The Cornhole Song, also known as simply Cornhole, is a song all about the tailgating sport, cornhole. This was the first music video which had a sponsor, thus them beginning to make money off their videos. The idea was given to them in a Panera in Cary, North Carolina, by a woman named Debbie Mills, mother of Wes Mills.


Everybody used to call me unathletic,

And granted, my vertical leap is pretty pathetic.

But now I'm the champion on the tailgate scene,

8 bags, 2 boards, 2 holes, that's all I need.

Most sports require all sorts of skills,

But I prefer the ones I can do while consuming meals.

You gotta try it before you knock it, try to name another sport to top it.

Where you can win with an open cold one in your back pocket.


Coooornhoooole. (Cornhole!)

Good for your soul.

Coooornhoooole. (Cornhole!)

An olympic sport by 2024.

Halfway through the game, we don't remember the score,

But we're happy to start all over 'cause it means we get to cornhole more. (Cornhole!)

Who would have thought a couple of guys could contribute so much to the greater good,

Just by cutting a little old hole in a piece of plywood.

There's a void in my soul,

Shaped like a cornhole. (Cornhole!)

I love it so much from this moment on,

I'm changing my name to Don Cornholion.

Everybody was cornholin', bag throwin', and it's good for your good for your soul. (Coooornhoooole.) (Cornhole!)

And the man with the boards is a man never bored, I say. Hey. (Good for your soul.)

Everybody was cornholin', bag throwin', and it's good for your good for your soul. (Coooornhoooole.) (Cornhole!)

And good for your back and better for your image, no pressure my brother, 'cause it's always a scrimmage. (Good for your soul.)

I'm tailgatin', party makin', I'm throwin' my sacks and there's no debatin'. (Coooornhoooole.) (Cornhole!)

This has got to be the greatest sport ever invented, there's a hole over there, I'mma throw my bag in it. (Good for your soul.)

The cornhole. (Cornhole!)