Rhett Loses His Mind is the second episode in the "Wheel Of Mythicality" collection. The episode shows Rhett losing his mind and going extremely crazy while Link tries to comprehend and understand him.

Transcript Edit

NARRATOR: You know what it's time for. It's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality!

(The episode is announced. It begins with Rhett and Link sitting in Rhett's room.)

LINK: Rhett, how's your mind doing?

RHETT: 48!

LINK: What?


LINK: What are you talking... you talking about... basketball... what... what... what

RHETT: Do you hear that? Do you feel that? (x5) I'M TALKING TO GEORGE! GEORGE! MOVE (X5) DUCK! (x20)

LINK: (With Rhett) GOOSE! (x20)! Goose duck!

RHETT: (Looking out window) What's that?

Watch! Edit

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