Rhett and Link confess about their nasty secret.


After promoting sponsor Orabrush Tongue Cleaner, Rhett recollects his high school memory of getting tonsil stones, a rare, death-smelling orbs found in tonsil area, made up of calcium, and, from Rhett and Link's perspective. Coincidentally, Link is also a carrier of the tonsil stones (scientific name tonsilloliths).

Rhett continues to tell the story of the tonsil stones which he says, around college age, he called Lil' Fellers. Link adds on and says, to get rid of the trouble they were giving him, he had his tonsils removed. Oddly enough, after calling their town's ear, nose, and throat doctor, the stones were seemingly gone. Link believes they heard the phone call and then ran off, sabotaging his whole plan. Fortunately, Link had Plan B.

In the parking lot, before he went in for his appointment, he brought some white bread in the car. He rolled up little hard pieces of white bread and administered fake lil' fellers. When he went in for the consoltation a few minutes later, Link succeeded and the doctors found the imposter tonsil stones to be real and gross. "Oh my gosh! We need to remove your tonsils," Link said was what the doctor said.

A month following the procedure and the cauterization of the tonsil, the scabs are forming and falling off, and when he looked in the mirror one day blood rushes out of his throat. Not knowing at the time, throat bleeding peaks in your twenties, he called the doctor. The doctor told him to go to the emergency room, and at the emergency room, they had to "re-surgerize" Link and cauterize everything again.

For one last nasty story, Rhett tells Link he's trained the tongue to get the tonsil stones himself, even at their forming stage. Though, unfortunately for Link and Rhett's wife, it causes a painfully awkward facial expression. Rhett compares this ability of his to that of an anteater, but eating ants in the back of his throat, more or less.

To end the show, Link warn the kids not to do what he did and then spins the Wheel of Mythicality to land on "Link Calls his Nana". Link then calls his nana and asks her if she's ziplined while smoking a pipe, and ever made a Pay Day bar.