just always wanted to name a kid Ricky. And why you hiding a kid anyway? Well, actually it's just a robotic baby.  [silence] What were we talking about?

Your hair goes up. Your hair goes down. Your hair goes up. Your hair goes--

We interrupt the chorus of this song with an important message. There are many weighty decissions you must make in life like who you're gonna marry, what you gonna do for a living, boxers or briefs or commando and listen, you're gonna make mistakes. You might invest your life savings in dehydrated water. You may forget whether prohibited means you can do it or you can't do it. You might ask a non-pregnant woman if she's pregnant. That's okay.

Just make sure you get this one most important course of your life-altering choice right:

Does your hair go up or does it go down, up/down, up/down (repeated)?