Rhett and link

Season 1 of Good Mythical Morning is the first season of Rhett and Link's daytime talk show. This season has the second most amount of episodes of any Good Mythical Morning season, boasting 129 episodes.


  1. Extremely OCD Morning Routine
  2. Strangest Name in History
  3. Dog-Eating Plants
  4. Chinese Hornets for Breakfast
  5. Best Candy Bar Ever
  6. Our Nasty Secret
  7. How to Talk to Girls
  8. How to Choose a Ringtone
  9. Best Animal Ever
  10. Sleeping in Public
  11. Guy Robs Store with Infection
  12. Killer Robots
  13. Extreme Impulse Buying
  14. Best Facial Hair Ever
  15. Near-Death Experiences Every Day
  16. I Wear Women's Deodorant
  17. How to Get the Girl this Valentine's Day
  18. Crisis! Multitasking Tweens
  19. Best Cereal Ever
  20. The Dog Curse
  21. Woman Robs Store w/ Curling Iron
  22. My Epic Fail at Target
  23. Door-to-Door Danger
  24. Best Superhero Ever
  25. Our Kids Gone Wild
  26. Our Romantic Exploits
  27. Never Make These Faces
  28. My Crazy Massage Experience
  29. Best Board Game Ever
  30. Pregnant Woman Tackled on Beach
  31. How to Buy Anything
  32. Man Opens Plane Hatch for Baby
  33. Birthday Fails
  34. Best Action Hero Ever
  35. My Jacket Got a Waiter Fired
  36. Link's Tricycle Accident
  37. Idiot on a Construction Site
  38. Experience Binaural Beats with Us
  39. Best Chips Ever
  40. How to Prepare for an Earthquake
  41. Man Caught Peeing on Google Street View
  42. Weird People at the Farmer's Market
  43. Bunny Wreaks Havoc at Kid's Park
  44. Windshield Lasers and Ketchup Water
  45. Dangerous Do-It-Yourself Restaurants
  46. My Hair Song - Behind the Scenes
  47. Our Bad Hairstyles
  48. Trust and Self Barbering
  49. Tarzan and the Milkman
  50. Gun Range Mayhem
  51. The Secret Words of Happiness
  52. Taxi Driver Finds $450,000
  53. Making Sense of March Madness
  54. Toothpaste is Poisonous
  55. Power Rangers Heal Boy
  56. James Cameron Takes a Dive
  57. Squirrel Makes Woman Call 911
  58. Bugs in Your Frappuccino
  59. Side Effects of Reading Rainbow
  60. Mr T and the Awesomeness of VHS
  61. Secret Tapes of Rhett & Link
  62. My Hot Yoga Experience
  63. Miniature Horse Sighting
  64. Fistbump vs Handshake
  65. How to Sleep Less and Do More
  66. Snake on a Plane in Real Life
  67. Our Dream House Explodes
  68. 40 Crazy Brand Names
  69. Clowns: Good or Bad?
  70. Epic Sibling Rivalries with the Gregory Brothers
  71. How the Tupac Hologram Works
  72. 25 Unforgettable Movie Quotes
  73. Our Funny Car Accidents
  74. 14 YRS Old and Legal to Drive?!
  75. Bottled Water is Bad
  76. How Brain Freeze Works
  77. One Direction Exposed
  78. Awakened by Screams
  79. Sunburn vs Poison Ivy
  80. 14 Shocking Hollywood Sign Facts
  81. Concert Fail Stories
  82. How to Get a Job or Date Without Speaking
  83. Strange Street Dancing Woman
  84. Ice Cream vs Frozen Yogurt
  85. Why Couples Look Alike
  86. Squirrel Attacks My Son
  87. Laugh Attack Workout
  88. Epic Drawings from Grade School
  89. Best Video Game Ever?
  90. If I Were a Hermit . . .
  91. Avengers - Stuff You Didn't Know
  92. How to Find Your Lost Phone
  93. How to Survive Bear Attacks & Quicksand
  94. Best TV Theme Song Ever?
  95. Training Wheels Are Evil
  96. 2 Dudes Vandalize McDonalds Over Onions
  97. Dope Zebra: The Full Story
  98. Embarrassing Teen Photos
  99. Best Superpower Ever?
  100. The GMM Song - 100th Episode
  101. Why Your Memories Are Wrong
  102. Secrets of Rub Some Bacon On It
  103. Robot Fails
  104. Best Toy Ever?
  105. Confessions: Stuff We've Stolen
  106. Gettin' Queasy
  107. Bigfoot: New Evidence
  108. Best BBQ in Texas
  109. 20 Worst Tattoos Ever
  110. Link's Fishing Accident (Rhett & Link Back Home)
  111. High School Pranks
  112. High School Sports Records
  113. The Awkward Double Date
  114. Tipping Cows, Riding Pigs
  115. Panic Attack on a Plane
  116. How to Not Be Weird
  117. 6 Crazy Thoughts
  118. Don't Touch the Art!
  119. Best Music Video Ever?
  120. Screwed Over on Craigslist
  121. Adventures in Public Transportation
  122. Bronies: The Controversy
  123. Learning to Lucid Dream
  124. Best Cartoon Character Ever?
  125. How To Share a Hotel Bed
  126. Embarrassing Swimming Fail
  127. Live Forever Online
  128. How to Wrangle Crazy Kids
  129. Best of GMM Season One

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