Song biscuits

Launched in February of 2015 on the rhettandlink2 channel as a companion to their Ear Biscuits podcast, Song Biscuits is a series in which Rhett and Link write and perform a song, typically with a guest from the latest Ear Biscuits, using suggestions from facebook and twitter. It is a weekly show posted every Saturday.

The first season of Song Biscuits came to an end on May 16th with the release of the Rhett and Link only episode "The First Comment Song" after 15 weeks.

All of the songs written for season 1 were compiled into an album called "Song Biscuits Vol. 1" released on May 18, 2015 on itunes and amazon.

Season 1 Episodes Edit

Title Guest
1 The Bubbles Bullets Song Lee Newton
2 The Alien Curse Words Song DeStorm Power
3 The Lost Teeth Song Josh Sundquist
4 The Burrito Song Rhett and Link
5 The Flightless Bird Song Steve Kardynal
6 The 10 Second Rule Song Nice Peter
7 The Five Nights at Freddy's Song Markiplier
8 The Craigslist Couch Song Bart Baker
9 The Chocolate Robots Song Rhett and Link
10 The Brainfreeze Song Freddie Wong
11 The Secret Life of a Hamster Anna Akana
12 The Cat's 9 Lives Song Hannah Hart
13 The Instagram Song Tay Zonday
14 The Animated Gif Song Olga Kay
15 The First Comment Song Rhett and link