Redd “Rabbitclaw” Moonshine is a character played by Rhett McLaughlin. Redd is one half of the country music group, along with Lohn Lighting, called Rabbit Lighting.


Redd stands at 6’ 7, has dirty blonde hair styled in a pompadour/mullet combo. He typically wears a black suede vest with tassels instead of sleeves. He is always seen with orange sunglasses, and his guitar.

Personal Life Edit

Not much is known about Redd, probably because he is a mere fictional character being played by Rhett Mclaughlin. We do know a couple of things.

He apparently grew up with Lohn Lighting. His place of origin is unknown, but most likely he and Lohn hail from North Carolina, judging from their accents,

Redd is married to a woman named “Lil’ Rabbit”. Redd states that although he writes a lot of song about a lot of woman, Ultimately they are all about his wife, no matter what descriptors he uses in such song. He has no known children.

Trivia Edit

  • Redd has stated that he enjoys being upside down, because the blood rushing to his head gives him a euphoric feeling. He may or may not sleep upside down.
  • Redd isn’t into the social medias yet, preferring to have physical contact with with his fans, be it, “brushing up against them, or maybe more.”
  • Redd wants scientist to create ice cream that is soft serve in the carton already.
  • Redd plays guitar.
  • Redd likes Yo-yos
  • Redd, sadly, has no communication with his father, and doesn’t know of his whereabouts.
  • Redd learned of reproduction, incidentally from two dogs. his father locked him in an enclosed backyard with a male and a female dog, and was told to “stay out there until it got weird.” It did, taking four hours, though it is unknown if the four hours were the start of the process, or the end. Coincidentally, he doesn’t understand the term, “birds and the bees.”
  • Redd watches the History Channel and Discovery Channel.