Photoshop Your Memories is a song about photoshopping your family pictures.


You pull out your photos of your wedding in the spring,

And you'll confronted by your double chin,

And your bald spot glistening.

You could get a membership at the fitness-hut down the road,

Or you could pick your mouse up and slim yourself down,

And even give yourself a 'fro.

Your high school reunion is coming next Friday,

And you know everyone will ask to see some,

Pictures of the babies that you've made.

But the problem is your kid's head is big.

I mean we're talking alien size here.

Well, just cut and paste a hat or at least a do-rag,

And it wont seem so severe.

Photoshop your memories.

A picture's worth a thousand words,

So a few white lies shouldn't hurt.

Your birthday,

This past Monday,

Was a fun day,

Except for one thing.

Your mother in law,

Who makes your skin crawl,

Stuck her face in every frame.

You'd prefer,

To remember,

That day without,

Her tattooed brow.

The simpler solution,

Decrease the resolution,

And crop that woman out.

Photoshop your memories.

Your real life may be subpar,

But you can be who you want people to think you are.

Make yourself thin.

Give yourself abs.

Remove that mole.

Say no to crack.

Say you went to the Alps,

In a luxury car,

With a Swedish model.

Just be all you want,

People to you think you are.

Photoshop your memories.

A picture is worth a thousand words,

So, a few white lies shouldn't hurt.

Behind the ScenesEdit


  • Written & Directed by Rhett & Link
  • Co-Direction, Director of Photography, Editor: Barrett Phillips
  • Original Song, "Photoshop Your Memories" words and music by Rhett & Link
  • Production Assistance: Derrick Green, Karl Kross, Nick Dimondi, and Kyle Gerardi