Link wakes a dude sleeping in the park.


Rhett and Link begin by openly address the topic on hand: sleeping in public. They start the discussion off by telling the viewers they have moved from Fuquay, North Carolina to Los Angeles, California. Alot of people ask how's it like in California. Rhett says it's very different from North Carolina. For example, while there's alot of citification, but there are also more parks, that you walk around. Within those parks, you'll look across and see people layed down, sleeping. We're not talking about homeless people, they're there. But people who have homes and jobs, just hangin' and it's prolific. It's happening all over the city. So they decided to go do some hard reporting and go out to a park and interview a sleeping dude.

So in a rare edited portion Good Mythical Morning, Rhett is seen in his backyard daring Link to go to the park and wake up a sleeping dude to interview him. After repeated "'scuse me's", Link interviews the sleeping guy, Rob, and asks for his advice on sleeping in public. He says, "just do it, there's really no advice to it. Don't be afraid, do it."

Back in the Mythical Morning set, Rhett reflects on the video and says he respects Link more for doing it. On the topic, Rhett agrees with Rob that you should just get out there and do it. We should be sleeping more in public as a society, we should throw caution to the wind, find a grassy spot near your home, and just sleep. Though, he advises it should be suitable weather to do this.

The episode finally ends with a spin of the Wizzy-Wizzy-Wheel, or so Link calls it. It eventually lands on "Rhett Frog Link" which gives Link his just desserts.