A Connecticut woman robs a tax service with a curling iron.


Before getting down to brass tax, Link announces that tomorrow's episode will be another "Bring a Friend to GMM" day where you can use the conversations on GMM to bond with a friend or perhaps blood brother. Anyway, Rhett begins the topic for talking by saying that anytime someone robs something and they use something other than a gun they're gonna talk about. Specifically, this news story that says a mother and her son robbed a Toledo, Ohio business wielding a curling iron. Storming into a Liberty Tax Service outlet, the mother and her son made off with two hundred and eighty dollars according to the police. The police also claim the mother had a cloth draped over the curling iron and implied that it was a gun. Interestingly enough, the mother who robbed the outlet had also recently been in to have taxes done and witnesses identify her as Sonya Watson. George Hack, location manager, of the tax service was shocked to see someone they've previously seen as a customer, who's every piece of thier information they have, attempting something like this.

Rhett just pictures her talking to her son telling him, "We can go wherever you want." The son says "I remember us going down to that tax place where you gave them your social security number. But there was about three hundred dollars there, we can rob there! Mr. Hack seems like a pushover!"

On their way out, the woman who had prepared their taxes hit her with a soda bottle. Reports also claim the pair escaped past an employee dressed as the Statue of Liberty. Rhett soon informs the viewers that Liberty Tax Services often have a person dressed as the Statue of Liberty dancing and holding a sign at the side of the road. Link notes many wrecks are caused by Statue of Liberty's dancing and miniature horses. Link, though, remarks it would've been cooler if the Statue of Liberty was disguised as a security guard who caught them and also had a curling iron weapon. Sadly, that's not how it happened.

The episode ends with another fun spin on the Wheel, well, fun for Link, that lands on "Link Messes Up Rhett's Hair."